Monday, January 26, 2015

"Secret Streaming" {The Office on Netflix}

My senior year of college I had my first encounter with the American Office and I have been hooked ever since. While I own at least 5 of the seasons in a hard DVD form, I have lately gotten into daily "secret streaming" on Netflix, which is the best bad habit I currently have, much more fun than my standard cuticle chewing.

What does "secret streaming" look like? Well, the most common form looks like nap time viewing, always with coffee or some hot beverage:

But other, more sly, forms of secret streaming look like 1) kitchen counter while making cookies with the volume really low,

2) on the dryer whilst doing laundry, since kids are usually doing their own thing, volume can be adjusted,

3) on the leg while nursing, low volume

or 4) on the dresser while curling hair in the morning, as long as I'm not taking embarrassing videos of myself. You get the idea.

I have unfortunately not found a way to do it during our homeschooling time, and I think I will save my brain power for educating the kids rather than trying to figure out how to rig up secret streaming while teaching, I've always been a top notch mom. I have been caught secret streaming on numerous occasions and intensely interrogated by the tiny parties of the house about "what I am watching?!", "why I am laughing???" and "why I get to watch something and they don't??". To which I usually respond with something befitting my awesomeness like "I'll let you watch a show later".

This Monday no amount of coffee is helping me cope, but the Office? Yes, it is helping, it always does.

Favorite quotes include:
 "It's a bold move to Photoshop yourself into a picture with your girlfriend and her kids on a ski trip with their real father. But then again, Michael's a bold guy. [pause] Is bold the right word?"

"I am fast. To give you reference point I'm somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And the panther."


"I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like a carpenter... who builds stairs."


"I declare BANKRUPTCY!!!"


"Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist, because... I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones."


And everything "Prison Mike" says.

Favorite episodes:
Diversity Day (Season 1): Michael leads his own diversity celebration meeting and has them each tape a cards to their heads with different races written on them and then has them all treat each other like the written race. Kelly smacks Michael across the face and he cries, it's awesome.

The Injury (Season 2): Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill, need I say more?

Beach Games (Season 3): because build up to Jim and Pam getting together is just the best.

Product Recall (Season 3): it may be slightly inappropriate but CRI MAN SQUA F & C DOUBLE TIME is so hilarious and really the whole episode is hysterical.

Honorable mentions:
Booze Cruise (season 2)
Benihana Christmas (season 3)
Benjamin Franklin (season 3)

If you can't tell I really favor season 3, because it happens to be the best season of them all. I felt like the show really went down hill around season 4, and I must confess I totally stopped watching it when Michael Scott left, let's be honest, it's not really the same after that.

I would highly recommend hitting up the first 3 seasons on Netflix Streaming if you never have, it will only make you happy, I promise.

Ok, now it's your turn, make me feel like less of a horrible mother. Do you "Secret Stream"? What's your favorite show? Any tips on being even more stealthy? You know you want to share. 

I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team and have included them in this post, which I will be doing monthly as a part of the team. However, this is a show I dearly love, so it works out well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

one last VLOG

Since I am sitting here with a poopy baby on lap and children who are eager to engage in what is sure to be a thrilling game of consonant bingo, I will just get right to it with the VLOG. I realize now that I inadvertently kind of copied Blythe, whose proof of better VLOGging can be seen here, and you should totally vote for her, she is so hilarious. Regardless, I VLOGed it up for you one more time.

 *I have not even watched this in its entirety, yes my hair is wet, and I am sorry if I sound snooty about eating "organic" things, I am just really weird on video.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

one more time

Alright, I know I said I wouldn't VLOG again, but sweet Bonnie at A Knotted Life is hosting the Sheenazing Blogger Awards and this little old blog made on the list of nominated "Best Vloggers".

I feel like a total weirdo/cheater for even being there because, um, I have only done one VLOG ever. Therefore in the spirit of embracing my awkwardness, and staying in the game with the other (WAY BETTER) bloggers on the list, I'll get one more VLOG in before the voting ends this Friday.

Here's what I'm thinking: if you have any desire to see one more VLOG by me (or if you're morbidly curious about something- anything at all- about me, the blog, life in general) send over a question- any question- today either in the combox or my email and I will do a little Q&A VLOG and have it up by tomorrow.

You should also head over to Bonnie's and check out all the other blogs listed, there are some really great ones nominated, and do some voting while you're there. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

the most exciting quick takes ever (or not)

Joining Kelly for some quick takes, anything to stop the VLOG from being the first thing you see when you come here, I should have posted way earlier this week for that purpose. Sorry!

Things have been all excitement over here at the Hahn casa, let me fill you in. (When I say "excitement" I mean the "Johnny just had his first peepee on the potty!!", or "Mary just puked farther than any of our kids have ever puked! 3 whole feet!!" type of excitement, nothing genuinely exciting).

1) This is not actually "exciting" as much as it is "terrifying", but it's news and it's out of the ordinary for us, so I'll share. I took Lucy to a specialist earlier this week and the doctor took one look inside her mouth and exclaimed "oh wow, those tonsils have to come out now!". Anyone who knows Lucy can tell that something is a little off right away with her heavy duty mouth breathing, muffled voice and always congested nose. You know when she is coming into a room just from her breathing and her snoring is pretty impressive for a 2-year-old. I knew they would say we should do it some time soon, but I did not think I would have to schedule it ASAP, but I did, so a week from Tuesday little Lucy will have the first surgery of the Hahn children.

Regardless of the fact that it's outpatient, she has to go under, so I'm kind of freaking out. Plus, the recovery is 1-2 weeks- WEEKS- during which time I will likely be spiking all my cups of coffee with some form of liquor. Speak words of comfort to me, oh kind comforting friends!

2) On a much, MUCH brighter note, and one that is legit "Exciting":

The Tiny Sleep Tyrant Joseph did his first ever OVER 7 HOUR stretch of sleep last night. I am still wracking my brain to make sure I didn't sleep walk through a feeding because it seems so very absurd and entirely out of character for the boy who has woken me up no less than 2 times every night of his little life and most of the time more like 3-6 times. My body was in shock as it remembered it's long lost love, Sleep, but I coached it down to ensure it would not be expecting a repeat any time soon, I know better than to get my hopes up too high just yet.

3) Our family has now joined the ranks of bulk buyers with the purchase of our first ever Costco membership. On our first trip to the Fortress of Food we were enjoying a dinner of hot dogs and pizza when Noami asked me what it meant to be members there, to which I responded that "Costco owned our souls". I did not think anyone was listening, but a lady next to us obviously was and let out a hearty chuckle and I immediately let Naomi know I was only kidding- but was I? Seriously, that place sucks you in like a black hole, only it's a black hole with the promise of samples every aisle. I took all 4 kids the other day and got no less than 2 "wow, look at you and all those kids" remarks from various onlookers, and I honestly didn't blame them because it was hotter and messier than any grocery trip heretofore attempted. But there were hot dogs and pizza at the end so all was well.

Let's see, what else?

4) Now that he's almost 6 months, how about some 5 month pictures of J Man?

5) I am most definitely bringing back the Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up soon, soon, soon. I am just trying to figure out what to do with this old lady thrifted plaid skirt that I have to post with the link-up. Any plaid skirt recommendations? I picked Pinterest's brain the other day and found a few cute ones, this one and this one were my favs, and both happen to be from the same source.

6) I am reading Little House with the girls for the first time and am a little ashamed to admit that it is my first time reading them ever as well as the girls. I never claimed to be anything but not smart, but should I really be schooling them myself? That's a question I ask all too frequently. Like after I was thisclose to using the example of labor contractions to explain literary contractions to Naomi, who still has no idea how babies are actually born- I would say both sides of the explanation would have been a tad confusing.

7) My parents are coming tonight! Which makes the fact that I just wrote these instead of vacuuming or chipping play dough off the many surfaces of my kitchen or being anything close to resembling productive even more ridiculous. Long live the blog!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

VLOG it out

Alright I did it, I VLOGed. I am pretty sure video taping yourself and calling it a blog post is the thing that makes you a *legit* blogger. Just kidding, I don't actually think that.

I know I said that it was a 10 minute hair style job, but after a few mornings of actually timing it it came out for more like 5, which I didn't think any of you would mind. The one thing I have to apologize for, other than my awkwardness and the fact that half the time I am barely in the video due to baby pacification, is that in the end my hair is not actually "curly" by any means, but really just wavy- sorry for the false advertizement. However, I do think that you could use the general technique to do tight curls with your hair, if you had more time and used some product, but I have neither of those things. I know the video itself is 13 minutes, but if you time the hair style itself, it's about 5- I promise! If you're interested in my 30 second makeup roundup, I blogged that here, no video included, you're welcome. Without further ado, my first ever (and hopefully last ever) VLOG of my 5 minute hair style routine.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

so much things, so many randomness (with questions for YOU!)

I am the worst ever for my lack of response to the overwhelmingly encouraging responses to my mention of dealing with some postpartum depression and anxiety and first and foremost I want to say: THANK YOU!! Each and every comment has lifted my spirits and made me feel so supported and, well,not alone- which is huge- so thank you all so much!

That italicized paragraph above is from a post that I started writing all about my experience with postpartum depression, which quickly turned into a straight up novella and had the adverse effect of making me really anxious and depressed while writing it, so I just stopped. One day I will legitimately get past it all and feel like I can write about it, but for now I would say I am still too much in the thick of it, even though it has gotten to the point of being totally manageable. I mean really I am doing so SO much better, but apparently it's still all too fresh for me to be writing about it, which is probably for the better for everybody.

I think I will just stick with the generally vain and shallow and mostly pointless blogging that I am all-too-good at.

Onward and vainward.

Starting with a VLOG idea. Shoot straight with me readers: should I do a completely vain VLOG about how I curl my really long, thick hair in less than 10 minutes most mornings? Would anybody on the face of the earth care about this?? I love VLOGs. I love getting to see and hear bloggers who I feel like are my friends even though we have never met because it makes me feel like less of a creeper for stalking their blogs and telling everyone that we actually are friends feel more connected to them. Also, I have watched countless hair DIY tutorials and perused pinterest for cute hair styles but have always just gotten very frustrated when I try them-- they just don't work on my hair because it is way too thick and heavy and long, this is what I'm working with:

All my top-knots buns either fall out or give me a head ache from how tightly I have to fasten them in order for them to stay up, it's a real problem (of the first world nature of course). Therefore I have had to resign myself to wearing my hair down and curling it if I want to steer clear of the all-day every-day pony tail, and I really do, mostly because pony tails also hurt my head after a while and because I feel more put together with my hair semi-styled. So should I do it? You can be honest, it will not hurt my feelings.

Now for a little showcasing of my new favorite accessory, since I'm being shallow at all. It's also a little plug for my sister who is a new merchandiser of Chloe and Isabel. She hosted her first jewelry party over the Christmas break and I got this adorable coral branch necklace and I am in love:

Their jewelry is all so adorable, check it out for yourself, and the best part is they have a lifetime replacement guarantee and any mother of small, grabby handed children knows how invaluable that is. Definitely head over and drool over some of their gorgeous pieces.

Lastly, what do you readers think of this blog doing another round of the Cabin Fever Creativity Link Up? I feel like it's a good idea since blogging is such a great way to stay connected with people when you can't leave the house- and I never leave the house anymore- and hosting and participating in link-ups is a great way to keep the blog-ball rolling, so to speak. Also, cabin fever is really bad over here, and I mean really bad- I actually excited to make more play dough for my kids, and dress up for their tea parties.

Ok "excited" might be an exaggeration, but these days drag to where I am just looking for something, anything! to fill them. Anyways, I think I need to indulge myself in some other more mature hobbies of the crafting variety. So what do you say, want to join me?

And that's really all I have for you today, I hope your week has started off great!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

12 in 2014

Happy new year to all! Before I get too ahead of myself with new-year's resolutions and goals and thoughts for the coming months, let's go back and look at the goodness that was 2014.

I just love Dwija's year-in-review-photo-link-up, it is is just what my nostalgic, emotional and sentimental heart needs at the end of a year to really soak it all in. I remember doing this the year that Lucy was born and feeling like it was "Lucy's Year" and I feel the same way this year, it is definitely "The Year of Joseph", which is fitting because each new life is such a monumental blessing and impacts everything in such a life-changing way, and it never gets old now matter how many kids you have. So here we go, the Year-O-Joe, and other things too.

After finding out in December that we were expecting, we waited several weeks until we were into January to find out that everything was going well with our newest family addition. It was a wonderful, joyful day and set the stage for the rest of the month and the whole year. 

February was a blur of nausea and fatigue, but towards the end I started to come out of the fog a little and took my first solo weekend trip away for my dad's 60th birthday, what a good time it was.

Between starting to feel better, celebrating the 5th birthday of my first born, and my own birthday, AND THEN finding out about our first boy, March was a gooooood month.

Don't let that sun fool you, April was still miserably cold for a really long time, but Easter brought my parents, sunshine, and hope of coming warmth

And then we went outside and stayed out there for a long, long time.



Joseph Pio became a little Catholic and what a gloriously beautiful day it was, I honestly can't remember the rest of that month.

A semi-colicking baby could not stop us from enjoying the fall, and enjoy it we did.

It's amazing how more than one child's birthday (I documented Bernadette's and Lucy's) in a month makes it a birthday month, and that is what October is for us- birthday month. We also made a trip to Steunbenville and my sister came to visit, many good times were had, but I am not going to lie, the realization that PPD was plaguing me really colored much of the month, though I only realize that in hindsight. 



Our celebration of Saint Nicholas day was the most low-key it's ever been, but many great toys were gifted and much fun was had. I would blog about our Christmas travels but that would take more time and energy than are currently present, so we'll leave December at that.

Again, I just love the opportunity to look back at the year and use my blog to remember things that I have already forgotten, and to be grateful- hit up Dwija for some more fun years of pictures!