Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bad decision

Another doozie of a Saturday here. Do you ever feel like your days are full of a string of really bad little decisions? I do. I feel like most of my days are full of me saying "I really shouldn't have done that".
"I really shouldn't have gotten the short hair cut that now makes me look like a little boy"
Little boy hair and shirt!!!
"I shouldn't have left the house without an extra pair of pants for Naomi"
"I shouldn't have gone to the library without an extra pair of pants for Naomi" (As I run out of the lobby with her yelling that she peed her pants"
"I shouldn't be blogging, but rather cleaning my disgusting house"
"I shouldn't have eaten 4 Reese's cups"
"I probably shouldn't let the girls eat an entire box of raisins"
(During diaper changes) "I definitely shouldn't have let the girls eat the entire box of raisins"
"I should not have tried to make up my own recipe for dinner, this is the worst tasting thing ever"
"I shouldn't be letting Naomi watch 3 movies today"
"I shouldn't eat 1/2 bag of skittles right before bed"

 Since most of my decisions are informed by my own knowledge and experience in life and as a wife and a mother, they are generally bad since I have next to no knowledge or experience as a wife and mother. It makes you wonder why they let just anybody get married and bear children.
I take comfort in knowing that even if Mike has no idea what he is doing, he is always much more confident than me and almost always makes much better decisions, and there the balance lies! I feel sure so far that 3 very good decisions (maybe the only good ones?) made thus far have been: Mike, Naomi and Bernadette, so at least I can do something right. Hopefully when I am in my 50s looking back I will notice that exponentially my terrible decisions decreased daily and that I am now perfect.

Very good
Husband: good decision. Hair: BAAADD decision

Happy decision making

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  1. um. if I dreamt this I am going to be really embarrassed but I swear I read a post about weight loss in my Google Reader earlier today?

    I came to comment about how inspiring/depressing it was.....