Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j.

Some days I will do anything to be able to say I "worked out", including but not limited to: doing bicep curls with a child pushing down on either arm, attemping crunches with a baby crawling over my abdominals, doing plank exercises whilst being mounted by a nearly 40 pound toddler (I highly doubt Jillian counts for the extra calorie burn there, since she has decided never to have chidlren. They should make a workout dvd with babies and toddlers in it climbing all over the women trying to workout and depending the size of the child or amount of resistance they tell you the extra calorie burn. But I digress...)

Yesterday was one such day and since pigs were flying and it is MID NOVEMBER and was 62 degrees and sunny out (I do not htink people around here are appreciating how amazing this is) I decided to head out for a jog, or yog, it might be a soft j. So I pack the chillins up in our double NON jogger, loaded the bottom up with plenty of treats and cups and toys and off we went.

The stash

 Again, why does nobody tell you how much harder you are working when you are pushing children? In my case over 60 pounds of children PLUS the double stroller, which is no light weight and it is not meant for brisk jaunts. And I decided to run on the 3 busiest streets around us, clipping along at barely more than a brisk walk but I am sure giving all bystanders quite a sight to entertain them since I could barely breath. I am always thinking of others and how I can make their days brighter.

Toward the end I decided to really pick it and switch to a  l i g h t  jog, more entertainment than people could handle I'm sure, but luckily by this time I was off of the busy streets. During the home stretch, to top it all off, I passed a very fit looking mother in some seriously cute running gear with a seriously posh jogger. Of course she gave me a huge smile and wave making me feel uber guilty or coveting her cute gear and sweet stroller, oh well. We made it home with only 1 bottle and 1 shoe missing, for which I had to searching in my van only to recover the bottle, oh well again.

Obviously I am not so overly concerned with physical fitness everyday as I sit typing next to an almost empty bag of frozen reeses cups, best ever. I think I met my weekly quota for extra effort in the fitness department yesterday, now I am done.

Stay classy San Diego,


  1. Haha, I love this. Yesterday Emme and I set our for our morning walk/jog and our neighbor said, "Heading out for a run??" I smiled and said, "Yep!" and ran till the end of the block where he couldn't see me anymore! Haha! I prefer yogging, as you say, and running only when people are looking!! Your babies sure look cozy and happy!!

  2. Ana...we should seriously do a workout video featuring babies..not as props but more like "workout challenges." I'm pretty sure it would sell millions!