Monday, November 14, 2011

Places I am Not

 Today during another lame attempt at napping I couldn't stop thinking about uploading all of my old pictures from my travels abroad onto my computer so as not to lose them forever whenever the cds that they were saved on got too scratched or eaten by babies to be read anymore by a computer.
Once I uploaded them I could not stop staring at them and wanting so badly to be back at all of these places (with my husband and children of course). So here are a few tastes of what I have tasted. Not bad, not bad.
Favorite shot right outside of the Vatican

Assisi, it doesn't get much better than you

Little Saint Francis

More Vatican

Piazza Navona
Is your mouth watering? If not, you might want to get your senses checked. Pure beauty. Good times.

Peace out


  1. these are all awesome but the top Vatican shot is amazing!!

  2. Oh my goodness...those photos made my heart go faint! I miss those times!!!!