Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sleep is for the weak: progressively regressing

I refuse to nap today. I hate spending the one chunk that I get during the day where I can sit and listen to *nothing* laying in bed hoping that I will actually fall asleep for the whopping 15 minutes that my body will occasion nap for. I am such a sucker though, and I always try.
So today instead of dealing with the sleep loss, I will type my fingers off about it. I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I will not feel rested again until I am somewhere in my 40's and by then I will not need as much sleep and will probably have a better life perspective and prefer to lose sleep if it means getting time with my little ones, but for now I choose mostly to complain about it, or at least to vent. I have spent the better part of Naomi's life complaining about how she is a terrible sleeper, so today I will pick on the littler Beezie, affectionately called.
Yesterday, better late than never, the little 13-month-old decided to start prancing about the room on her feet instead of her knees. It was a monumental occasion and there was much delight and clapping and perhaps a joyful tear shed by all, or just me. You would think that with the onset of this new skill, which moves her much closer to the toddler category from the baby one, that she might get a clue and let her sleep skills follow suit, but no. Her wailing and grinding of teeth woke me at both 12 and 4:30 and the almost toddler who cut herself off from all nursing just a week ago would only be soothed back to sleep with just that. I wanted to sarcastically asked her in the middle of the night what the heck she thinks she is? A 2-day-old? (baby humor, she would have gotten it). But in all honesty, and especially since my actual toddler slept til the late hour of 7 (which is genuinely sleeping in for her and me) I did not mind getting up with her because I really did feel sad to see my little Bernadette be not so much a baby anymore while he was taking those steps yesterday. I am such a sap. However, if she keeps this night waking thing up, I am sure my emotions will turn quickly enough and she'll be cut off. But for now, who the heck needs sleep, anyways?

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  1. haha. I can relate....Julia and Bernadette are little walking twins!!! so cute.

    I woke up to a swollen shut eye this morning and mr. helpful just said..."probably sleep deprivation"...if it isn't oozing or red...nothing to worry about.