Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christopher and Banks to infinity

I bought this lovely sweater at VDP (just my own little nickname for Vincent de Paul, you know) and thought maybe I could alter it to make it cute or something. I quickly realized that this would never happen and also noticed a few very large weird stains in weird places, which was very sad for me as this was my only piece of clothing from Christopher and Banks.  And on another seemingly unrelated note I have been drooling every time I look at almost any infinity scarf, it is just the fact that they have no end that I think is so appealing to me, but I couldn't justify buying one because I already have a few scarves. Finally it came to me that I could use little Christopher and Banks number to make my dreams come true for infinity.

Here she is:
I just laid it out and cut down the arms and across the back of the sweater and over to the other arm to get a very long piece of fabric.
Then I hemmed both sides of it and sewed the ends together.
My sewing machine was giving me some trouble and the fabric really wanted to bunch instead of moving through so if you look really closely, you almost most definitely tell it is homemade. But, it is an infinity scarf and it is from Christopher and Banks.

My outside pictures just looked weird and you couldn't even see the scarf, this way I could position it and see it AND eat my cereal! Happy day.

TGI hump day,

P.S. I have been meaning to give a big thanks and shout-out to Grace for inspiring me to sew my clothes, and for already being back at alterations with a teeny new baby, I could barely sew 2 sides of a small garment today with more reasonably aged children.

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  1. You are amazing with your skills. I wish I could sew. Maybe someday. That is a seriously cute scarf Ana. jealous.