Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'll pop your balloon and cowl addendum

Every day I scheme about different things I can do/not do/offer/take away/threaten/etc... in order to get my first born to get into her bed for her regularly scheduled 20 minute afternoon power nap and as of late I have been feeling like a worse and worse mother.
It has gone from me telling her to do it and her obeying out of shear respect for my authority and love for her dear mother (I tell myself that that was how it once was) to me on my knees begging her to go without me having to pick up her solid 40 lbs of dead screaming, kicking weight and put her into her bed. I have offered anything from videos and fruit snacks to trips to the mall play place immediately following her nap (and actually following through on it, pathetic). Then if all offerings do nothing I move on to empty threats, which I just pray I am not forced to have to follow through on because I probably won't.
But then today I discovered what may be the key to our discipline success.
"I will pop your balloon if--- (insert whatever)" and she will do/not do anything.
Cruel and unusual? Maybe, but I would invest in a helium tank if I knew this would continue to work like such a charm. Desperate times...

And yes, that does say "South Bend Chocolate Company" on the balloon, and yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds. You should come here and we'll go eat some chocolate together.

Here's the larger than life button that I added to the lazy little cowl I made:

Have a good one!

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