Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Piddly Giveaway

Intrigued, aren't you?
SO maybe it's peer pressure (no one is pressuring me) or maybe it is just me trying to be cool and boost my self esteem (likely) but I have decided to do a very little giveaway. I think I may become obsessed with making hair clips. I am working on mastering this one and have decided to let you reap the fruits of my hard, hard labor. You may be thinking "why would I want to go to all this trouble for something so small?" Well I will tell you. You won't be going to much trouble since all that you have to do is
  1. Become a follower if you have not already
  2. Leave a comment saying what size clip you'd like and fabric
And also, since very few people will be trying to win this little item, your chances of winning are really good! Win, win!
So here is the latest result of my efforts:
Mike says that he thinks it is "earthy cute", whatev

I have a couple different fabric patterns you can choose, and you can choose from a package of either 2 large clips (like the one in the picture) or 4 small clips, pick your poison.
The fabric choices are:
  • the one in the picture
  • pink and red hearts (in honor of Valentine's Day, this would be super cute in a smaller clip for little girls)
  • Brown, like in my earlier post, with any number of colored buttons
  • mustard with any color button you like, including the specialty button on the above clip.
Your wish is my command, I just want you to be happy. 

If you live in South Bend and you're a friend of mine, there's no need to try to win as I will probably make you one for your birthday or for Tuesday or whatever.
Good luck!


  1. oh. YAY! This is so generous. I vote 2 big browns ... hopefully they will help Julia's femininity factor.


    And if not ... I will happily wear!!

  2. How cute are those??
    I vote for the mustard color :)

  3. They are adorable! I would vote 4 small pink and red hearts!

  4. pick me pick me pick me!!!! I want the two large bows for myself... but mommy guilt is veering towards the 4 small ones so I can share with my daughter. so 4 teeny bows it is and I would be so stinkin excited to win them I dont even care what color they are all beautiful!

  5. Haha, so here I am joining! I don't have a blog yet...maybe that will come later! Your bows are so cute. 2 big bows if I win...I love the idea of the brown with whatever buttons you so choose or the mustard...or both. Whatever is easiest.

  6. Ana, love your hair clips! They are awesome! The small clips for little girls sound neat.

  7. How did I miss this post?! I would love the brown! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  8. Ummmm these are adorable. Such a crafty mama. I would really love mustard with your earthy cute flower clip. If you pick me I will make all of your dreams come true...or I will have you over for a nice-ish dinner if you come to Cincinnati and you can also bring your kids and husband.