Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear vanilla cream sandwhich cookies,

If that is your real name.
You can go back to the bowels of whatever soul sucking calorie filled hole you came from and stop ruining any attempt at healthy eating that I am lying and saying I am doing.
I think I have eaten 10 of you today, that is not ok. But it feels so right.
I was wrong. Don't go away. Stay by my side and never leave,
I love you.



  1. Spreading honey bunny grahams with nutella as I type....

    No guilt. It's a solemnity!

  2. Mmmmmm, vanilla with vanilla frosting is my favorite cake, cupcake and cookie combo. Have you tried Trader Joe's Vanilla JoJo's? So good!

  3. HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! You are hilarious :) I relate to this post...just a wee bit!!!

  4. We all need at least one comfort food. I myself have accumulated about thirty....

  5. I will help you with this obvious psychotic/health crisis you are experiencing.... send all remaining vanilla cream cookies to your very pregnant friends in the blogosphere (ahem.. me)

  6. Ana, I feel like I should send you the Trader Joes vanilla JoJo's like Colleen said and Hannah.. I am right there with you. I personally bought a box of them myself last week and almost ate the whole thing have company =)

  7. Oh, we call those cocaine cookies for obvious reasons.