Friday, March 16, 2012

How to fail during Lent

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Over the past 11 years of seriously trying to be a good Catholic, I think that I have become somewhat of an expert on Lent. Yes I think that I have gotten it down.

Oh you thought I meant sacrifice? Penance? No, no. I have become a veritable expert at how to really botch Lent. I really cannot think of Lent where I got to the end thinking "I did it! I kept to everything I set out to do! Huzzah!"

So without further ado, in case you were sitting around thinking that you were doing too well this Lent, here are some things you can do to cut yourself down to size.
7 ways to fail during Lent:

1) Don't give anything up. Just tell yourself that you will cut down on everything. After all it is all about moderation and you are the picture of it, right?  (You probably are, I on the other hand...)

2) Hop on the Internet first thing in the morning even though your prayer books are sitting right next to your computer. Your email CANNOT wait!!

3) Continue to buy lots of sweet treats to indulge in and tell yourself they are for the kids.

I did not eat any (lying)

4) Have lots of conversations about Lent with your friends and how they are doing with their sacrifices to ensure that you feel good and discouraged about whatever you did set out to do.

5) Do lots of online shopping, no better way to stay in the spirit of the world.

6) Tell yourself that you'll get it together by the Triduum, that's when all the good stuff happens anyways.

7) Expect that your toddler will remind you to do stations of the cross every Friday, she is the one with the little book that you use so this is on her.

But for real, I am really glad there are a few weeks left, I usually don't compile a list like this in my head until the very end and then sit a feel bad about myself, so this is an improvement. Baby steps.

Have a blessed rest of Lent!


  1. I'm right there with you! I've found myself doing so many of those things you mentioned! Admitting it is the first step! Now you can move forward! (That was just some motivational words for myself, really!)

  2. ah. thanks Ana!

    I enjoyed reading this as I sipped the coffee I so heroically gave up all those -- weeks ago.

  3. Ana, I just have to say that I love that you used the word "huzzah". I cannot remember the last time I heard some one use that word and I think it is an awesome word!

  4. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of the vague notions of "doing better" during Lent. It always results in lots of feelings of failure. Sweet!

  5. Just knowing you have room for improvement is half the battle!! At least that's what I tell myself :) Nice to meet ya!

  6. This post is hysterical. Glad I'm not the only one. Found you over at Martin Family Moments and already love your blog!