Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday through Wednesday blogging

I meant to post a weekend update on Monday from our time in S-town, but since I took zero pictures and I know you would like more deats on my life than just  the weekend, I will instead give you a detailed account of life since Thursday. Ready, set, read:

  • Thursday after wasting much time on my computer, I finally got my shiz together and got us on the road for  said Ville trip. It was glorious, and by glorious I mean nauseatingly exhausting. 
  • Friday: I slept for probably a total of 5-6 hours then began a great day of time with my family, mostly my sisters- always my favorite. For this pregnant wimp of a woman who usually hits the pillow no later than 10 to rise no earlier than 7- the 6 hours were not cutting it and I was done with the fun by 9. 
  • Saturday was wedding time. I will not go into deats- but it was absolutely beautiful- both the wedding and the fact that Mike and I spent almost 8 solid hours sans stinklings- absolutely beautiful.
  • Sunday. Some might call this the day from h-e-double hockey sticks, but I will just call it a bad day. After waking with a migraine and doing some major scrambling to get in the car with all our stuff packed ready to head home shortly after Mass we experienced one of the most horrendous Mass experiences ever. It ended with me carrying a screaming Naomi out during a letter being read by the deacon who STOPPED the letter and STARED at us as we walked out of the PACKED Church. Needless to say Mike and I were both pretty soured on the whole taking our kids to Mass ever ever ever again thing, but we've recovered I think. As if the Mass exhibit were not enough, our 2 short hours spent with Mike's family ended similarly with us carrying a screaming Naomi and Bernadette and throwing them placing them in the car seats and hitting the road with tires screeching and yelling back that we loved everyone and apologized for the embarrassing display... (exaggerated a little.)
  • Monday, after professing that I was pretty sure that I was done with morning sickness, I had quite possibly the worst sick-day thus far, more intense than all the others. It really showed me. Fortunately I found a food item that sounded good (bagel sandwiches) and ate to my little heart's content to stave off constant nausea.
  • Tuesday was much better and I spent the day catching up with a friend and my sister-in-law and eating bagel sandwiches and store brand toaster pastries (another fantastic find). 
  • Wednesday we will be venturing out to the zoo where I am sure I will again take no pictures, but it should be fun. One picture I did take is this one of my rapidly expanding jumbo tummy at 13 weeks, thank you bagel sandwiches and toaster pastries:
Wow, you didn't think a belly picture could get any worse than my last, I am always outdoing myself.
Cardi: super old target brand
Tank: recent gap maternity clearance find (you can't see the orange leopard print on it, your eyes are really missing out.)
Pants: lent by friendly blogger friend, Grace and are easing the pain of already being in maternity pants.

One day I will post something good, I promise.


  1. ahhhhh. what a trip!

    your blogging presence was very much missed so I really appreciate the recap.

    UGH -- I'm so sorry about the morning sickness. Im glad you found a sort of remedy though!!

    And the jeans look great! You really are to keep both pairs I sent so they are yours yours yours!!!! You really look amaazing even though I know you don't feel it!

  2. If blogging about toddlers screaming at Mass, and morning sickness, and pregnant little baby bumps, and car trips, and bagel sandwiches, and weddings and zoos isn't posting "something good" than I don't know what is!!