Monday, April 23, 2012

Prayers for the pregnants

Every single time I sit down to write this, someone poops herself or another MUST have that princess NOW and will not stop screaming/pushing sister/convulsing/raising hell until mother comes to her rescue and gets back the prized princess this instant. I kind of feel like I am trapped in a stinking den of diapers and whining, so much so that just now, as I went to throw away what was perhaps the most heinous smelling diaper in my career as a mom, I walked out of the house to pitch it and noticed that the garbage can was all the way at the end of the drive way because it is trash day, and my excitement was unspeakable. Usually this would bum me out because I have to walk 3 times the distance carrying a nasty diaper, but not today- today it brought me the biggest sense of relief and freedom. The children were trapped in the basement and couldn't do too much harm to themselves in that 3 minute window, and these were I my moments. I walked as slowly as I possibly could to the trash can with the stinky diaper stench wafting in my face from the breeze. I loved every second of it. Anyways, I figured you were wondering about our morning so far and how I am feeling super burnt out and in need of a serious vacation. Serious.

This brings me to my next point- I have been thinking a lot about all my friends (in real life and in the interblogs) who are expecting little babes. As commonplace as pregnancy is in most of the circles I run in, it is a a pretty huge deal overall (you know, creating and bringing fourth new life), and it is also one of the most difficult times--physically, mentally, and spiritually--that we women go through, so it deserves extra recognition and prayers. Whether you are at the tail-end of your pregnancy like Cari and Steph (read these posts), waiting anxiously for your body to catch up with your will to get the baby out, or at the very beginning dealing with the excruciatingly intense nausea like my friend Natalie (this is my least favorite part of pregnancy). Whichever way you slice it, it is so. darn. hard.

After reading my good friend Maureen's post yesterday, things really fell into perspective for me in two ways: 1) my lame problems are just that, lame, and nothing compared to what so many others have to deal with during pregnancy (this does not mean I will stop complaining, but I may try to limit it, we'll see); and 2) I should probably use this blog community (and my little community here in SB) as more of a means to pray for and build up my fellow mother friends. Similarly, I should probably use my burned-out feelings as something to offer up for all you moms rather than just as something new to complain about on my blog.

So that is what I am working on, and every time I actually succeed in thinking to offer up prayers for fellow mom friends, I give myself a big pat on the back--that way I keep it up. Like the other day when I actually remembered to pray for my mucho pregnant friend, Jenny and THAT DAY she had her baby! God knows what he is doing. I never actually remember to do things like this, so it was especially cool. (Jenny, I am not saying that my super efficacious prayers are what responsible for the safe arrival of your little one, but it is worth a thought.) So I will surely be trying to remember to pray for all of you blog friends (and non-blog friends, you're in my head too) bearing babies, those listed above and many others: Dwija, Bridget, Sheena, Ashley, Jillian, Lauren. I know there are more, but these are the ones I can think of now with my nearly useless pregnancy brain (feel free to suggest additions in the combox). To all of you expectant mothers: thoughts and prayers your way.

Of course as I finally finish this post my toddlers are peacefully sitting and reading and being absolute angels- giving credit where it is due, they are pretty awesome.


  1. Oooooh, thank you! I am probably in the least miserable phase of pregnancy right now (25-35 weeks are the least miserable for me), but I'll still stash as many prayers as I can get for weeks 36-? when I know I'll be just like poor Steph and Cari are right now. Love ya!

  2. thank you! obviously i am going to beg you to offer up some prayers for some serious water breakage right about... oh, NOW. please and thank you. Is it weird that I am insanely jealous of your diaper trek?

  3. Ohhhh, the diaper walk. Yes, I have been there. Some days the two seconds to get to the mail box is also blessed.
    Ana, you are so very sweet, and this post is so true! This whole bringing new life into the world thing really is a pretty big deal, even though it happens every second. Thank you for the the thoughts and prayers! And I will keep you, and the others I'm about to blogstalk in mine as well.
    BIg Hugs!

    PS, what a neat experience with praying for Jenny. :)

  4. My kids and I always pray for the "mommies with babies in their bellies", so you're all in good hands, because we know how God feels about little prayers from little children :)

  5. Thank you, thank you! We are prayer partners for sure!

  6. so we're planning on cloth diapering but your story kinda makes me wish i'd have the need to walk a dirty one out to the trash...mine will be to the toilet and sprayer...probably not going to afford me much "me time"...oh well
    thank you for the prayers! we are praying for you as well!

  7. Such a sweet, sweet post Ana! THANK YOU for the prayers. We know so many people who are pregnant right now too, we actually keep a written list and offer it up during our rosaries. It's nice to know we're on someone's prayer list, too :) XOXO

  8. I knew that labor was too good to be true ... mosy of it, that is. Now it's my turn to offer my sleepless nights for your toddler-fatigued 2nd and 3rd trimesters...