Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things you should know about

  1. I finally finished an insane clothing organization project this past week, resulting in my drawers finally closing and many bags of clothing (dating back to high school) being given and thrown away.
  2. Mike has been reading "Little House on the Prairie" to Naomi every evening, which I was pretty sure she was not entirely absorbing, if at all, since she is only just 3 and usually looks pretty spaced out while he is reading. Then, a few days ago, I walked into the restroom with her, and she looked at our plunger in the holder and asked, "Is that a butter churn?" I said "no" and begged her never to try churning butter with it. At least I know Mike's reading is not totally futile.
3. My sister came to visit on Thursday with her Beau, and we got to make lots of great food and go visit my favorite SB hot spot: the history museum, because we're cool and exciting.

4. One of the recipes we made is definitely worth sharing: THIS ONE by the Pioneer Woman. I am still drooling like a teething baby thinking about them, and I am having to restrain myself from going into the kitchen and polishing off the plate of leftovers. I cannot take any credit for actually making them, since my sister did all the work (I was making my first crab bisque), but I did do a bang up job eating them.
Picture from the cookbook because we ate them too quickly to take a picture of our own finished product.
5. Mike spotted these awesome glass canisters at the best thrift store in the world a few days ago and I went back the next day to buy them in order to organize my crazy pantry. AND since no one will see or care about this because it took place inside a pantry that pretty much only I open, I decided to force you to enjoy the glorious results with me:

I think the total for all four canisters was $6. Best. thrift. store. ever. Also shown: my ingenious idea for storing our borrowed library books on tape. I could sit and stare at these pictures all day.

6. And last but not least (I have to stop at six so it doesn't look like I'm trying to do 7 quick takes on a Saturday- never!), I know what you'll probably think when you see that I've posted youtube videos--"oh, it's just a youtube video that she thinks is funny and I don't have time to look at videos other people enjoy, besides she probably has no sense of humor, and I have a life." But seriously, do yourself a favor and watch these, but IN ORDER--the first one is an actual real music video that people apparently like, and the second is a parody. This will ensure that you laugh today. (Warning: there is at least one bleeped out F bomb in the second video that they do a terrible job of actually bleeping out, so perhaps this is not good to watch around young children.)


  1. So cute that Mike is reading Little House on the Prairie to her! I always loved those books!

    and PW is amaaaaazing. I haven't not liked a single recipe of hers yet.

  2. ummmmmm. well I came to comment and tell you that I am using precious (double!!) nap time to read that recipe in detail and now might not make dinner but take the kids to the store (I know --- over achieving) to buy the ingredients and make them.

    Simon is working his 11th weekend in a row ---------- and I think he deserves a brownie or 45 --

    but then I got sidetracked by the troll -- funny but not.

  3. wait, what if I LIKE one direction? I feel judged. Also, entertained.

  4. Oh, just been craving chocolate and I'm sad because I want those brownies but Dave just took the car to work, =) =(

  5. Oh gosh, the butterchurn! hahahahahahaha!

  6. Just getting caught up on your blog posts. THAT was awesomely hilarious!

  7. Just getting caught up on your posts. Those videos were hilarious! Thanks for sharing.