Friday, June 1, 2012

Take it or leave it, quick style.

In an attempt to make up for a week of blog absence while traveling, I will go ahead and bore you with excessive details about our trip and other things:

1) My beautiful sister-in-law got married and it went swimmingly, that is, they are married. It was beautiful. 
Picture stolen from facebook, I took ZERO. She married the one on the right (her left).
2) Mike and I had a bit of a scare on Wednesday evening after our arrival in Steubenville when we realized that my tent of a bridesmaid's dress and Mike's spandex suit had been left in South Bend. (Mike's suit ended up not fitting anyways, lesson learned-- always try on suit in store when picking it up, also don't trust suit salespeople).
Utterly embarrassing photo of me for poof that we acquired our wedding attire. Photo also stolen from facebook
One of the bridesmaids lives here in SB and we were able to get her into our house and into our closet in order that we would be clothed at the ceremony, we were very grateful.

3) The old MOH speech went off without a hitch, or at least I didn't say anything incriminating or too embarrassing.

4) The remainder of our visit looked something like this:
super blurry picture of Naomi in a life jacket about to board the USS paddle boat= cutest thing ever
Lot's of fun in the sun with Nana and Papa at the Hahn cabin on a lake
 5) And this:
LOADS of fun at Grammy and Gramp's house complete with many tractor rides. I even took them for a ride- too bad we did not capture that, huh?

6) Tuesday was intended to be another super fun Hahn family day but Bernadette's stomach had other plans for us. She woke up that morning utterly exhausted and out of it and before I could say "vomit," she went ahead and and did just that. Many, many times. I had just read Grace's post the day before and thought to myself "I am so glad we haven't had to deal with vomiting children in a while"... solidarity be mine.

7) Last but not least and not in the least bit connected to the rest, just for fun. I am trying to decide whether or not to cut Bernadette straggling hairs/rat tail. When they are curly they generally look fine and even cute:

When they are straight they all too similar to this:
Straight haired Bernadette is nick-named "Vernon." Growing up in Mingo Junction, I knew many a Vernon with a rat tail. No seriously, I knew several.
 To cut or not to cut? That is the question.

Now we are back in South Bend and ready for some nice weather to come back to us. It is June and the heat actually kicked on in our house today. Redic.

Go the Jen and many others for some fab quick takes.
Happy Friday!


  1. I am having similar hair dilemmas today. And the wedding party looks FANTASTIC! Hi Dr. Hahn!!!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend- congrats to Hannah!

    And I stopped myself mid-thought when I echoed your "at least we haven't had vomity kids lately" sentiments. Hopefully that was soon enough. Hope she's feeling better and nobody else gets sick!

  3. I should HOPE she married the one on the right!

    Jeanne G.

  4. I love weddings. No one I know anymore is getting married. Thank God for blogs, so I can ooooh! and ahhhh! over weddings.

  5. Oh my gosh. You live so close to me. How did I not know you live in Southbend? I mean, Kalamazoo isn't exactly a day trip, but it's way closer than most cities in America!