Friday, July 13, 2012

Babies, Food, Pinterest, Pregnancy: Quick Takes

I'm steppin in up a notch in the realm of blogging this week.

Last night I checked my Google reader "deats and stats" or whatever it's called and it said that I am averaging 4.2 posts a week, up from 3.3!! What the heck all this .2, .3 crap is about I do not know.

So I am going to keep up that current stat by joining Jen and others for some Quick Takes this Friday.

I am positively delighted that 1) it has gotten below the 100 degree mark outside so that I can justify baking in my home without sweating everyone out and 2) that I have an occasion to bake for tomorrow morning (I've offered to host a prayer group, pretty much just so that I can bake. joking?)

Thanks to Grace's inspiration I will be making THESE at some point today. Because making cinnamon rolls may just be my very favorite thing to do in the world.

    I would really like to be known for my famous cinnamon rolls when I am an old lady, I think I am on the right track with this recipe. Also, I have been receiving subliminal messages from the baby in utero that these must be made and eaten pronto, there must be some vitamin I am lacking that is only present in maple frosting...

    I looked on Baby Center's website last night to see where the baby is developmentally and was so pleased but mostly confused to learn that she is the size of a rutabaga. Rutabaga, really?!?! You couldn't pick a vegetable/fruit that people actually eat/know what the heck it looks like? I navigated to another site that said "cauliflower", that's more like it. 


    I am 25 weeks, 2 days today. Yippee! Only 12 weeks left until I can start doing things to try to get this baby to come out.
    About to go do some "exercise" aka pregnant body flopping about with 70 lbs o'children + clunky double stroller. Face left out for your benefit, it's still too early for a head shot.
    * Picture taken with photobooth, a low enough quality photo that my blogger lets me upload it. I still haven't figured out my photo-space thing.

    I got off of Pinterest a few weeks ago in the interest of not wasting any more time on the interwebs than I already do. Also so that I would stop feeling like a less-than-adequate housewife. But I am not going to lie, I may be going through some withdraw. I just need to see some beautiful pictures of food/houses/clothes, you know. Why is that?? 

    Maybe you can convince me to get back on...

    And now this marks the 14th time I've been interrupted in the last 14 minutes trying to write this, so I am going to go ahead and be done. You're welcome.


    1. Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!!! I have yet to join pinterest. First I refused before my wedding because I didn't need the madness that pinterest + getting married entails. Then, after the wedding, it would only let me join if I changed my facebook to timeline. I don't want timeline! So... no pinterest. I do see awesome ideas other people pin, but I think, like you, it would make me feel talentless lol!

    2. You look just-right-pregnant. Praying for little cauliflower. And I got off of pinterest after I finished using it to help me plan my daughter's first communion. It was helpful for a particular project, but it was too much of a temptation to use time unwisely.

    3. Love your belly! They always look so cute on other people. I never liked being pregnant much - I just like the end result...most of the time ;)

    4. ugh. I had that same stupid photo problem and I keep trying to remember how I fixed it -- maybe deleted some photos? no -- that's not it. I'll try to remember and let you know. Do you use Picasa? that might have something to do with it?

      And how do you look so adorable pregnant but still have that cute little waist under the bell? I've always wanted that. hmm. teach me.

      and let me know how the rolls go!!! so delish.