Monday, July 2, 2012

Diagnosis: Marriage (part 1 of 3)

Alright, I am giving in. I have opened many a blogger wife/husband love story post since blogging and while I read through the thing totally enraptured, I have always gone away with the sure thought that I will never do an "Our Love Story" post. Why? I don't know, maybe because the thought of giving other people that many gratuitous deats about my past starts to put me to sleep, and it's my life.

But then I realized that I READ THE POSTS AND ENJOY THEM. There is something fun about seeing how God puts all the pieces in place for 2 people to end up together, and even more fun when you are all too inserted into that person's life via the interwebs courtesy of mom-blogging.

Plus, it's our 4th anniversary this week.
Plus, I haven't blogged in forever and need something to jump start my re-entry into the blerging world.

Enough reasons, here we go. Read on to enjoy part one of three of the saga, the drama, the epic tale that is Mike and Ana...

taken in our earlier (chubbier) dating days
We'll start where I always start when telling the story: high school. I could start back in grade school since that is where we first met, but I do not recall the meeting, only Mike does. So we'll go ahead and start in high school.

I was a fledgling freshman and Mike was a dark, handsome, Senior soccer player who never even looked at me in the hall way. This was a good thing since I think if he had really known me then he would have gone running for the hills of West Virginia never to return to the crazy that was me in the early high school days. A combination of insecurity, awkwardness, and toooooo much drinking made for a very spastic troubled young lady. Which makes sense out of why I made sure to point out to alllllll my friends just how "HOT" I thought that dark, handsome soccer player was every. time. I. saw. him. Nothing came of things then and before I knew it he graduated and was off to college leaving me to figure my shiznit out until it was my turn go off to the same college- a leeeedle bit more mature-3 years later.

Cue freshman year of college. Like I said, I had grown up a little, I had at least stopped the drinking and had chosen to attend a good Catholic college, so things were surely looking up for me. Mike was a senior when I came in as a freshman and had gotten even more handsome. Also he had taken to showcasing his amazing guitar/vocal skills at many campus events and local bars which left me all but drooling over him whenever I saw him. At one such event he actually stopped and talked to me at length about many things which I couldn't remember even 5 minutes later because I was too busy staring at his cute face and trying to keep the conversation going as long as possible so that he would never ever leave. I was unsuccessful in that endeavor, but it was a long enough conversation to send me running to my closest friend telling her "how cuuuuutte he was and that he TALKED to me!!!" Long enough to spur on an immediate crush.

And I will leave you hanging there so that I can go run this by him to make sure I am not missing anything or making anything up and then change into a maternity shirt that fits over my ever expanding belly and then run to the store fully clothed.


  1. oh yeah.

    love this. I don't know this story at alllll.

    cannot WAIT for the rest.

    now I might have to copycat ---

    1. I totally love reading those stories! So thanks for writing it and it will be torture for me to wait for the next installment...

  2. You're right. I do love it! How can you stop there????

  3. Yay! Love it when people share "how we met" stories. Can't wait to read part 2!

  4. Just found your blog! I love me some love stories! Keep on keepin' on.