Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Diagnosis: Marriage (part 2 of 3)

A few strange, fortunate occurrences

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I would like to highlight here a few strange occurrences that never actually got me and Mike together, but always pointed me in his direction through my formative college years. We'll pick up at my college crush on cute, guitar playing, dry humored, tall, dark, romantic Mike established early my freshman year, and sort of carrying over from high school.

Freshman year comes and goes and the fall of my sophomore year found me traveling abroad with about 100 other students from my University in a little town called Gaming, Austria. Mike had already spent his own first semester of sophomore year over there several years prior. So you can imagine my surprise when, within the first week of arriving in Gaming, I was walking with a friend and spotted none other than the Michael Hahn walking the very same Austrian pavement at the very same time as me. (He had decided to return as a Masters student to another school on the same campus). This is not an exaggeration and my good friend can corroborate my story when I tell you that when I saw him I immediately blurted out "Mike Hahn is here?!?!?! This means I am definitely going to marry him!".

Now you might think I was just being a silly immature sophomore in college, but keep in mind that I went to a college that has an alarmingly high rate of senior couples graduating already engaged. I myself went to school in search of my own MRS degree, which I hoped to find in a nice Catholic hottie just like Mike. So this was not just talk, I saw it as a real possibility and hoped for it.

However,  life went on and we did our own thing during our travels and apart from traveling on the same train for a short time randomly and him coming with me to my room to borrow the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" minutes before my bus was to take off for Poland, we really didn't connect while there. He was actually dating someone else by the end of his time and I was dating someone else the entire time I was there, plus I flirted with every guy I saw for fun. Again, not totally mature yet.


The next semester rolls around and I don't see much of Mike since he was graduated and pursuing other things, although he did drop out of the Austrian program after that semester, I did not know this yet. I had joined a "household" (a Catholic sorority sort of thing) and one of our weekly commitments was a 6:45 a.m. Mass with the rest of the ladies in the household. I awoke bright and early on one particular morning for Mass from a dream that was extremely real and which I couldn't wait to relate to my buddies.

After Mass I went to the campus cafe with a friend for coffee and sat and told her the dream. All I can tell you now is that in the dream I married Mike Hahn and it was blissfully wonderful-- I knew all the deats then and related them to the friend I was with.

About 5 minutes later I walked over to a set of couches near a coffee table and laid down to rest until class, when I got up I looked over at the coffee table and saw a random CD resting upside down on, I walked over to pick it up. I think I almost peed my pants when it was labeled "Mike Hahn: B-Sides". I freaked out, showed my friend, insisted again that this meant we were meant to be together and pocketed the thing. I later found out from Mike that this was one of only FIVE CDS that he had recorded and given away and only to close friends and family-- I still have it in our scrapbook.

 That's all for now, stay tuned for much more tomorrow...


  1. no. you are not stopping THERE?!

    this is so good. I love it -- even though I didn't really know the two of you in college but obvi know all these places you type of -- except that early Mass -- I definitely locked my dorm door so that people could NOT drag me out of bed to go to those because I am/was a heathen.

    anyway -- I think you should do a flash giveaway and the winner gets a sneak peek of tomorrow's post.


  2. just read parts 1-3... so sweet. very cute story. lucky in love, i tell ya!! ;p but seriously, i love a good Catholic couple story. so glad you both found eachother!