Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tea Time

I know I promised no more grainy pictures, but I guess I lied.
The thing is that these should not be so grainy, but our camera that should be taking decent quality pictures did not do come through yesterday, so I figured I'd just give these the "antique" effect and it would look intentional anyways. 


Meet Henrietta and Georgiana.
We had a lovely tea party during a thunderstorm to make up for the fact that I promised to take them to the mall play place, but knowing my own weakness and level of hunger mixed with the plethora of delicious food court food varieties, I chose to stay home- thus not fulfilling my promise at all. Fail, but not a total fail:


There was a 3rd member of the tea party named George Fifflefaf (chosen by Naomi, but originating with her aunt, I think), but he/she was too awkward in all the pictures to be shown-- something about the large red feathered hat not fitting properly on her/his over sized head... and being too pregnant....
Naomi called us all by our tea party names for at least a full hour afterwards, so I'll call this broken promise a success.

Have a lovely day.

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