Friday, July 6, 2012

Things I don't like to do: Pregnancy edition

Joining the ever awesome Jen for some free complaining via 7 quick takes this blazin' Friday.
Since I figured that you are dying to know the top 7 things I do not ever want to do while pregnant, here they are-- 7 being the one I want to do the least of all-- for your reading pleasure:

Eat healthily. You may recall from several of my pregnancy posts that this is a struggle. It is my main struggle during the first trimester and then for the rest of the time it isn't that bad except for when I just want to plop down on the couch and enjoy a 1/2 bad of frozen chocolate chips. Then it's hard.

Not talk about pregnancy. That is, while I am pregnant, I could sit and talk pregnancy for hours, HOURS I tell you. This is something I am not proud of and am working on since I know the rest of the world should be spared gratuitous uterine talk.

Not drink. All I want to do is drink when I am pregnant. It always sounds good and can not always happen as it is generally frowned upon-- at least in public. And let's be honest, if there were ever a time you could use a stiff drink it is during pregnancy, especially when there are other small hellians at your feet all. day. long.
Just enjoying a potent afternoon cocktail at 9 months pregnant. C'mon, we all know that Mad Men=real life

Give birth to the baby. I am terrified of all things labor and prefer to be in complete denial up until the day that things absolutely must happen. Which is why my second birthing experience being a c-section was not half bad. As Steph aptly describes it, it was pretty much like going into Starbucks, ordering your coffee and taking it home. 
But I could really do without the whole recovery from a major surgery/having my entire midsection sliced open/not being able to role over in bed by myself for 2 weeks, etc... I prefer to rip the band aid off and take the babe home like I did the first time. I am, nevertheless, terrified. 

Cleaning. Shouldn't someone else be doing this for me while I am in this condition?
Working out.  Again, shouldn't someone else be doing this for me while I am in this condition?
as proof that while I DO NOT WANT to do any of these things, I do them anyways (occasionally). And I force my children to do them with me. Look at Bernadette's form on that push up. Impressive.

Wake up. If I could I would sleep the pregnancy off, labor in my sleep, and then be holding the baby. I am barely partially kidding.

What are your least favorite activities during pregnancy??


  1. The entire pregnancy part was my least favorite. I love babies, I'm not afraid or concerned about labor and delivery (had one with an epidural and one with absolutely nothing, not that much of a difference to tell you the truth). I just hate the indigestion, aches and pains, that creepy feeling of something moving around inside of me. The worry about something going wrong. I'd just as soon have some type of alien pregnancy where you got pregnant and 24 hours later delivered the baby. Annette

  2. Yup -- pregnancy is definitely much more difficult than giving birth and taking care of the baby...

  3. I've never been pregnant (although I hope to be someday... after I'm married... to someone who was previously my boyfriend... sigh), so I can't offer much commiseration here. I can say that one of my mom's least favorite things to do while she was pregnant was pick things up from the floor that her big pregnant belly had knocked down. I, being the oldest, became Indentured Servant in Charge of Picking Things Up. I hated it, and therefore will probably subject my own children to the same someday.

  4. Well, I actually love being pregnant (besides all the backaches, heartburn ect. in 3rd tri). I don't really like working out, but I have this DVD I got that is pretty good and so at least I'm trying now. I don't like going outside during the summer because being hot makes me feel nauseous (while preg). I don't like getting up in the morning, going to bed late, waking up multiple times to pee, because I'm t-i-r-e-d. I don't like grocery shopping because it triggers cravings, usually for ice cream, donuts or anything that will cling to my thighs after I eat it. Being in a car... especially the further along I get because every bump or jostle is magnified.

    By the way, the "in my condition" phrase had me laughing... my mom recently told my boys that they shouldn't try to scare me "in my condition" I thought that was hilarious!

  5. The tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, and constant thinking of nothing except the nonstop desire to lay down and sleep. Yup, if I didn't have that, I would honestly love being pregnant. But, it doesn't work that way for me ;-) .

  6. Heartburn, second guessing diet choices (wait, how much fish can I have in a week?) and trying to cut way back on the caffeine.

  7. Just checking in from 31 weeks pregnant and can honestly say I don't enjoy any of that either. Especially the working out. Oh, and the craving of a margarita every five seconds...ugh. Why don't unborn babies appreciate a good margarita? Why???

  8. The not drinking is hard!! REading this, that makes me sound like an alcoholic! I rarely do anyway, but somehow, the NOT being able to have it makes me want it. I once made my husband order a margarita just so I could have a sip. The other thing I HATE when I am pregnant ie being hot. When I am in labor, my poor husband is wearing sweats and all manner of winter gear, even in the summer, because I have A/C in the room cranked down to sub-zero.

  9. Haha, yeah I read some things saying some people crave healthy things "suddenly" while pregnant...YEAH RIGHT maybe rare individuals! I have to remind myself to eat balanced. It doesn't come naturally. I don't eat horribly, but I just don't crave salad and the like. Chocolate chip cookies are pretty freakin' awesome.

    Also I am only 15 weeks-ish and I have already felt like I could use a cold drink. Why?? Especially in this ridiculous 100 degrees and up heat we're having here! I just want to sit at a pool and drink iced tea and margaritas. Oh yeah, wearing a bathing suit and having tons of people stare at you is also kind of awkward. Not to mention if I were drinking!