Monday, July 30, 2012

Too bitter to blog?

Perhaps, but I will try to repress my ever present frustration with THE ANGRIEST TODDLER IN THE WORLD (whose name starts with B and ends with ernadette), and with the fact that I am only just entering the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy and, well, I already feel like I have been pregnant f o r e v e r, and the fact that I feel like someone took something like one of those industrial strength leaf suckers and used it instead to suck every single ounce of energy from my body... but I will try to push those things aside and focus on some positives. You're welcome.


This weekend held many things for us at the Hahn home, among them was a much begged for trip to the history museum.
Starting to feel like your 3-year-olds aren't as smart/cultured as mine? Well, stop.
She only begs to go 70 times an hour because of the following:

From the top: Bernadette cooks fish for the 3 of us; While mother waits in tipi for her food; Naomi in a dunce cap that fits all too well; Naomi in another hat+apron; more fish cooking; a feast fit for a pregnant queen; Naomi studies; trading post; end with more fish cooking

More fun than you can handle, for real.

Next positive:
This morning the eldest tyrant in the home decided to sleep until... wait for it... SEVEN o'clock.
You have no idea how unprecedented this is, and how rested I should be feeling.

This of course meant that I had no excuse whatsoever to skip our morning exercises/walk around the block.

Which then brings me to the 3rd happy happening of the morning:  I walked for our enitre allotted amount of time WITHOUT feeling like I was going to pee my pants right there on the ground at any point (thousand exclamation points) And also meant we could stop to see the always asked for "crazy man" aka inflatable, flopping, cigarette man outside of the tobacco store near our home.
And all parties were happy, content and dry.
Have yourself a pleasant Monday.


  1. I love it. Even the bitterness. That museum is awesome. We don't have anything like that here. The girls are so cute and look like they had a blast! I am 1 trimester behind you and I give you MAJOR props for exercising! I live in Texas and have decided to start exercising in October. (maybe)

  2. Oh yeah. The two of us. Partying like the rock stars that we are.

  3. Ugh..I know the feeling. Just starting week 35 and feel like I have no energy at all, while the toddlers seem to be getting more capable and faster than the speed of know, if light wanted to drag chairs over to its closet, rip everything out of it and then go pee on the floor.

  4. I am enjoying the cigarette man =). I usually hate those floppy wind people but I actually like this one! I can see myself enjoying this as a child and currently...haha! Here is to hoping you feel miraculously more energetic soon!