Sunday, July 8, 2012

A verbal explosion

I realized last night that I have failed to update my faithful readers on Bernadette's newest developmental milestones, and I am so sorry if you have been sitting at home, barely living your life, waiting to hear all about this. Here we go.

The past 2 weeks have marked quite a change in my 21-month-old's cognitive processes, and it has been really exciting. The few weeks prior to those weeks were pretty awful- she was sleeping badly, crying allllll the time, and I really was  wondering if there hadn't been some alien abduction and switching of children, or maybe Bernadette actually had a evil twin that I had birthed, not known about and was switched out for my sweet non-evil Bernadette.

As it is, neither were the case, and there was just a whole bunch going on in her little brain that she just had no idea what to do with. Here are a few of the verbal developments we've seen in a matter of about a week.


                                           Prior to explosion                                      After explosion
"I love you"                       "Ya you"                                                  "I wuv you, mommy"

"I need bottle"                   "bawuuul!!!!!!!!!"                                    "I eed bawuul, mommy"

"Where's Naomi?"             "Nomi??!?"                                              "Nomi seepin, in bed?"

"Where's daddy?"               "Da-eeeee"                                              "Da-ee seepin, in bed?"

"No"                                    "no!"                                                        "I will never!"

"Beast is bad"                      "bees"                                                      "da beast, is a baaaad"

"Little Einsteins?"                "veee-oooo"                                            "Veinsteins!!!"

"Bite of egg?"                      "egggggggg"                                           "bite of egg, mommy?"1

I have to say I am less than excited about the development of her words of refusal, which have undoubtedly only been picked up from her older sister, who pretty much says she will "NEVER" do anything you tell her to do.

Also, I am a tad embarrassed to publicly admit my exposure of their small minds to a handful of Disney films (don't worry, nothing newer than "The Lion King"), and that Bernadette has really taken to the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast"- a little weird. She discovered the story in our book of fairy tales and will occasionally just sit on the couch, stare down the picture of the beast jumping out and scaring the crap out of Beauty, and say to the picture repeatedly "Beast is a-growlin"- also a little weird.

The recent developments have also made for more entertaining conversations between her and Naomi, since Naomi claims to always know what Berndette is saying. For instant, I just heard this little exchange:

Bernadette: "mommy, bafuum?"(is mommy in the bathroom? the only place she goes other than right here and the kitchen?)

Naomi: "yes, Bernadette, I am a great dancer! Here I will show you!"

Bernadette: "ok"

She also just figured out "conditionals." For example, if we're trying to get her to eat dinner, which she always refuses to do, I can say "do you want chocolate chips?" she will say "yes," and I can say "well, you have to eat your hot dog to get chocolate chips," and she will do it!!

And as you can tell, my fantastic mothering skills carry over to their diets as well- I'm really firing on all cylinders over here.

There, now you know way more than you ever knew you didn't want to know.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I seriously considered peeing my pants while reading...and that is pretty sad, considering I'm no longer pregnant. Your girls are hilarious...and I have to say, we have the same litmus for cinematic excellence in place in our home (nothing newer than the Lion King - progressive animation movement be damned).

    Also, um, omg how is Naomi that funny? No issues in the self esteem department in that girl.

    And finally, thank you for your kind words on my semi-confessional style blog/cry for help. And also for reassuring me, unintentionally, that 21 month old Joey is 3 meltdowns shy of frigging verbal genius. That really explains, well, everything.

  2. There is never any shame in bribing your child with chocolate (or any other favorite dessert item) to eat some dinner. If any Mom worth her salt says she never does that, she's totally lying.... ! Says this Mom of 5....!

  3. I mean I definitely ate hotdogs and chocolate chips as a child =) separately of course...but in succession. I think this is awesome I would love to see a vid of B soon, whenever you find time, haha! I bet she's really come alive in a new way!

  4. I'm a new follower via Grace's blog! Love your writing, and looking forward to reading along :)


  5. Funny, yes, but also a precious record of a very fleeting time. And don't be afraid to admit Disney movie watching! When my first child was little, I tried to fit into some kind of super-Catholic mold for a while, not allowing anything secular, because I didn't now about discernment and was afraid of doing the wrong thing. Through lots of prayer and reading and good, balanced examples, I've gotten over that.

  6. We had that same thing happen pretty recently...and now the talking does. not. stop. ever. Sigh. At least now we know what we're getting ready to say no to.