Friday, September 7, 2012

7 quickitty quicks

I) Naomi had her first day of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd yesterday. The day began oh so gloriously at 5:30 on the nose, since she just could not contain her excitement about going to "class." Since Mike and I don't plan on sending her anywhere ever except maybe an all-girls boarding school and then the convent, it was pretty monumental for us as well. And what do overly sentimental parents do when they are feeling overly sentimental? They take pictures.

II) She was so excited to leave (can you tell?), and it certainly did not seem like she had the same overly sentimental reaction as her very pregnant, emotional basket-case of a mother. I asked her later that day if she thought about me while she was there and she said:
"No, I just sat and thought about Bernadette. I didn't think about you at all" 
-single tear-
That's what I get for giving her a sibling.
III) One of my best friends from college days (and beyond) has started up her blog again, leaving me more than a little excited. She posted this fabulous idea the other day and, though I must say I am going to have to dig really deep to find the spot inside of me that enjoys arts and crafts (I don't think there is such a spot), I really want to make it, especially with Naomi starting catechesis this year. Also, if you have girls, you need to read her hilarious post about her little girl's first days at school- it's classic.

IV) Mike has been adhering to some pretty strict dieting/exercising lately and has been graciously updating me nightly of his poundage lost that *day* (why the heck to guys lose weight so fast?!?!). The timing is simply impeccable, as I have been gaining pounds on the daily. When I pointed this fact out the other night before bed, all he had to say was:
"She must increase, and I must decrease." 
I said nothing. Ok fine, I laughed. A lot. 

V) Speaking of weight loss and fitness, I was utterly impressed with Bridget's latest post about accomplishing her goal. I think she just gave birth like a couple of months ago, simply ridiculously awesome. I am hoping she will do some sort of online training for me after this babe comes.

VI) Did you see that Paige had her baby?? If you didn't, now you did. I was so thrilled to hear the gender and weight of her new baby, since I was kind of blog-stalking her everyday waiting to find out-- in the non-creepiest way, of course.

VII) We went to the zoo after Naomi's class yesterday and got really up-close and personal with some wild life:
Yes, that is a chimp staring the children down while he stuffs his face with salad. And that is Bernadette running to me out of fear for her life. I could take that chimp, for sure.

And for good measure, here is Naomi getting all up in an otter's face:
Yeah, that's right. Swim away, Otter. Swim away.

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  1. My kids were just like Naomi...they just walked right into preschool and said Bye Ma! I cried the whole way out of the school. I mean, can't they just cry one tear for me? But it means you're doing a great job that your kids feel secure and independent! So good work!

  2. Aw Naomi! That's what you get for being a good Mom and Dad and for giving her Bernadette =)...and Lucy soon! You are not the only pregnant woman who is nightly having this discussion with their husband comparing weight loss to weight gain. . . but Mike's comment wins! =)

  3. Ooooh, my Paulywog loves his Catechesis of the Good Shepherd! Our parish doesn't start CCD until later this month though and he's already like "Hey, it's Wednesday. Is it time for my class yet????"

  4. So sweet! And thanks for advertising my blog ;) And Mike's comment made me laugh out loud! It's kinda funny, Dan who has always been so skinny has actually put on a few sympathy pounds...and he is a little insecure about makes me happy. haha

  5. You may not enjoy arts and crafts, but you sure are good at them =) Did you do a post on your fabulous homemade fruits, veggies, and other grocery items that you made for Naomi's birthday?

  6. Man, male weight loss is the one thing that makes me doubt that God is both merciful AND just.

  7. Totally flattered to make the list! Thanks Ana! :)
    Dev lost something like 30 lbs while I was pregnant with Ellee. It was just plain mean.
    That picture of Bernadette and Naomi holding hands is so precious! Love it. :)

  8. My kids all LOVED Catechesis. Awesome program! We had Level 2 at our parish for awhile, but only one instructor, so it ended after a bit. Unfortunately. And I have NO disposition, genetic or otherwise, towards arts and crafts. My children are doomed to a life of nothing crafty. Ever. And sadly, I homeschool, so the poor darlings make no projects whatsoever. My friends sometimes take pity on them and invite them over for a project.