Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A very large woman rambles

I have entered the stage in pregnancy where I have become the really annoying television stereotype of all things third trimester. I do not recall ever being this annoying before, but I am sure I just blocked it out and had no method of cathartic e-venting to log the annoyance. I bet one day I will find a hidden pregnancy journal belonging to Mike where he writes things like "she cried again in the middle of the grocery store when Celine Dion's 'I'm your lady' came on the radio..." or "it's only 9 a.m. and she is already drinking a hard cider..." But seriously. I know that things won't get any easier when this baby comes, but if there is even a slight improvement on my personality or any improvement in my ability to MOVE, or if shirts would just start to cover my belly... where was I going with that? I just need to not be pregnant anymore.

I have decided to stop letting the girls watch movies unless they earn it with "good behavior stickers" which basically means they never watch movies. Which means I am going crazy and not doing the things that keep me sane anymore, like showering, blogging, not being climbed on, cooking without holding 30 pounds of clingy toddler, etc. but it is worth it since they are clearly becoming better, clearer brained, little people.

Wait that was a lie- in fact, I have never seen them be so ornery in my life as this morning while I was trying to do the huge clothing overhaul switching from spring and summer to fall and winter and shifting sizes and washing and folding and storing and stashing sickening amounts of clothing.

But at least I don't feel so guilty for plopping them in front of the TV, if only I could muster some guilt for being crazy. If only I could just realize that it would probably be preferable for the poor children to have a nice mother and watch some shows than to have to deal with the ogre of a mother I am becoming.

But for now I am sticking to my guns on the new rule.

**Mid-day update: I stuck to my guns until aprox. 2:45 p.m., what can I say? I'm a strong woman.


  1. I hate the clothing swap out with the fire of a thousand suns, and I'm not even pregnant.

  2. I felt like the worst mother ever right before I had the baby. All I did was snap at the twins and try desperately to get comfortable. At the very end of pregnancy, everyone just needs to stay on your good side and let you complain, because the last of it is...well, I'm sure you don't want any type of profanity on this blog. So I'll restrain how I was really feeling. Hang in there. You're so close!

  3. Oy, the dreaded clothing swap.
    You are hilarious though, I love reading your posts!
    I wish I could say "get better soon" but we all know pregnancy just gets "more fun" from here on out. Maybe change the rules to where YOU earn the tv stickers. You totally earned a little disney babysitting for switching all of those clothes!

  4. I like Bridget's idea, haha! Well..I must say that I am trying not to think too much about how big and uncomfortable I will feel in a few months. I know many women have gone before, and have lived to tell the tale! I won't worry much =). I do hope you have a wonderful healthy Lucy very soon!

  5. I also am hoping for an attitude adjustment when my new little one becomes an outside baby. Maybe extreme sleep deprivation will make me too tired to be cranky?
    Go Stillers! :)

  6. The worst week we've had since the twins were born was the week the computer was broken (it caught fire. Exciting) since all our movies and TV are streamed from our computer to the TV. I found out that if I don't have a TV to put the boys in front of the WILL NEVER STOP MOVING, and the week coincided nicely with the two-year-old losing his nap, and the twins cycling up their awake hours.

    All praise to Pixar and Disney, for they permit me to eat breakfast and fold laundry.

  7. I sat the kids down on Monday and solemnly told them that there would be absolutely NO television while their sisters are at preschool, since that is our homeschool time.

    At noon today they were on their second episode of Phineas and Ferb.

  8. Oh, good. It's not just my kids who are Phineas and Ferb addicts while technically being homeschooled. Sigh.

  9. New here and just scrolling through!

    I dread the seasonal clothing switch out so much (mostly because of all the many ways I might just lose it!) that I have to do it when the children are asleep. Our DVD player is no more, but since we moved and got a new provider, we have the all-preschool-all-the-time channel which they know how to turn on by themselves now. For awhile I was convinced that I'd be able to control their intake. Not so anymore--it. is. dangerous. But I guess I'm not the only one...

    And I may not be in PA anymore, but GO STEELERS!!!