Monday, November 12, 2012


Today was a day of firsts over here.
How many can we count? Let us see:
  1. First grocery trip with ALL THREE girls and it was NOT a disaster!! That might have had something to do with movie in the car, cookie immediately upon entering, plethora of blankies, water bottles, and pacifiers, trips to see the lobsters and the fish in the tanks and rides on the penny horse-- but still, not a disaster. No pictures were taken.
  2. First pair of leggings purchased by yours truly. Ever. We will see if they work as a remedy to my current situation. I will surely update you, I always do.
  3. First time little Lucy has worn jeans. I'd say she is working them. 
Pay no attention to the purple finger nail behind the baby head. 
Go Steelers!!

Right. And the most important first of the day was the first time I successfully captured a smile from tiny 4-week-old and photographer of the year over here...
Nailed it.
Seriously, how the heck can someone who so frequently photographs her progeny fail so miserably at it so often? A question better left unanswered. But you get the idea, she is smiling and I was dying.

All three girls have smiled by 4 weeks, but she is way more of a performer than her sisters, who still looked stoned in their 1 month pictures (and she's not even a full month yet).

Naomi, Bernadette and Lucy: the first 2 at 1 month, the third at 4 weeks exactly: even with the half-smirk, Lucy still wins.
 And here are the others, because I (and you if you are really honest with yourself) can't get enough.
Sneaky pirate baby says "Have a splendid Monday"


  1. and, let's not forget how nice your nails look. That's probably why she is smiling!

  2. She's so sweet! Oh my goodness...the jeans...

  3. Sneaky Pirate baby! Come to my house this instant!

  4. Hilarious photographic fail. Love it.

  5. Because if you were awesome at taking photos, you would be practically perfect in every way. :)

  6. Ok the next step with with these leggings is to wear them with comfy boots. BTW, you have some beautiful babies!

  7. So cute!! Lucy is just beautiful. With that head of hair she looks so much older than 4 weeks! Love the jeans, too. Too cute. By the way, I just went to the grocery store today with both kids, and I do used all your methods....candy upon entering (ring pops), stopping at fish tanks, and penny horse is at our store too! haha...what similar lives we lead!:) love you ana!

  8. All your babes are too precious.

    At the store I am not allowed to put Jordan in the kids seat up front, she must have free reign of the main cart section or bad things happen in public.