Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Tally

Some numbers from our morning:

number of times I packed everyone up to go to the grocery store: 1
number of times I felt like I was going to cry as I tried to get us in the van: at least 7
number of times we went to the grocery store: 0
number on the clock when I was first awoken for the day by Naomi: 5 (with 2 zeros after it)
number of times I had to put her back in bed before all of us waking at 7: 5
number of sleep deprived meltdowns from said early rising toddler: no less than 8
number of babies Naomi just told me I should have, total: 60
number of cups of coffee had by me: 4 (before 11)
number of times mother has been totaly defeated by toddlers: 36
number of times I have stared at Lucy to make myself feel better: 36 (And counting)

Transition Shmansition
Have a less chaotic Monday than us!


  1. The time change reaks havoc on my kids too. Just think it was really like 6:00 to her body...does that help??

    It didn't help me when my almost 5 year old woke up at 4:45 this morning, turned on the light and started playing with her baby brother!!!

  2. If I lived in SB I would totally bring you donuts to go with your coffee. Hope your day gets better and everyone takes really good naps!

  3. Oh gosh, nobody would judge you for splashing a little bailey's in one of those 4 cups girl...

  4. Thanks for keeping it real!
    Wishing you a calmer, restful afternoon. BTW great Sunday outfit!

  5. Yes, I don't know if its the time change or what, but we are definitely having one of those days, too! Hang in there, Ana!

  6. The time change is the kiss of death for mothers with small children. HATE.IT. But now my people are older, and sleep in, and get up and entertain themselves without adult supervision. So it gets better, I promise!!! Hang in there. Love the pics!

  7. Number of times I even attempted to get one child out of the house today: goose egg.

    You're winning even if you feel like you're not :)

  8. Drink up, girl. It's almost wine o'clock. I promise!

  9. I'm so sorry, that's too much!
    However,you look wonderful! No one would know you just had another beautiful little girl! Of course, since she's right there with you I'm sure they do know, but you don't look like it. Congratulations!

  10. Number of times I hugged my boys (5 of them!) today: lost count. I'm totally with you...the coffee, the tears, everything! When I feel overwhelmed, I just reach out and hug one of my children, and it's instant calm, i'm instantly back to center....until it happens all over again. Lovin' your blog. Keep 'em comin'!