Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Which has not happened yet. The meal, that is.

Linking up with Grace to show all you fine fellow turkey eaters what I will wear to dinner and what I wore to the park on Thanksgiving morning.

And then tons of pictures. What the heck did I do before I knew how to make a photo collage on Picasa? I don't want to know.

Mike graciously let me open one of my self-purchased Christmas presents early- the grey sweater. And, thinking ahead, I paired it with the very flowy, but not actually maternity white button down. Also--thinking ahead to the soon-to-be-eaten massive meal-- the pants do not button, they are elastic strapped (per Grace's recommendation) but also not actually maternity.

So I will be showing up at this Thanksgiving dinner in all NON MATERNITY clothing, a major feat for me.

The scarf is a DIY from way back when my sewing machine broke and I just finished sewing it today. So extra points for creating one of my outfit pieces on Thanksgiving morning. All I am making is ham and potatoes, so sewing fit in just fine.

Here's the getup sans scarf:
Sweater & Jeans: Target
Shirt: garage sale
Black flats: Target (I think) thrifted
Not pictured ear rings: Target

Too much Target? Is that possible?

Naomi and Bernadette's outfits were not noteworthy since they live in hand-me-down or thrifted jean or khaki jumpers, but Lucy was sporting her jeans again and this time with shoes. Is there anything more pointless and at the same time cuter than baby shoes? No, the answer is no.
She hated that hat.

And now for some Thanksgiving park pictures:

Naomi kept calling to Mike asking "What leaven does your God have?" and since Mike was thoroughly confused about what the heck that question meant he didn't answer. Naomi finally answered for him: "Journey and truth, that is what". She clearly has a theologian dad and a mother who lets her watch too much Alice in Wonderland, the result is just complete nonsense. 
Form the top: 1)River gazing; 2)on the seesaw; 3)with Mike bouncing them too high; 4) and what I really wore to Thanksgiving dinner.

So good times have been had by all today and there are more to come.
 Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love the outfit. And there is certainly not any such thing as too much Target. I am scoffing at the very idea! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You are making me want to run run run straight to Target you look so cute!

  3. agree with ashley on the Target.

    I am scared to Google "is Target open on t-giving" because I just feel like I deserve a stroll around the store with the kids for the hell of it.

    anyway -- you look awesome. I could never EVER pull that shirt off and you do it beautifully .... and I love that you have the maternity non-maternities. I outgrew mine .... for now. bleh.

    what a fun little morning and gorgeous weather!!! Maybe I should've made the drive!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!! thanks for participating ..... very glad I'm not a lone soldier in an echoing room.

    1. 9 PM! They are open here beginning at 9 PM! Hope you got your stroll. My favorite Sunday night activity!

  4. Love the grey sweater!!!! Love me some Target!

  5. I just bought that same grey sweater at Target. Might or might now be making an appearance in our family Christmas photo. Love it! Love how you styled it! So cute!

  6. I love that top, and the jeans! Looks like everyone had so much fun, and I can not get enough of Lucy!

  7. You look so cute! Isn't wearing non-maternity clothes the best feeling ever? Especially postpartum... there is nothing like it.

  8. What leaven does your God have?! Bahahahaha your kids. Seriously did no one else catch that? You look aaaaaamazing!

  9. I love that grey sweater, so I'm going to have to copy. I have a similar white flowy top (that I love), but I always feel like it needs to be paired with something & I think you nailed it with this outfit. Scarf is great too. Go you for being so crafty! And congrats on the all nonmaternity outfit. I remember how good that accomplishment feels.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater and agreed, No. there is nothing cuter than baby shoes. especially pink ones.

  11. I love those colors together! So freshy fresh!

  12. Your babe!!! :) What a sweety.

    I haven't come by often enough! i am not sure how I wasn't a follower yet...well, now I am.

    Cheers, lady.