Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perfect Mike

I am well aware of the fact that my dear husband is not actually perfect, but seriously, he does come close. Maureen's hilarious post got me in the mood to try to work on being a good wife but it's hard when your counterpart shows you up so frequently. I bragged up a storm about him in this post if you're interested in some deats behind why he is so spectacular, but for now here are some photos that capture for me this morning why he is so grand:
The poor picture quality does not really show you how great the house looked this morning as a result of him staying up late cleaning
 and folding laundry(there was a lot)
any mess here is mess that I have already made by 7 a.m., pathetic.
Yes folks, he is a gem, a real gem.
Most recent picture of me with him, and his mom as a bonus! It turns our that his parents are actually more tech savvy than me (that doesn't say a whole lot as I am barely past the ancient days of flip phones). This is from this past weekend's in-law visit- it was glorious.

Lastly, here is all that I can remember from his knock off of one of those "If you take a mouse to the movies" books that he made up for Bernadette last night, highlighting of course his stellar fathering skills:
"If you give a Bernadette a leg (?), she'll want some ranch to go with it (Naomi inserted the ranch part). If you give her some ranch, she'll probably want a t-bone steak so you'll have to get her one. If you give her a t-bone steak, she'll want a baked potato. When you give her a baked potato she'll start speaking with an Irish brogue..."
Here it got a little confusing and B leaned back and smacked her head on the table, but it went on for a little while after he consoled her.

I will be done bragging now, it's nauseating, I know. SO I will leave you with a picture of his sweet offspring and be done with it.
He didn't really contribute to how cute they have been this morning, but he did help make them. Good work, I think.

Monday, February 27, 2012

really just an excuse to tell you about an awesome song

early morning faces!!!
Happy Monday!!!!
Our weekend was filled with some very much enjoyed time with family- my husband's parents came in town- it was wonderful. Which is yet another excuse for my pathetic lack of blog posts. I would post pictures of the visit, but I neglected to take ANY pictures at. all. The in-laws snapped some on their i-phones, so I hope to get them to email them to me (I don't even know how to do that so it is doubtful that they will know the process).

You MUST listen to this song. Tell me what you think. While I do not condone the opening scandalous body shot in the video, just disregard it, unless you like that sort of thing and in that case, you're welcome. His voice is like butta, and I have not stopped singing it in my head since Mike showed it to me. If it were not for him, I would pretty much just listen to Christian rock. Not that that is bad, but he helps me to branch out.I am listening to it now, over and over again.

We still have not ventured out of the home for some time and are now about to take a jaunt to the Mall for the "play place" or so that I can look at the Gap for some sales. Always. (now you know the truth, Mike).

Have yourself a glorious Monday.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly story board

 When my kids get colds, they generally leave you thinking that they've probably come down with some nasty plague, or scarlet fever, something most definitely life threatening.
So we have been spending the week in almost total isolation, save for several titillating trips out to the doctor, a nasty government building and the store: and these truly were some of my weekly highlights.
 The week has also included one late night run to CVS for another humidifier...
very little house cleaning...

many visits from my counterpart from his basement office to help me in my numerous moments of desperation...
 one constantly trantuming toddler
 and another
and chex all over the floor.

so awkward
I am still here and happy, or maybe it's just the la croix, or the donuts we got at the store... Grace's recent post on surviving the craziness of 2 under 2 was super helpful too. Either way, things are looking up.  Thank you Thursday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh, the anger

I really do love them both equally, the same, more than anything in the world, but I have to say that interesting, funny, wittier-than-me, mostly-thoughtful-and-sweet-all-the-time Naomi is beating Bernadette by miles in the sweetest child department. It used to be the other way around, or maybe they just go through constant stages that I forget about because I stink.

Untitled from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.

I genuinely wondered if someone came and abducted my once sweet, good-sleeping, smiley, happy baby and replaced her with her worse, much angrier bizarro version of herself. As I said, it is probably a stage and I am mostly trying to laugh the constant screaming and 0 to 60 in under a second tantrums off. But I am not going to lie, it is hard.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Noteworthy Naomi

The other morning while Naomi and I were playing, or Naomi was playing and I was trying to inhale my never-big-enough cup of coffee as fast as possible, she gathered a bunch of wooden cookies into a bowl and excitedly walked up to me and said:
"It's your birthday mommy! Here is your birth soup!" - there was so much going through my head here...

After I got off the phone with the doctor's office yesterday Naomi started talking on her play phone and told her doctor on the other pretend line:
"I need to get some c-sections for my baby, she is very sick" - I have clearly not explained what exactly a c-section is, which has to be good, and it makes for great play conversations.

Several of her favorite phrases (mostly inserted in the correct place):
"I'm assuming that..."
"Unfortunately I..."
"I would be delighted to..."
"I am talking about a situation in which"

Today Mike went in to get her when she woke up from her nap (during her nap I found her standing on top of her dresser removing her curtain rod) He asked her about these happenings:
Mike: "Naomi, did you get on top of the dresser and take down the curtain?"
Naomi: looks away "Oh, I hear a small child calling for me, calling my name!"

The other night I was praying with her before bed and we were rapping up and she went ahead and took over, totally unprompted:
"And we ask this through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary as we pray, Hail Mary..." and she finished the prayer and I left it at that.

She is a good egg.

Here's a little video from this afternoon where you'll see a very distraught Naomi over not making it to the ball on time, or something

Untitled from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

chubby thursday

Definitely hiding from the girls right now to write a blog post about a new little addiction,
oh my, what happened here?
What happened is that I bought 2 enormous packs of these little vanilla cream filled goddesses at my local grocer and intended them to be used as more potty training bribery but now they are being used for my secret eating sessions as far away from the one I bought them for as possible so that I do not have to share.
yes this is where I am standing dipping cookies into my secret glass of milk
This is my life. A bit pathetic but oh so delicious.
Have a chubby Thursday

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Putting off working out again... so pathetic, but at least I have my priorities straight.
Here are some highlights from our V-day.
Pez dispensers and new clips

definitely brought more joy than I thought they would

for real

happiness abounds

And continues with gratuitous sugar consumption alllllll  day
 And that about sums things up.
While I think it is possible that I have never been this tired in my life, I will summon all the residual guilt from yesterday's calorie fest 2012 and try try try to do something that at least minimally resembles exercise. You have a good day,

Friday, February 10, 2012


After highlighting yesterday how difficult it can be to have children and how challenging it is, on every level, and how crazy and ornery kids are, (I realized today that that post may have made some people a bit terrified of having offspring of their own, not my intention but nevertheless a possible outcome- good thing so few people read this! Sorry if I did that though) Anyways, after all of that semi-complaining, I was in the kitchen cooking or something and all was quiet for what felt like a long time and I figured someone had spilled their drink all over and was lapping it up like a cat, but then I looked out to find this:
Reading peacefully together. The cups of hot chocolate perched in each of their laps are not hurting. Not at all.
And then the sun was out so I got to enjoy some of these fantastic smiles:
umm, she was smiling, but she just refused to look up...
And then sometimes your kids do this:

Bernadette insists on draping herself in as many layers of clothing that will stay on her sometimes, I don't know what this indicates developmentally, but it makes for some funny pictures.

And then after procrastinating all day about working out, wearing my fitness clothes all day to try to motivate myself, I finally got it together after the girls went down which is unprecedented, and did WEEK 4 of this:
I feel like an all star.

And now I wait eagerly for my parent's arrival for a fun weekend visit. Hurrah!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Like that overly dramatic title?
I think I should probably post something since I have been absent this week and we are going to be having some serious family time this weekend (soexcitedicanhardlybreathe) and I therefore will not be enjoying any extended Internet time to be sure.

You see, the reason that I haven't posted much, if anything, this week is that it has been one of those weeks where I am fairly convinced that I am the worst wife/mother/women/Christian/all around person on the face of the earth. Like a"a Pandora's box of all the secret, hateful parts - your arrogance, your spite, your condescension - has sprung open?"You've Got Mail Quote? Anyone? No? Sorry (one day I will do an entire post dedicated to that movie, it is my all time fav)

Anyways, you've had one of those weeks, right? Gosh I hope so. Or I hope not, for your sake, but I would like to think that I am not crazy.
If you haven't here are some various glimpses into the life of someone who has: 
  •  I was out for like the 3rd evening this week for another something or other I had committed to, leaving Mike at home alone. I get home, walk in the door exhausted (sure that I am the most tired person on earth and no one could have it as bad as me) announce that I am home, plop down on the couch and check my email. No kiss hello, no "how was your evening" Nope, just jerk.
  • A semi-potty trained 2--year-old finally makes it to the potty before peeing in her pants, pulls them down, does a semi-squat over the potty, misses and pees ALL over the floor, like old faithful. Instead of commending her for at least making it there and sucking up the enormous amount of urine to be cleaned, I freak out, like really freak out. Like a toddler. 
  • The primary means of communication in the house during the day has been yelling, by me. Great.
  • The one-year-old shoves a rag in the toilet and it and I yell. At the one-year-old.
  • Did I mention yelling?
  • Ok I will stop confessing, but there was more, much, much more.
 The saving grace of this week has been my rock star husband and confession this morning, probably in reverse order. So now I feel like I can blog without being a total hypocrite. I never want to blog on days when I am a jerk because I never want to give the impression that I have it even close to all together. 
Don't get me wrong. I have bad days a lot and I still post things. I guess it was more the total lack of virtue displayed by the mother who is supposed to be a good Catholic stay-at-home mom and the crushing feeling of guilt I had by the end of each day that made it impossible for me to even fake it even a little bit.

Don't worry, I am ok, everything is going great. I never discount the effect of the insane hormone component that we females are always dealing with and so I blame a lot on that. 

But overall I am just human and oh so very weak and wounded. And I take the things that are the absolute greatest gifts God has given me on earth for granted. 

How that is even possible, I do not know.
I will be done now with this rant. Have a fabulous weekend and an even better coming week!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The winner is.....

Check out her wonderful blog here, it is a daily read for me.
I am super excited to get to work on your mustard one, that is the color I have been most excited to use :) I'll get them done in the next day and send it out, if you can just send me your mailing address to littleflowerana[at]gmail dot com that would be great.

Thanks to everyone for the comment love, it's been so wonderful to get connected to so many wonderful mothers through blogging and I am glad to show my gratitude through some clip making.

I will post a little tutorial soon in case anyone feels so inclined to make yourself or your female offspring some hair flair.

Thanks again and happy Sunday!!!

$3 goodness

I was at Walmart last week shopping in their sewing section for some different fabrics for my clips when I spotted what I thought was the some positively fabulous fabric that I wanted most desperately but did not buy because the price tag was torn off. I pretty much couldn't stop thinking about this fabric and so I made up an excuse that made it so that I had to go back. I went straight to the craft section, and asked for the price on the fabric- $1.50 a yard!!! I quickly purchased a couple yards and had great plans to get home and use this tutorial posted my the lovely Grace. I know, I know, I am really overdoing it in the scarf department, but this one was going to be the BEST of all of them!
Here is the fabric- if you can't see how wonderful it is, just trust me.

Ready to sew...
But then my sewing machine broke. I thought all of my hopes and dreams for the fabric were shattered and I was seriously sad- like I almost cried I was so sad. I was not ready to face this reality so... I decided I would wear the fabric as a scarf without sewing it and no one would be the wiser, except my husband... and everyone reading this.
I had already cut the fabric into the long tube that would just need to be sewn together for the scarf, so instead of sewing it, I just used some safety pins, and voilĂ :
pretty pink scarf
 This is a DIY project that virtually anybody could do.
One day when I get my machine fixed I will actually sew it, but I don't need to wait until that day to drape myself in this luscious fabric, and I won't!

Stay tuned for the giveaway winner this evening!! (I wanted to give everybody a last minute chance.)
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rock slide

Today I woke up with my 2nd cold in 3 1/2 years of marriage. I knew that eventually all of my annoying bragging about my rock solid immune system would come and bite me in the bottom, no I didn't actually think it would. I am a bit of a baby whenever I do get sick since I never do, so I pampered myself today.
Dinner literally thrown in crock pot and fake homemade bread
Once I stopped pouting on my bed and got myself together this afternoon, I took the little tykes outside to "muck" around in the mud and rocks and what not, and mucky it was.

I also decided to finally alter the last of my thrifted men's button down shirt collection. It was the one I wanted to do the most because I can wear it under my fav mustard sweater.
And... that's about all. I am off to sleep off this plague,

Here's another pic of the cutsie hair clip I will make for you if you win my little giveaway!

It's open until Sunday, good luck!