Monday, July 30, 2012

Too bitter to blog?

Perhaps, but I will try to repress my ever present frustration with THE ANGRIEST TODDLER IN THE WORLD (whose name starts with B and ends with ernadette), and with the fact that I am only just entering the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy and, well, I already feel like I have been pregnant f o r e v e r, and the fact that I feel like someone took something like one of those industrial strength leaf suckers and used it instead to suck every single ounce of energy from my body... but I will try to push those things aside and focus on some positives. You're welcome.


This weekend held many things for us at the Hahn home, among them was a much begged for trip to the history museum.
Starting to feel like your 3-year-olds aren't as smart/cultured as mine? Well, stop.
She only begs to go 70 times an hour because of the following:

From the top: Bernadette cooks fish for the 3 of us; While mother waits in tipi for her food; Naomi in a dunce cap that fits all too well; Naomi in another hat+apron; more fish cooking; a feast fit for a pregnant queen; Naomi studies; trading post; end with more fish cooking

More fun than you can handle, for real.

Next positive:
This morning the eldest tyrant in the home decided to sleep until... wait for it... SEVEN o'clock.
You have no idea how unprecedented this is, and how rested I should be feeling.

This of course meant that I had no excuse whatsoever to skip our morning exercises/walk around the block.

Which then brings me to the 3rd happy happening of the morning:  I walked for our enitre allotted amount of time WITHOUT feeling like I was going to pee my pants right there on the ground at any point (thousand exclamation points) And also meant we could stop to see the always asked for "crazy man" aka inflatable, flopping, cigarette man outside of the tobacco store near our home.
And all parties were happy, content and dry.
Have yourself a pleasant Monday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick, boring, takes

Joining Jen and others for some quick takes to round up our week thus far.
I will warn you now, the boredom from reading may kill you.

1) One of my 2 besties here in the Bend moved far far away yesterday (I know, way to start the quick takes off on a bright note, Ana, you're the best!). But it's pretty much the main piece of news I've got for the week, and has left me only 96% down in the dumps, not too bad. I plan on writing a little homage to her at some point, but I am assuming that will require some actual thought and that it maybe shouldn't be written while fending the girls off with my feet. So, it may take a while.
I'm going to be fine

2) On that note, the interview process for a new best friend has commensed, I have written up a few criteria that I plan on sending out int he local news papers. Here are a few:
  • a cheerie disposition
  • rosie cheeks
  • be willing to play games
  • no warts
  • never cross or cruel
  • are you catching on?
3) As a result of these recent sad occurances, I have been eating away my sorrows, as well as patting myself on the back for a job well done, with these little PUPPIES. Seriously, why did it take me so long to look up a recipe for oven-less chocolate chip cookies, it is JUST LIKE EATING COOKIE DOUGH. What could be better?
Now I must give the disclaimer that I substitute every even remotely healthy ingredient in this recipe for the unhealthy variety: all I can say is if you do that you will not be disappointed. I cannot speak for the healthy form of the recipe, but I know is my gut tells me that chocolate chip cookies should never try to be healthy. the end

4) We're having some fam-a-lam come to town in a few days, which means it is time for some of my semi-annual house cleaning, which I have motivation to do only when comparing it to the motivation I have for the alternate activity of working out. There is NOTHING I want to to less than to work out. Why?

5) Um, maybe because, since it only ever rains here or is so humid that you cannot breath and are left pealing your own skin off, that makes it so that going for our little morning jaunts is no longer a possibility. This leaves me with only one other workout option here to be done in the house. Which is pretty much like throwing yourself into a lion cage every morning.

So I chose to clean.

6) I am a whopping 27 weeks pregnant now, with no belly pictures for you, because you will be utterly convinced that I have my due date wrong and am in fact a full 40. Let's just say I am somewhere between this:
And this:

So maybe next week.

7) We are celebrating the triumphant return of QUINCY THE BEE! this week. A long lost family friend/pet who has come back a larger, hairier, totally different bee. The short explanation: dead bees make excellent house pets. The link above will provide much more explanation.
I will leave you with a not-so-quick video showcasing some of the excitement on his return:

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am not a frequent Walmart goer. In fact, almost every time I go anymore I end up saying over and over and over again in my head while I search in vain for another ill-placed item "I hate Walmart, I hate Walmart....". But no matter my feelings on the illogical, frustrating set up of their store, their notoriously bad service (I speak only of OUR LOCAL Walmart here), or the fact that everyone walks at the pace of a handicap turtle right in front of you acting like they have no idea at all that anyone else is in the store trying to get groceries and not just there for their afternoon walk.

Now that I got that off my chest... regardless of my feelings about it, we simply had to head over there last week in search of some decent priced curtains to hang in the future nursery/Bernadette's room.

We entered the store and pretty much immediately came in contact with a fairly life-sized batman statue-ish thing which was being used to display Mountain Dew. Bernadette began insisting that we go over to it, and I thought it seemed harmless, so we stood in front of it for a second before I said that we must keep moving so as to get in and out of this h-hole asap.

As soon as we walked away she started demanding to go back and "SEE MAN." To which I would reply, "As soon as we're done with shopping, we'll see him one more time." To which she would reply, even louder and more urgently, "SEE MAN, SEE MAN!!" I kept responding calmly for the first 30 seconds at least, but then it started to get a little annoying. We were retrieving our 2nd or 3rd item when she shouted for the 100th time, "SEE MAN, SEE MAN!!!" and I had had it. "No Bernadette, we are not here to see a Batman statue, we are here to get groceries. We are not going back to see that man!" And, that was it.

I can usually manage meltdowns in the grocery store with my purse stash of juice/crackers/fruit snacks/pacifiers/blankies/etc., but all my efforts were in vain- this just broke her. No more promise of "SEEING THE MAN," how could she bear it? I hurried as quickly as I could through the store, purchased my items, somehow calmed her with some check-out line twizzlers--but no reunion with her beloved "MAN"--and we left. Thank God, we were done. We were slated to head to the Mall play place that day, but the trip was canceled on account of my voracious hunger and Bernadette's overly volatile emotions.

As it turns out,  the curtains stunk and we had to go back to Walmart AGAIN yesterday, and what a sweet, sweet reunion it was. Without saying a word to Bernadette about it, we walked in the store and she started immediately, "SEE MAN, SEE MAN!" I assured her that as soon as we got what we needed, we would go and see him, and, her emotions being much more in check (probably as a result of some separation from the high emotions that this relationship clearly evokes), she was ok with this deal. We retrieved some curtains (which thankfully work, so that I will be going nowhere near that store again for as long as possible), and then we stopped to see. the. man.

Oh, the JOY!!!!!!!

And the only thing that pried her away was the enormous box of fruit snacks purchased to be eaten in the car. They will probably never see each other again, but it was a match made in heaven, or at least Walmart. Same thing, right?

Monday, July 23, 2012

3 words: funnel cake balls

--> Just in case any of my super sweet, extra affirming readers think that I have gone off the deep end of worry over my weight or that I am actually really following through with the giving up of all sweets to manage my weight, fear not. I cannot and will not (unless it it’s a serious health issue or something) completely give up sweet things. I certainly do not care that much about how much weight I gain that I would forfeit such a joyous thing as sugar during such a trying time as pregnancy. I've mostly been reacting out of an irrational fear of my Doctor and not out of any extra insecurities over being too chubby. 

So when my pallet had a sudden urge to experience the glorious taste of funnel cake the other day, I gladly conceded. However, it really did not turn out to be the funnel cake experience I had in mind, but rather more of a "funnel cake ball" experience. Either way, deep fried dough+lots o'powdered sugar=happy toddlers and pregnant lady.

I found this recipe using the Google and it was pretty good.
2 issues occurred during the making that I would be aware of if you are going to give it a go:

UNO: The batter was much thicker than I thought it was going to be so when I put it in a gallon bag like it told me to (I didn't have a funnel lying around), I cut the hole waaaaaaay to big which meant that I couldn't squeeze anything smaller than a large ball of dough into the the oil. So it wasn't so much the swirly funnel cake that you expect to see, but actually just deep fried dough balls.
So: cut the hole in your bag small, or use a tiny funnel so that you can end up with something resembling this beauty to the right.

yeah, not so much
DOS: It turns out that our lone "deep skillet" that I used to fry the batter is made with that lovely black calphalon substance, which started coming off all over the deep fried goodness due to the hot hot oil. I am fine eating all sorts of foods of which I am not totally sure of the origin or meats where the cows may be fed questionable things, chickens who are given hormones and what not, but I draw the line at black substances that come off of pans which is not even edible. Once I realized this was happening I just had to be sure the balls weren't touching the bottom of the pan, but next time I will probs just use a pan not made of this questionable substance.

So in the end mother and children were content to enjoy a few deep fried dough balls a piece as the rest were thrown out half blackened by remnants of our pan. Still, we were happy.

**I feel I should let all readers know that previously talked of Dr. Mean Pants was very nice and affirming of my weight gain today, she still made sure to say I want to keep it minimal so as to not produce a mammoth baby, but still she was sweet. 

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Midnight Musings

I thought this 7 quick takes up in the middle of the night last night. Most of my better instincts are telling me not to actually post it, but I think I will just go with it and see where it takes me.

I am a terrible sleeper. How old am I, 2? No I am 27 and I just suck at sleeping, I always have. I will wake at the tiniest noise and then be awake in bed, unable to fall back asleep for hours. I also stink at napping, but we'll save that for another day, or never, whatev. So needless to say that an already bad sleeper and pregnancy, the mother of all sleep disruptions do. not. mix.

Here are some things I thouight up last night that would make my life a whole lot easier both now, while pregnant, and during non-pregnant times as well.

A bed side toilet.  I think this would be splendid, only I don't think Mike would really appreciate it. A new topic for discussion for us.

I will one-up number one and say that an at-home catheter would be even better, no need to move at all. I googled this, but I will leave out pictures for you squeamish ones. I don't know if this is even possible. Grace, can you ask Simon?


An at-home incubator. Or really, just a Relaxman. After Jen's post on scorpions and the need to be totally confined during sleep, I think I am convinced. Only I don't know how comfortable these things are or if Mike would fork out the thousands of dollars for it. But I figure we could put this down in our basement, then I would never be awoken by any child/snoring husband/air conditioner noises/etc... ever again, what else could be worth thousands of dollars I ask you? Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Middle of the night dinner buffet. It really needs to be a buffet because you never know what I want at 4 a.m., but I am almost always STARVING in the middle of the night and having to spread peanut butter on bread at that hour is just inconvenient, you know? This way the food is all ready, it's set out for me, and there are options. That is the key people, I need options. This one looks good:
I'll take it.

Some sort of contraption that flips you from side to side when you need to move would be great. Sort of like a hammock in your bed, and you press a button and it flips you to whatever side you need to go to. Yeah, I don't really know how this would ever work, it's a real stretch.

Some sort of over the bed, button activated, misting system with chloroform. Mike may be a little uncomfortable about this, but we could hang a tarp between us in case he is worried.

It would be quick and not leave me feeling droggy in the morning. Perfect!

Or I could just offer it up like any really holy person and so many great saints who voluntarily gave up sleep in the spirit of mortification... to easy. 

So,  this is just some food for thought. 
Any other ideas would be most welcome. 
Go visit Jen and others for quick takes that will undoubtedly be a much better use of your time.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tea Time

I know I promised no more grainy pictures, but I guess I lied.
The thing is that these should not be so grainy, but our camera that should be taking decent quality pictures did not do come through yesterday, so I figured I'd just give these the "antique" effect and it would look intentional anyways. 


Meet Henrietta and Georgiana.
We had a lovely tea party during a thunderstorm to make up for the fact that I promised to take them to the mall play place, but knowing my own weakness and level of hunger mixed with the plethora of delicious food court food varieties, I chose to stay home- thus not fulfilling my promise at all. Fail, but not a total fail:


There was a 3rd member of the tea party named George Fifflefaf (chosen by Naomi, but originating with her aunt, I think), but he/she was too awkward in all the pictures to be shown-- something about the large red feathered hat not fitting properly on her/his over sized head... and being too pregnant....
Naomi called us all by our tea party names for at least a full hour afterwards, so I'll call this broken promise a success.

Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a reminder

I am sure most of you read or have heard of Grace Patton's blog (if you haven't, now you have and your life just got a little bit brighter).

Grace was lovely enough to ask Mike to join her in a little series on NFP last week (an earlier contribution from Jenny @ Mama Needs Coffee can also be found here), and I figured just in case any of you fine readers missed it, you could go CHECK IT OUT as well as scope her fantastic, hilarious blog.

And this is my sorry excuse for a post today, but I'll leave you with a NON grainy picture of the man himself-- who, by the way, taught me all the ways of Picasa last night and now you will no longer have to suffer through horrid photobooth pictures. Yay!

"I honestly don't understand why you always post pictures where I look either irritated or constipated. You really need to stop."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whiny Weenie

As I approach with sheer terror my next dr. appointment, I have been putting fourth all efforts to keep the added poundage to a minimum- if only to avoid any further awkward/infuriating conversations. As a result I've been doing things like "exercising" and "having no joy in my life at all" "not eating sweets" which requires more than a little self control on my part, as well as averting my gaze from those darned McDonalds billboards slathered with delightful pictures of chocolate dipped vanilla soft served cones.
for the love of all that is good, somebody go out and eat one of these for me
This is most likely all in vain and will probably leave me utterly dejected and depressed after my upcoming visit. The plus side of that though is that I will most certainly eat my fattened sorrows away with the above treat.

As a part of my new desperate-attempt-to-not-gain-weight-routine we've been heading out for morning walks as many days of the week as we can and for as long as we can-- since it's already into the 90s by 9 a.m. and that is just yucky. We follow the walk with some hellish torture Jillian Michaels on some of the mornings.

This morning found me disciplined enough to get us the heck out the door, but I am not going to lie, I wanted to hitch a ride back to our house almost every step of the way. Here are some numbers to give you a glimpse into the fun:
  • Number of pointless sprinklers doing nothing for people's yards but hitting the innocent pregnant mother with 2 toddlers just as she passes by-- 10 (or more)
  • Number of dead birds run over-- 1
  • Number of minutes I HAD TO PEE SO BADLY-- 38
  • Number of times I needed push down as hard as possible on the handle of the double stroller to get it to go over the 1 inch bump in the side walk-- 38 appox
  • Number of braxton hicks I had to lean on the stroller for support for and breath through-- 38 approx
  • Number of decades of the rosary prayed out of desperation that I might not flip out on an whining toddler-- 2.5
  • Number of drops I actually had in my bladder after returning home and sprinting to the bathroom to expel-- 10 
  • Number of minutes I actually attempted to do any strength with Jillian-- 0
  • Number of pounds probably gained from trying not to gain weight with this undoubtedly pointless routine-- who the hell knows, probably 3
I'm not complaining or anything. Wait, yes I am. I'm just a little bitter about the sprinklers.

And because everybody loves a super grainy picture of an increasingly pregnant woman:
more legit 25 wk.pic including head And reeeaaalllly big earrings.
I promise I will figure out my picture thing soon, this is getting to be ridiculous.

Now go read something that is actually entertaining.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cling

Calling Bernadette "clingy" would be the understatement of 2012.
I have no idea what is going to happen when we introduce this new, more legitimately needy child to her and let her know that she will no longer the only one on my hip. It scares me.
see how scared I am?

I know it will be fine, I hope so. Ok I feel no confidence at all in how it will go. I can only hope that in the next 2 1/2 months she will find some pet outside that we can domesticate for her to attach herself to, or a 5th "beeka" (pink silk/plush blanket), which will top all the rest and be her new stand in mother.
notice my nervous smile?
The thing is that I have no interest in detaching her prematurely since I am super sentimental and sad about the fact that very soon she will no longer be "the baby" and that these are my last weeks of being able to give her the sort of only partially-divided attention that so longs for. (Yes the attention is divided but she seriously lucked out that she has a very non-clingy/independent older sister.)
So...  I pick her up when she asks me to, I snuggle with her as long as she wants me to, I give in almost every time she is expressing preference for me over Mike or another person, I am definitely enabling the clingy-ness.

Am I being selfish? Probably. Is this a disservice to her? I don't know, probably in some way someone could make the case that it is. But I will never have these exact moments with her again when there was no sibling younger than her outside the womb and I want to soak them up a like the little sappy sponge that I am. 

And so I say, cling on, oh clingy one, you have about 100 days of this paradise left...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Babies, Food, Pinterest, Pregnancy: Quick Takes

I'm steppin in up a notch in the realm of blogging this week.

Last night I checked my Google reader "deats and stats" or whatever it's called and it said that I am averaging 4.2 posts a week, up from 3.3!! What the heck all this .2, .3 crap is about I do not know.

So I am going to keep up that current stat by joining Jen and others for some Quick Takes this Friday.

I am positively delighted that 1) it has gotten below the 100 degree mark outside so that I can justify baking in my home without sweating everyone out and 2) that I have an occasion to bake for tomorrow morning (I've offered to host a prayer group, pretty much just so that I can bake. joking?)

Thanks to Grace's inspiration I will be making THESE at some point today. Because making cinnamon rolls may just be my very favorite thing to do in the world.

    I would really like to be known for my famous cinnamon rolls when I am an old lady, I think I am on the right track with this recipe. Also, I have been receiving subliminal messages from the baby in utero that these must be made and eaten pronto, there must be some vitamin I am lacking that is only present in maple frosting...

    I looked on Baby Center's website last night to see where the baby is developmentally and was so pleased but mostly confused to learn that she is the size of a rutabaga. Rutabaga, really?!?! You couldn't pick a vegetable/fruit that people actually eat/know what the heck it looks like? I navigated to another site that said "cauliflower", that's more like it. 


    I am 25 weeks, 2 days today. Yippee! Only 12 weeks left until I can start doing things to try to get this baby to come out.
    About to go do some "exercise" aka pregnant body flopping about with 70 lbs o'children + clunky double stroller. Face left out for your benefit, it's still too early for a head shot.
    * Picture taken with photobooth, a low enough quality photo that my blogger lets me upload it. I still haven't figured out my photo-space thing.

    I got off of Pinterest a few weeks ago in the interest of not wasting any more time on the interwebs than I already do. Also so that I would stop feeling like a less-than-adequate housewife. But I am not going to lie, I may be going through some withdraw. I just need to see some beautiful pictures of food/houses/clothes, you know. Why is that?? 

    Maybe you can convince me to get back on...

    And now this marks the 14th time I've been interrupted in the last 14 minutes trying to write this, so I am going to go ahead and be done. You're welcome.

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Adventures with Naomi

    Naomi's newest thing is to beg Mike and me to tell her some of our "best adventure stories." She plops down on her stomach with her hands under her chin (as cute and cheesy as it sounds), and asks us to tell her about anything exciting that has ever happened to us. We're trying hard to think of different things every day, and attempting to make all our of travels abroad sound like crazy adventures, but we're running out of stories to tell.

    So today, instead of Naomi begging for and getting a story from me, she decided to sit down on the floor and tell me some of her own adventures. This is how it went.

    Naomi: Mommy, would you like to hear some of *my* best adventure stories?!?!?

    Me: Um, YES, please!!

    Naomi: Ok, did you know that one time I went to college?

    Me: You did? What did you do there?

    Naomi: Yes, I did, and I worked and worked and worked, and I couldn't even come home until Monday!

    Then when I did try to come home I went to "Curb Street" [a completely made up street] but our home wasn't on Curb Street and I went farther and farther away from our home and I couldn't find you!

    Then I got chased by a huge, big, enormous bee and it stung me on the neck and I was running and running and then I called you and asked you if I could have your car to drive home.

    So you came and picked me up and gave me the car and you rode your bike home and I drove home [why am I riding my bike home?].

    Then I ran and ran into the house and slammed the door because the big, huge, enormous bee was still behind me. But we got away.

    Me: Wow. You win. That beats all of my best adventure stories.

    Naomi: Yeah

    Me: Can I go post this on my blog?

    Naomi: Yeah, sure!! Bernadette, mommy is gonna go post my adventures on her blog.

    This is pretty much word for word how this just went down.

    Now go try and have more exciting day than her, just try.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Is this thing on?

    I've run out of photo space on my blogger, which makes no sense to me and Mike is trying to help me figure it out. So in the mean time I am just going to be gracing you with some sweet graphics such as the one above, crafted by yours truly to go with my equally awesome words.

    Mike's been busting out some pretty sweet one liners recently, so I thought I'd share some with you.

    Just now, after looking at my computer screen and seeing my newly crafted graphic for "Mike Check", Mike said:
    "It makes me feel like I have to throw up"

    Earlier today on our way to a rare trip to daily Mass, I shared with Mike that my stomach was hurting. He looked down at my 6 month pregnant stomach and said:
    "After Mass we can stop by a drug store and pick up a pregnancy test"

    The other night after I was showing him something silly I had seen on the interwebs, Mike said:
    "That is the worst thing to hit the internet since Lolcats"

    Then, after informing Mike that I had no idea what "lolcats" was, he said:
    "You don't know what 'lolcats' is? What the hell's the matter with you?"

    While out on a lunch date at a brewery/pub, after looking around lost in thought, Mike said:
    "I need more tattoos. I think we can all agree about that" (he doesn't have any tatoos).

    During our anniversary date night last week, Mike was staring at one of the TV screens, then looked at me and said:
    "I'm not going to tell you that I look forward to the start of the NFL season more than I did our wedding day, because it's our anniversary, and that would be inappropriate"

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    A verbal explosion

    I realized last night that I have failed to update my faithful readers on Bernadette's newest developmental milestones, and I am so sorry if you have been sitting at home, barely living your life, waiting to hear all about this. Here we go.

    The past 2 weeks have marked quite a change in my 21-month-old's cognitive processes, and it has been really exciting. The few weeks prior to those weeks were pretty awful- she was sleeping badly, crying allllll the time, and I really was  wondering if there hadn't been some alien abduction and switching of children, or maybe Bernadette actually had a evil twin that I had birthed, not known about and was switched out for my sweet non-evil Bernadette.

    As it is, neither were the case, and there was just a whole bunch going on in her little brain that she just had no idea what to do with. Here are a few of the verbal developments we've seen in a matter of about a week.


                                               Prior to explosion                                      After explosion
    "I love you"                       "Ya you"                                                  "I wuv you, mommy"

    "I need bottle"                   "bawuuul!!!!!!!!!"                                    "I eed bawuul, mommy"

    "Where's Naomi?"             "Nomi??!?"                                              "Nomi seepin, in bed?"

    "Where's daddy?"               "Da-eeeee"                                              "Da-ee seepin, in bed?"

    "No"                                    "no!"                                                        "I will never!"

    "Beast is bad"                      "bees"                                                      "da beast, is a baaaad"

    "Little Einsteins?"                "veee-oooo"                                            "Veinsteins!!!"

    "Bite of egg?"                      "egggggggg"                                           "bite of egg, mommy?"1

    I have to say I am less than excited about the development of her words of refusal, which have undoubtedly only been picked up from her older sister, who pretty much says she will "NEVER" do anything you tell her to do.

    Also, I am a tad embarrassed to publicly admit my exposure of their small minds to a handful of Disney films (don't worry, nothing newer than "The Lion King"), and that Bernadette has really taken to the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast"- a little weird. She discovered the story in our book of fairy tales and will occasionally just sit on the couch, stare down the picture of the beast jumping out and scaring the crap out of Beauty, and say to the picture repeatedly "Beast is a-growlin"- also a little weird.

    The recent developments have also made for more entertaining conversations between her and Naomi, since Naomi claims to always know what Berndette is saying. For instant, I just heard this little exchange:

    Bernadette: "mommy, bafuum?"(is mommy in the bathroom? the only place she goes other than right here and the kitchen?)

    Naomi: "yes, Bernadette, I am a great dancer! Here I will show you!"

    Bernadette: "ok"

    She also just figured out "conditionals." For example, if we're trying to get her to eat dinner, which she always refuses to do, I can say "do you want chocolate chips?" she will say "yes," and I can say "well, you have to eat your hot dog to get chocolate chips," and she will do it!!

    And as you can tell, my fantastic mothering skills carry over to their diets as well- I'm really firing on all cylinders over here.

    There, now you know way more than you ever knew you didn't want to know.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Things I don't like to do: Pregnancy edition

    Joining the ever awesome Jen for some free complaining via 7 quick takes this blazin' Friday.
    Since I figured that you are dying to know the top 7 things I do not ever want to do while pregnant, here they are-- 7 being the one I want to do the least of all-- for your reading pleasure:

    Eat healthily. You may recall from several of my pregnancy posts that this is a struggle. It is my main struggle during the first trimester and then for the rest of the time it isn't that bad except for when I just want to plop down on the couch and enjoy a 1/2 bad of frozen chocolate chips. Then it's hard.

    Not talk about pregnancy. That is, while I am pregnant, I could sit and talk pregnancy for hours, HOURS I tell you. This is something I am not proud of and am working on since I know the rest of the world should be spared gratuitous uterine talk.

    Not drink. All I want to do is drink when I am pregnant. It always sounds good and can not always happen as it is generally frowned upon-- at least in public. And let's be honest, if there were ever a time you could use a stiff drink it is during pregnancy, especially when there are other small hellians at your feet all. day. long.
    Just enjoying a potent afternoon cocktail at 9 months pregnant. C'mon, we all know that Mad Men=real life

    Give birth to the baby. I am terrified of all things labor and prefer to be in complete denial up until the day that things absolutely must happen. Which is why my second birthing experience being a c-section was not half bad. As Steph aptly describes it, it was pretty much like going into Starbucks, ordering your coffee and taking it home. 
    But I could really do without the whole recovery from a major surgery/having my entire midsection sliced open/not being able to role over in bed by myself for 2 weeks, etc... I prefer to rip the band aid off and take the babe home like I did the first time. I am, nevertheless, terrified. 

    Cleaning. Shouldn't someone else be doing this for me while I am in this condition?
    Working out.  Again, shouldn't someone else be doing this for me while I am in this condition?
    as proof that while I DO NOT WANT to do any of these things, I do them anyways (occasionally). And I force my children to do them with me. Look at Bernadette's form on that push up. Impressive.

    Wake up. If I could I would sleep the pregnancy off, labor in my sleep, and then be holding the baby. I am barely partially kidding.

    What are your least favorite activities during pregnancy??

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Happy 4th...

    To the hottest husband in town.
     Fabulous father of 3 littles (and one in heaven)
    And probably the only reason I am sane
    You're the best.

    For how it all came to be read:

    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    Diagnosis: Marriage (part 3 of 3)

    Click for part 1 and part 2
    Junior year of college is a blur. I know it happened but only because of pictures and people telling me I lived and was happy, but overall it's been erased form my memory. I do know that Mike and I did not have any communication that year, but toward the end of the year the pieces started to fall in place for us to actually get together.

    I was super into singing throughout college: singing for Mass, singing for "Festivals of Praise" (exactly what it sounds like), for youth groups, retreats, weddings, recording with people doing backup vocals, blah blah blah. There was a friend of mine who led music for a lot of weddings/retreats and at the end of my junior year he started asking me to sing with him for lots of stuff. It was great and got us starting to hang out a bit, which carried over to the fall of my Senior year of college.

    Mike had moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, the summer going into my senior year to take a job in banking, but as luck would have it, the friend I did music with was one of Mike's long time close friends and would often invite Mike to hang out with us when he was in back in town to visit. The occasions would usually be really random ones-- like once when I was babysitting for my sister, Mike joined the friend and a few other peeps and came over for a movie, some cookies, and a little cheap whiskey.

    Another, more monumental occasion was over Thanksgiving break of my senior year when both the friend and Mike were in town to see family and they called to come and pick me up to hang out. We headed over to a friend's house pretty late at night, and Mike began his efforts to move in closer to me- literally, he sat close to me on the couch and was doing a bit more flirting than ever.

    And as luck would have it again, the friend of mine and Mike's got sick, had to go home early, and asked Mike to take me home- and of course he said YES. Mike drove me home, and we spent about 3 hours in his car talking, talking, talking... When we neared the end of the talking and I was about to go in for the night, Mike took the plunge and asked me to go out for a drink with him while he was in town. I think I almost puked up my heart when he asked me, but I was just able to keep it down long enough to say yes. We went, it was lovely, and that started it all really.

    Yeah, pretty confused...
    We kept in constant touch after he headed back to Ann Arbor, talking on the phone almost every single night, but when the time for Christmas break drew nearer my feet started to get colder (and not because I was walking in the snow without shoes). I knew that things were either going to go one direction or another with Mike, and this made me very nervous. I was quite enjoying all the attention from Mike, from that other friend who was still calling to hang out, and from other guys on campus,  so I kind of freaked out at the thought of getting into a serious relationship.

    Christmas came and Mike called to ask to take me out on a date. I said no, confusing the hell out of him and really confusing the hell out of myself. Things with the other friend dissolved and I woke up one morning toward the end of the break and realized that I had probably ruined all my chances with Mike because of the dose of crazy confused girl I had given him. I cried and cried.

    A phone call came as the Christmas break was coming to a close and it was from... MIKE!!! I was so thrilled that he had decided to call again even after I totally dissed him and the reason he was calling was even better. He had made me a mix CD for Christmas and wanted to send it to me but didn't know where to send it. I gave him the address and waited. Another week or so went by and I got another call from him asking if I had gotten the CD yet. I had not, but it led to us talking a little bit more and making me feel like maybe had not completely screwed my life up. (As I later learned, Mike had not yet sent the CD, but was calling to see if I had received it simply as a pretext for talking to me. Obviously it worked.) I eventually got the CD, listened to it, LOVED it, and called him to thank him, again leading to more conversation and more phone calls from Mike throughout the beginning of that spring semester.

    One of these phone calls went very late into the evening and proved to be very fortunate as a result of total fatigue and some over-sharing. I had decided to appologize to Mike for the "Christmas dissing" and tell him that I would like to continue to keep in touch. He was so sweet about it and went on to inform me that he was really let down by it and had actually written a song after it happened. I begged and begged and finally he put the phone on "speaker" and played it for me. It was beautiful, and even though it ended on a down note (I had ditched him at Christmas, after all), the song was all I needed to hear. I was done for. There was no going back. (In case you're curious, the song should be embedded below, or you can listen to it here.)

    After the song, things picked up even more for us by way of communication, and that spring break I decided to make a big move and drive to Ann Arbor to visit him. It was a great trip and afterward I even turned down a date from another guy saying that I was "actually seeing someone," though I would not yet call it dating. Mike came to visit on a couple other weekends and finally over Easter break we starting calling each other "boyfriend and girlfriend."

    Mike continued his job in Ann Arbor, but was at a crossroads with respect to the future. He had really hoped to go to Notre Dame for grad school and was waiting for a response to the application he had sent in early in the semester. (This is why the song says "Come to Indiana with me"--  and in the end it all ended up coming true!) He also got an offer from his banking job to transfer him to Washington D.C., where he would get promoted and get a big raise. He found out after we started "dating" that he did not get in to Notre Dame and now needed to decide whether or not to make the move to the capital of our nation, which would be pretty difficult on our relationship that had never not been long distance.

    He made the decision to quit his job and move back to Steubenville, which was basically a decision to marry me, although he did not call it that then. At the end of the summer after I had graduated, he moved from Michigan to a cute little house right near my parents' home (which would later be our first home together). He got a job writing a high school textbook while I attended grad school at the same university, and he went ahead and reapplied to Notre Dame.

    Things get pretty "boring" here since we only spent 8 short months dating before we got engaged and shortly after getting engaged he found out that he had gotten into Notre Dame's Masters program in Theology. So that's it: we got married and he swept me away to Indiana, and the rest, as they say, is history...

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    Diagnosis: Marriage (part 2 of 3)

    A few strange, fortunate occurrences

    For part 1 click here
    I would like to highlight here a few strange occurrences that never actually got me and Mike together, but always pointed me in his direction through my formative college years. We'll pick up at my college crush on cute, guitar playing, dry humored, tall, dark, romantic Mike established early my freshman year, and sort of carrying over from high school.

    Freshman year comes and goes and the fall of my sophomore year found me traveling abroad with about 100 other students from my University in a little town called Gaming, Austria. Mike had already spent his own first semester of sophomore year over there several years prior. So you can imagine my surprise when, within the first week of arriving in Gaming, I was walking with a friend and spotted none other than the Michael Hahn walking the very same Austrian pavement at the very same time as me. (He had decided to return as a Masters student to another school on the same campus). This is not an exaggeration and my good friend can corroborate my story when I tell you that when I saw him I immediately blurted out "Mike Hahn is here?!?!?! This means I am definitely going to marry him!".

    Now you might think I was just being a silly immature sophomore in college, but keep in mind that I went to a college that has an alarmingly high rate of senior couples graduating already engaged. I myself went to school in search of my own MRS degree, which I hoped to find in a nice Catholic hottie just like Mike. So this was not just talk, I saw it as a real possibility and hoped for it.

    However,  life went on and we did our own thing during our travels and apart from traveling on the same train for a short time randomly and him coming with me to my room to borrow the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" minutes before my bus was to take off for Poland, we really didn't connect while there. He was actually dating someone else by the end of his time and I was dating someone else the entire time I was there, plus I flirted with every guy I saw for fun. Again, not totally mature yet.


    The next semester rolls around and I don't see much of Mike since he was graduated and pursuing other things, although he did drop out of the Austrian program after that semester, I did not know this yet. I had joined a "household" (a Catholic sorority sort of thing) and one of our weekly commitments was a 6:45 a.m. Mass with the rest of the ladies in the household. I awoke bright and early on one particular morning for Mass from a dream that was extremely real and which I couldn't wait to relate to my buddies.

    After Mass I went to the campus cafe with a friend for coffee and sat and told her the dream. All I can tell you now is that in the dream I married Mike Hahn and it was blissfully wonderful-- I knew all the deats then and related them to the friend I was with.

    About 5 minutes later I walked over to a set of couches near a coffee table and laid down to rest until class, when I got up I looked over at the coffee table and saw a random CD resting upside down on, I walked over to pick it up. I think I almost peed my pants when it was labeled "Mike Hahn: B-Sides". I freaked out, showed my friend, insisted again that this meant we were meant to be together and pocketed the thing. I later found out from Mike that this was one of only FIVE CDS that he had recorded and given away and only to close friends and family-- I still have it in our scrapbook.

     That's all for now, stay tuned for much more tomorrow...