Wednesday, August 29, 2012

32 week alteration

I had high hopes for this pregnancy with regards to sewing.  I had seen a lot of do-it-yourself maternity clothes websites before getting pregnant and had also seen other talented folk do up some really cute maternity pieces (I hate saying "pieces", but my brain couldn't come up with a better word).

However, since pregnancy has ended up being a time of survival for me, I have just been trying to get through it. I enjoy all sorts of fabulous moments throughout, and even enjoy being pregnant at times, but for the most part when the girls are sleeping or playing happily, I am either sleeping or sitting on the couch. 

And so it is with great pride that I give you my one, lone alteration so far this pregnancy.

I found these sweet motherhood full panel XL maternity jeans this past weekend at a Goodwill 50% off-of-everything-sale and decided I would go for it.
I was just thrilled that they didn't actually fit, meaning I am not as XL as I thought I was.

I thoroughly enjoy the full panel because I feel like it helps the pants fall down less, and I also wanted another pair of skinny jeans. If I can't be skinny right now, at least my jeans can.

I wasn't sure how it would work with taking the butt/waist area in and in the end only a teeny bit of the pocket was sacrificed. I think the finished product was well worth it.

 I don't know what I am looking at, but this adequately captured the alteration, and at least someone is looking

And this one adequately captures the 32 belly picture. And veeeeeeeeery awkward leg lift. I was trying to use the leg to help hold the 30lb child.
To answer the question burning in your brains: was it actually cool enough to be wearing that outfit? NO!
But the weather has yet to cool the H down enough to catch up to my not-small-enough-to-wear-tank-tops-anymore arms, so this is what you get.

Happy 32 weeks!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy, spicy burritos and more...

First: go check out Cari's most recent edition of snapshots from a Sunday. They are fantastic, and so is her new blog look. 

We all know that I am a big fan of recipes that require very few ingredients and very little time. We all knew that, right? No?

So this new-found dinner recipe will be on the menu for the next many, many weeks to come until neither me, nor Mike, nor our plumber (what?) will tolerate another burrito being eaten in this house. Sick- sorry. Also, this is not a new recipe at all. It is a recipe for burritos, which I am sure you all already know off the top of your heads and make weekly.

But it was revolutionary for me.

Mainly because I have a husband who likes meat- a lot. And he happens to have a very pregnant, very easily nauseated wife who does not like to look at/handle/go anywhere near, let alone eat, store-bought meat right now-- I say store-bought because I would gladly eat a burger that someone else made, just not one that I made. I do not want to see the pre-cooked meat.

But Mike loves this. It is super hearty and filling, and here's the clincher: EASY.
I also really like this recipe because it uses up all the contents of all the ingredients: 8 tortillas, 1 can of beans, 1 can of tomatoes, and if you are super crazy, one block of cheese-- we were not so crazy because Mike is ever-so-rigorously fighting the battle of the bulge. SIDE NOTE: One large burrito is about 10 weight watcher points, not bad considering one is an entire meal for me.

So I give you an easy, tasty, minimal-ingredient recipe for spicy burritos. With more pictures than instructions- me likey.

  • Burrito tortillas 
  • Re-fried beans
  • Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilis 
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • White rice (not pictured)
Prepare the rice and add the can of Rotel (it is rather spicy, so I make one for the girls with just rice and no Rotel)

Spread beans on tortilla
Give a hefty scoop of rice
A generous sprinkling of cheese
Fold up and place on pan to bake @ 400 for 10-ish minutes (flip and bake for 5 more on the other side if you so desire both sides to be crispy. We do.)

While baking, head to the living room to watch your husband rolling your children into human burritos:
I did not prompt this.
And one dad burrito for good measure:
Yes, she is taking a bite of him
Then enjoy your dinner with a cold can of Icehouse- only for the classiest.

And wrap up the generous leavings for an entire. other. meal.


"Wow, this burrito is delicious, but it is filling."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fitting for a Sunday

I've read a lot of posts on taking your young children to Mass, many of which have addressed the issue of death-glaring curmudgeons who make parents of multiple tiny children--or of even one child--feel awful for bringing their loud, annoying kids into Mass. These posts have always made me feel super encouraged. Yes, it is good for me to bring my little ones to Mass even if they are slightly-to-a-lot disruptive. Yes, it is ok to do whatever I need to to get through it, even if it means camping out in the cry room, feeding them cheerios, and bribing them with treats afterward if they are good. And yes, there is grace present there even if I don't feel like there is because I am so exhausted and burned out by the end.

But I came out of Mass yester-evening in a bit of a quandary. What if I am becoming one of those grumpy curmudgeons about my OWN kids? Because I am. Really. I am more annoyed with them the entirety of the Mass than anyone else in church, this I can be sure of. I am literally sitting there wondering WHAT IS WRONG with them. They were fine before we walked into the church. They were sitting in their playroom at home playing peacefully and happily, with no tears, yelling, or weird body-squirming. But then we walk into the church, and it is like a switch is flipped in their little heads and they cannot or will not summon an ounce of the discipline/self control/obedience they had only 5 seconds before walking into that narthex.

Mike and I have talked it over a thousand times, trying to figure out what to do. The past 3 weeks we have been experimenting with the best time to go to Mass. We usually go to the 11 a.m. Mass, but things were getting worse and worse, so we tried the 9 a.m. last week. No better. Last night we did the 4:30 p.m. vigil Mass. That one was the worst of all. I leave almost every single Mass these days with a migraine and pining for a stiff drink. (This, by the way, was the only reason the Vigil Mass was better: it was acceptable to have a drink afterward.)

The only conclusion I have come to is that our expectations are just too high, and that it's probably time to begrudgingly accept that good kids sometimes act like rabid lemurs. Maybe all of us going to Mass together just isn't in the cards right now- or ever when we have kids this age and I am 7 months pregnant. Going to Mass by myself is physically hard right now. I chalk it up to the prolonged sitting/standing/kneeling with a nice splash of tons of crazy Toni Braxton Hicks contractions and the baby always going nuts on my bladder for the entirety of the liturgy- yeah that's probably it. The addition of a 3- and 1- year-old both cimbing back and fourth over my almost nonexistent lap the whole time and generally needing to be picked up multiple times does not help. Oh, and I am a selfish wimp of a baby and just want to sit and be comfortable.

We've gone through spurts where it is really good and going very well, and because of that we always tell ourselves during these tough times that it will surely get better. I am starting to doubt that it will get better at all right now, at least until we have an older child to help us with the younger one- so for like 5 more years. Looking back, I feel like from the first pre-Mass picture of this post to the last it has gotten progressively worse. and worse. and worse. So either I have regressed massively on the patience and virtue scale (a very likely possibility) or it just takes a reallly reallllly long time to get any better, especially while we are only adding additional totally dependent children to the mix right now.

Personally, I think parishes should just have a rent-a-teenager station at the back of each church before Mass. We would pay them in food after Mass if they would just sit with us and help us for that hour. Just sayin'.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Saturday Morning Rescue

Filling in the weekend blog gap this morning with the most pointless of all posts ever in the history of all things.

We were having a pretty typical morning here at the Hahn home: wake up way too early with Bernadette, make her lay with me for way longer than she wants, finally drag myself out of bed to get coffee, make everyone breakfast, force them to eat it, turn on a 20 min video to give myself a brief spell to pull it together, shower etc.

But then this morning I felt something that I haven't in a while: motivation. I started exercising a teeny tiny bit again around 20 weeks and decided to make it a goal to do at least 5 minutes of Jillian Psycho Michaels a day until the end of pregnancy. That is the main workout that got me back in shape after Bernadette was born and I figure since we can't afford any other form of physical recreation for me (other DVDs, the gym, babysitter so I can run), then this would also need to be the means of losing baby weight after this baby is born.

Cue totally pointless picture to break up the text. 

The problem with this plan is that Jillian is physically shocking to do if you have never done it before or if you take a nice 9 month long break from her like I was starting to do. So I thought that if I kept her in my life even for just 5 minutes a day she would be less shocking when I got around to working out again post 3rd baby.

That goal went down the drain very quickly with the combonation of being pregnant and her being the worst, most annoying thing to look at daily especially when you are just continuing to gain gain gain wieght. At least if she is helping you lose weight, the results make it worth your while. So some time ago I decided that I didn't care and would not be inviting her into my days until after this baby is out.

The end.

You wish.

This morning I had a sudden urge to do some strength with Jillian.
I am sorry, who the hell has that sudden urge, ever? SO I suited up in my tightest, least flattering work out gear ever, grabbed the old lap top only to realize that the DVD was not in my computer, where it lives. It doesn't go anywhere else.

Where, oh where, could it have gone? Well then I realized that I had thrown out a random paper CD case yesterday while cleaning the kitchen. "Why would Jillian be in that case", I thought to myself. Some time ago I put that random CD in my computer to rip it and put Jillian in the case with the intention of putting her back into my computer right after I ripped it.

But then I forgot. And I threw her away. Up I ran to my garbage can to rummage through and find her. I saw the case, completely soiled with day-old-coffee grounds and other unmentionable liquids, I reached into the case and gingerly grabbed the disk out, which had oh-so-fortunately been unsoiled by the liquids.

Here is a triumphant picture immediately following the finding:
I can feel your excitement from getting to see an early morning, makeup-less, messy hair picture of me. I am glad you like it.
Then I sat down, put the DVD in my computer and decided to document the story instead of actually doing the workout. Maybe later, I don't know. That is how Jillian would have wanted it.

Moral of this story: Jillian will never let you get away from her.  
And you can blog about virtually anything.

Have a better Saturday than you are having (it can't be going very well if you just read all of this)

Friday, August 24, 2012

7 whiny takes

I got a few comments after my annoyingly positive post urging me not to change the feel of my blog. And after yesterday and this morning, well, you need not fear faithful readers.

So I give you 7 whiny takes, all before 10 a.m., with waaaaaay too many life deats and pictures all on the back end.

1) Yesterday was pretty bad, I can't quite put into words why, but I think it had something to do with crushing back pain, and the feeling that I was trapped inside a airtight box filled with small people yelling at me to get them things, smashing my lungs and other vital organs, and kicking my bladder. It wasn't until Mike came up from work and perceptively surmised from me yelling "I'm done!" at him and him proceeding to take the girls for a 30 minute walk to give me a break that things felt like they weren't actually going to kill me.

2) I got to bed on time hoping to catch up on sleep to ease the discouragement I was feeling only to be awoken at 5 on the nose by the in utero babe karate chopping my bladder demanding that I empty it immediately and give her some more frickin room.

3) When I walked into the hall, there was a small child laying there. And by small I mean a child weighing at least 50 lbs who was fast asleep and needed me to pick her dead weight up and place it in bed. This did not make the inutero child happy since I had not yet emptied the bladder and was now crushing her with the 50lb ex-utero toddler. Then I emptied it, laid back down and she was appeased.

4) After laying awake for a while, the other toddler of the house awoke at 6:30 and I forced her to lay with me until after 7 when the older one who had been wandering around the house for some time finally came and dragged us from the bed.

5) I clothed them and myself, threw our tired selves into the van, and found sanctuary at a nearby over-priced grocery store with a cafe+starbucks.
Where donuts were purchased strong coffee was inhaled faster than is probably natural.

6) And small children were fed copious amounts of sugar and gratuitous amounts of pictures were taken on my phone.

7) Now it is 10 a.m., the coffee and sugar have worn off, and there is a party of small animals and children dressed like adults playing at my side.
But at least you got to see that much of my leg before lunch-- let's focus on the good things here. 

For more got see Jen

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of those days

Ha! You thought you were about to read another annoying, whiny post that I am all too known for. But you were wrong. I wanted to throw you off my scent with a misleading title because I am tricky like that.

Nope, this day has been good, and I feel the need to say so via the interwebs. Mostly because I feel like all I do is complain. ALL. THE. TIME. That is, to be honest, one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place. Well, not only to complain, but to be able to put on virtual paper the really trying parts of motherhood and wifehood, and attempt to make them humorous, thereby making them feel less crushing. It works, really.

But then I reach a point where I pull up the old blog and it is literally post after post of complaining, trying to be funny about it, barely succeeding, and that's it.
**This is not to say that this will not continue to be the general trend of the blog, because it will**.

But I just wanted to mix it up today with some basking in the good stuff. The very simple good stuff.

Like meeting a friend at the zoo and then heading to the library to stock up on a big lot of books-on-tape/cd-- consequently leading to hours of quiet self-entertainment on the girls' part all afternoon.

on the cherished miniature zoo benches

And the fact that after a long time of waiting for the girls to be best buds who like each other more than they like me, and like to be around each other much more than having me around- it has happened with consistency and it is glorious. They laugh, they play, they have ridiculous, confusing conversations, and then they laugh some more and it is perfect.

mitten dancin', what else?

Also, Mike and I have started moving Bernadette to another room in the middle of the night so that they sleep until the non-nauseatingly early hour of 6:30 instead of 5 a.m. but they still get to fall asleep in the same room-- everybody wins. For now.

And so it is all peaceful, happy, and I even still like being pregnant. Who knew that was even possible? Not me. But I will take it.

Last and not even close to least, Grace's announcement made me more happy than I am sure is actually normal or natural- but still another happy part of a happy day.

Ok, you can stop wanting to throw up a little in your mouth as I am done gushing over nothing. I just had to note some good things, otherwise the kids will end up being all too confused about why I did not end up needing to be institutionalized, provided that miraculously doesn't happen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best meatballs ever

There are 2 things in life that, if nothing else, I want to be remembered for when I die, and which I have been striving to perfect since getting married: my dynamite cinnamon roll making, and (as of the past year or so) my perfect meatballs. Perhaps it is because I grew up in the Ohio Valley, where declining to eat an old lady's homemade meatballs is akin to cutting off her pinky toes or sacrificing her firstborn (ahem, Grandma Homol), or maybe it is because I don't have any teeth but sweet ones and could sit and feast on pans of cinnamon rolls all day every day if you let me. I say it is a combination of both.

Either way, both of these things have become part of my life's passion and tonight, folks-- well tonight I really made some headway in the meatball department. This recipe, by none other than the Pioneer woman, has been my starting point with the cinnamon rolls, and so far I am sticking with it, but it wasn't until a little epiphany that I had pre-dinner tonight that I really figured out the right direction to go with my meatballs.

You didn't think anyone could care this much about meatballs, did you? I just blew your mind.

I was all set to make my standard meatball concoction combining the usual ingredients: bread crumbs, egg, brown sugar, other stuff, when it hit me: RICOTTA CHEESE. I had half of a container left in my fridge and realized I needed to google this immediately to see if anyone had ever thought if it before. Of course they had. I used THIS recipe to get me started and then I ran free like a naked baby outdoors.

Here's the recipe I ended up with when it was all said and done (why I am telling you my recipe I don't know since now it will never be my secret meatball recipe, but I when I am 80 I am sure I will not care, or even remember that I kept this silly blog. Plus I like you):

  • 2 tsp garlic, minced
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese
  • 2 tbsp parsley
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pound ground beef (90% lean)
  • 3/4 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 1 (28-oz) jar prepared marinara sauce
  • 2-3 tbsp brown sugar  
Combine all the ingredients from garlic to breadcrumbs, mash them around with your hands, roll them into balls, put them on a greesed up pan and bake them for 15 minutes @ 350.

Put them on the stove in a pot, pour the marinara sauce over them combining with the rest of the brown sugar and let them simmer in the sauce for 20-30 minutes until cooked through. Serve with pasta of your choice.

I think my favorite part of all of this is the brown sugar- it really does wonders. That and the ricotta cheese- it pretty much knocked me on my bum.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Out of the mouth of Naomi

Sometimes Naomi makes me crazy, but for the most part she just makes me laugh.

In response to saying that she needs to go to the Dr. for a check up she said: "No, no, I have been feeling fine! But, sometimes my knee gets all muddy and bitter and then I get a sunburn."

Gosh, I hate that.

We were chatting post-naps the other day and she said: "Mom, I saw a picture of batman in line at the coffee shop! I could look at the red box when we go to the store and we could get it. Ok?"

She really has no idea who Batman is.

Naomi and her BFF, James. Definitely some sort of future there.

And the other day after hitting me with a little stuffed ball and saying "hey!" to get my attention, I asked her not to hit. She said: "I'm not hitting you, I'm just beating you"


Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick ones

1: I was all set not to do a quick takes because I was sitting peacefully on the couch eating hummus with my eldest, but then I thought of my streak of not missing them for the past several weeks and decided to wipe the hummus off of my face and get it the heck together.

2: Here's a photo I snapped post-hummus eating, a more legit 30 week pregnancy picture, sans brown sweat-shorts (sorry gentlemen)
always-there glasses glare
3: Have you ever had cinnamon chips? They are my FAVorite thing to bake with in the fall (I know it is not yet fall, but it is starting to feel like it and a large, hot pregnant lady can dream). They go perfectly with pumpkin and are just delish. So once I'm done here I'll be off to make some oatmeal cinnamon chip cookies, because I LOVE this weather and I LOVE cinnamon chips. Has there ever been a more pointless Quick Take? No.

4: Mike's been very sweetly building super-awesome Duplo "castles" with the girls. He was really confused when I told him how sweet it was that he was building with them the other day-- because he is mostly building them because he enjoys it. When he was done building this one, this is what he said:
"Honestly, it's the color coordination that I'm most impressed with. That and the feat of engineering that it represents."

5: There is a baby next door crying that I keep thinking is Bernadette waking from her nap- it is really wigging me out, especially since a baby does not actually live there (I think it's their grandson, let's hope). I just needed to waste another take.

6: The small, sleep-stealing females were up once again at 5:30 on the nose today. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who gave me advice and encouragement yesterday; I am going to go ahead and stick it out because they love being together and they stay in the room. Loudly. But they stay there.

7: I must bake- no more pointless life details for you today, you're welcome.

Hit up Jen for more!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Because you care

After a few pleas on the part of the 2 tiny females and me facing the fact that Bernadette is no longer that much better of a sleeper than her older bosom buddy, I decided to cave and have the girls start to share a room.

This was morning #2 and the outcome was a 7:30 a.m. run to get donuts for the girls and a much larger, much stronger coffee for the mother who has been awakened at the unholy hour of 5:30 for the second. morning. in a row. This is after at least 4 middle of the night trips to empty my bladder of the 3 drops that are in it and the girls keeping each other up much later laughing and talking. Which basically transforms me into a twitching ball of anger, and them into cranky, sleepy messes, unless placated by some Starbucks and a couple donut holes. So we're ok, for now.

But for real, I don't know if I could keep this up if they don't start sleeping longer.
My hypothesis is that they both wake up that early in general and then go back to sleep until about 6:30, but since they are in the room together they're all excited and just HAVE to get up and start talking and wake their otherwise slumbering mother. 

I think I can hold out hope that the novelty of sleeping just feet from each other will soon ware off and the knowledge that if they do not sleep later, their mother turns into an over-sized angry sloth will soon set in for them and make them sleep later. Also, them sleeping in the same room is most certainly not doing their day time relationship any favors since they are both exhausted from sleep loss and therefore constantly biting each others' heads off all day.

 I realize these pictures are not a convincing depiction of their sleep deprived state, you will just have to trust me
Worth it or not? What say you, oh plethora of more experienced, holier and more patient mothers than myself? I am currently listening to a screaming 2-year-old and thinking that it is not, but I can bite the bullet if you tell me it will get better.

Until then, I have been staring at my "treat receipt" from the Bucks, seriously considering going back this afternoon for my discounted drink. They really know how to reel in the sleep deprived SAHM- kudos on the technique there, starbucks.

30 weeks today and looking like I feel. you like those brown sweat-shorts, don't you? they are the secret to feel sexy.

If you listened to all this gratuitous rambling, you deserve a delicious coffee drink, so go get one and have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It had been a couple of years since I had seen my good friend Sarah from college days, but it felt like no time had passed at all since then as we hung out the past couple of days. Except, of course, for the children that we have borne since college days running around us like a herd of wild prairie dogs-- yeah, there was that.

It was such a great visit, and I am left feeling super grateful for such good, lasting friendships formed during those college days.

Sarah and I traveled together in Austria, a trip I may have mentioned in a post or 2 before.

We bonded pretty much immediately over there and spent many days and nights drinking wine, eating Nutella and whatever we could find to dip in it, and dancing. Sarah and I did quite a few loner dance parties in our day, meaning we blared music in our rooms and danced to our hearts' content. And took videos.

Not at all in chronological order, top to bottom: meeting after I had my first babe and she was about to; at my wedding; in college, drinking wine, what else?; at her wedding

After traveling abroad, we lived together for the remaining two years of college: the fun just did not stop.

I love this friend and so wish we lived next door so we could drink even more wine, and DANCE. Or talk, whatever. We've gotten to see a bit of each other since the good ol' days, but it is never enough.

And here are some most recent pics, embarrassingly the only ones that I snapped:

Good times had by children with play dough (shout-out to Alexandra for the hook-up!)

And the mothers (plus proof that I did not eat Sarah)

Also, a little shameless plug here for Sarah's husband's business: He blogs over at, is an amazing photographer (so is she!!) and you should go CHECK HIM OUT.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Mike Check

Hope you're all doing just fine this wonderful Monday. I have been graced with some much-welcome company: one of my bffs from college came to the Bend with her 2 boys, and we are trying to show them a fun time, or as much fun as you can have in the rain, with 4 toddlers (soooo just drinking wine and coffee and talking). Therefore I have decided to leave you with a few funny one-liners from Mike, since I should be with my buddy and not blogging.

"Wait, what are doing? Why are you taking my picture?"
While getting ready for bed last night, Mike, who has been bummed that he is allegedly getting chubby, and who has thus embarked on a strict regimen of diet and exercise, turned to me and faux-overconfidently said: "Hey, when you go to do laundry next... you should use the wash board" (pointing to his stomach "muscles").

While making our bed the other day, we both looked at our white-turned-yellowish-brown duvet cover and were commenting on how terrible it looks. Mike said, "I just want to say how very sorry I am that I pushed for getting the white cover, said Ana to Mike."

On Friday, after my boost in blog traffic, I was complaining to Mike that I really did not want to make dinner that night. Mike said, "Don't worry about it, if we get hungry we'll just subsist on Jen Fulwiler's affirmation."

After telling him I was doing another "Mike Check" with the above quotes, Mike said "I'm not sure those are funny enough, you better not dilute my brand"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to my regularly scheduled program...

of good old fashioned child rearing.

After a day off of mothering, spent mostly with adults, a long car drive with no one to take care of but myself, no one to feed but myself, going to the bathroom alone, having uninterrupted conversations, listening to whatever music I want to in the car with the windows down and singing as loudly as I want without being asked to be quiet by a 3-year-old-- I am back to the grind.

But not without a few pictures to prove that I did, in fact, abandon my post here at Casa de Crazy.
Cutest shower spread I have ever seen, complete with creepy, but very crafty, melon head baby in fruit bowl

Look at those cupcakes- best ever

Me, my non-pregnant sister, and the lady of honor.
It was super lovely and I really wished I could have stayed longer- I think Milwaukee may be one of my favorite cities to visit ever. Plus I have a bit of a family crush on my sister-in-law's family and I could spend hours and hours with them, they're pretty fly.

So in conclusion: Mike is the best for keeping the girls all day.

Friday, August 10, 2012

7 more

First: A big, huge, grand, enormous, THANKS to Jen for her unbelievably sweet mention of my small potatoes blog in her Quick Takes today. I'm not going to lie, I am still smiling over it-- I think the girls are wondering if aliens came and abducted their real mother replacing her with a fake, happy, mother: I kid, I kid.

Second: I am kind of jumping out of my skin with excitement over an upcoming kidless day trip to Milwaukee to see my brother and sister-in-law: they are expecting in a month and will be going up to attend her baby shower. I am very proud of keeping up a teeny tiny bit with sewing and making said sister-in-law one of my homemade nursing covers. Nothing says "Congratulations on your new baby!" like an over-sized bib to "Cover those things up!"

Third: Plus I get to pick up my little sister on the way who just got a job outside of Chi-town and so now lives a mere 2 hours away from me. Best ever.
Skinny days with ugly Christmas sweater and sissy Chrissy who now lives close to me (she's the one in the middle)

Fourth: I am very lucky to have a husband who is in school and so works from home almost every single day and will come upstairs to save me from impending insanity when need be. Therefore I feel a leeedle bit guilty for leaving him with the crazies cuties to gallivant all over Illinois and Wisconsin with my sister. Best. Husband. Ever.
trusty, always used couples picture! OMG!

Fifth: I made these cookies yesterday, cutting the recipe in half and only using butter and dark brown sugar instead of regular. They were the very best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted. In my life. Promise. Make them. Now.
not my picture, but it sure makes you want to make some doesn't it? doesn't it?

Sixth: We have taken to AWESOME fort making here during these rainy days. This is the view from my perch as I type.
Yeah, I am pretty good.
Seventh: My children are loud and crazy and I need to be done. The end, peace out.
 Go see Jen for more!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

stress blogging

Has to be better than stress eating, right? Because I just got done inhaling a bagel and 3 tablespoons of chocolate chip cookie dough, only to realize that it is not helping. Oh, please, dearest blog, bring some sweet relief.

Once again, Simcha has read my soul- or rather I think she has been peeking through my window throughout the day and went ahead and wrote a little post of validation so that I will not give in to the little crazy calling my name ("Mommy?" "Mommy?" "Mommy!" "Mommy?" "Mommy!" "Mommyyyyy!!" ad infinitum). If you don't have kids or have an insane toddler yanking on your leg demanding that you "pick-a-up" NOW OR SHE WILL DIE like I currently do, this is the gist: the stage in parenting when you have only little-ones who are completely dependent on you is the hardest and once you've got older ones to help it gets easier.

Certainly, if you are in the tough stage with small kids, read it, it is great.

Bernadette has hit and I mean HIT the "terrible twos." I know, I know, it's so negative to call them "terrible," let's try something more positive like "temporary" or "testing." But seriously, I have never seen a child more aptly embody all that is "terrible" about the age (nor did I know that it was physically possible for a 28 pound little person to overpower both a 27-year-old woman and almost overpower 29-year-old man with her insane back-arching out of your arms, flailing, kicking and even biting during a tantrum). All this is true, and I have seen it for myself. And, yes, it is terrible.

Naomi woke up at 5:30 today and then proceeded to go into Bernadette's room well before I would've, to greet her for the day. This led to an endless string of meltdowns caused by total fatigue-- more pathetic than you could handle, for realz. And I had to take away her (and my) one source of salvation (an afternoon viewing of Dumbo) because even after many solicitations not to go into my room and break the porcelain Nativity set (don't ask why it is out), she did it anyways. And there is no one else around to help.

In short, it felt good to have the validation this morning that this, in fact, is one of the hardest seasons of parenting. And that yes, other mothers feel like they may be on verge of going nuts, but it didn't help with the fact that this feels like the longest freakin' season and that it might never end. Also, although I noticed that Simcha didn't offer to send one of her teenagers to any desperate mothers seeking help one, I still may write to ask for one.

So for now I will keep on keepin' on, aka, keep on eating: I have eaten 2 chocolate chip cookies just while writing this and have officially smeared melted chocolate chip all over my keyboard.

Pray for my sanity.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Toddlers talk

We spent the better part of the morning on a really important Target trip, on the way home from which Bernadette threw the loooooooooooooooooooooongest tantrum ever. The said toddler finally calmed down and disappeared for a much desired quiet spurt. I asked Naomi where Bernadette was since they had previously been playing together.

Naomi said: "She is playing in your purse"
Me: "Well that is not ok, are you sure she is playing in my purse?"
Naomi: "Well, it may be that she is doing some very important work in your purse..."
Me: "I don't think that is possible"
Naomi: (planting her hands firmly on my shoulders, looking intensely into my eyes): "Can you just trust me?"
 Me: (after I stopped laughing) "No"
 We then went to find Bernadette playing in my purse.

 And now Bernadette keeps on talking about putting tiny babies in microwaves. Great.