Friday, September 28, 2012

Better Late Quick Takes

I was on track to not linking up with my fellow quick-takers this Friday, but I just like Jen too much, so here are some very late, relatively quick takes:

1) I know no one cares as much as I do that I am getting close to having this baby, and since I just can't quite come up with anything as interesting than baby talk to talk about in the old blog, I've just come to a blogging halt. I will try to keep this baby-talk free, but I cannot make any promises.

2) I kind of feel like this baby is going to fall out. Literally, when I am walking, or if I sneeze or cough or anything, it just feels like she is going to fall right out. You just got TMIed.
Ok that's all. I am done, no more baby talk. Or at least I will not type the word "baby" anymore.

3) I have been on a serious rampage with nesting. It is kind of like the movie 28 days later after the people get infected and they just go crazy trying to eat other people. Except I am just trying to clean everything. Mike called me a "hurricane of organization" tonight. I took it as the best compliment ever.

That's me in the background on fire. I don't want to eat him, just put some stain stick on those scrubs!

4) I am super excited to join Cari and many others tomorrow for the Virtual 5k. I am hoping it will induce something of which I will not speak. I am sure it won't, but I can dream.

5) Speaking of trying to induce things of which I will not speak. I decided to take it upon myself today to load a twin sized bed and box spring on to the top of our van to take to Goodwill- I am sure it made for terrific afternoon entertainment for the neighbors. Mike was going to do it tomorrow, but I went all zombi-killer-nester on him and decided it HAD to be done this afternoon so the soon-to-be nursery could be freed of the monstrosity cluttering it. It is now free and I will sleep tonight. Not longer than 2 consecutive hours at a time. But still, I will sleep.

6) Linking to Cari twice in one quick takes. Sorry, Cari, I am just creepy. But I am super excited to do another round of her Snapshots this Sunday. Be sure to check in out on Monday.

7) I cannot believe I got from 3-7 without using the B-Word. I am going to go reward myself with the 3 remaining EL Fudge cookies in the cupboard and then hit the sack. Here's to the latest (and perhaps lamest) quick takes I have ever done!! 

And a totally unrelated picture because I hate picture-less posts.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gestation Station

I used to think that "nesting" did not exist, or that if it did, it was not a phenomenon that ever came close to me. I think I was just lazy. I am still lazy, but I cannot fight the urge anymore. So I guess I've changed my mind.

The great thing about it is that there is always something else to do. Every little stupid thing that I always said didn't matter to me to do around the house matters now and I must do it, or at least I know it is there to do in the next few weeks. Magic erasers are the best ever.  Organizing is like crack for the great with child.

Nesting never ceases to let me down. I think this will only last until the baby gets here and then I will start to see all my hard work fall apart before my no-longer-nesting sleep deprived eyes.

So that is my excuse for not blogging all week, that and trying to be a great good decent mother to the girls and feeling all emotional that it isn't going to just be the three of us home all day anymore.

On a good, related note, I asked Bernadette today if she was ready now for baby Lucy to come out-- her previous response had always been "no"-- and she finally replied with an excited "yes".

So with that, here are some pumpkin pictures.

Oh Naomi.

I have even fulfilled my pumpkin carving duties in the spirit of nesting.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I may have mentioned before that I have 2 little girls- if you missed that now you are all caught up.

I also may have mentioned before that I sometimes a lot of the time let my girls watch movies and listen to gratuitous amounts of books on tape. We also read a lot of fairy tale books. So now you're caught up there, too.

Also, they're precocious, and mixed in with this, both girls have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. There is no way they got that from me. Honest.

Bernadette is still developing her extensive verbal skills, so for this post, I will just focus on some real gems I've heard Naomi say in the past few weeks, which gems exhibit this flair most aptly.

Exhibit A:

We woke up at our regular early hour one morning and went into the play room, where I laid on the couch to get a few more minutes of shut eye before Bernadette woke up (you know, because I'm a good mom). Sitting down to play, Naomi picked up a toy dog and immediately jumped into character, narrating some sort of scene betweeen that dog and another animal.

I went ahead and opened my eyes when I heard her say:

"'No,' said the dog, in an indignant sort of way..."

"Did you just say indignant?" I asked. To which she replied that she had. Then she went ahead and cited the various books and movies where she'd heard it, as if that alone might account for why she, a mere three-year-old, was correctly using the word.


Next exhibit:

While driving in the car Naomi was having a conversation with herself, as she is often wont to do. And again, my ears perked up when I heard her say:

"It was awful! They ruined all of my best laid plans!"
 I didn't even ask about this one. Sometimes it's better not to.


And another:
Naomi and Bernadette were engaging in a round of pretend fairyland play, a very normal thing here. I walked passed their room where Naomi was laying on the floor with her eyes closed, but still shouting to her sister:


Obviously she's seen a few princess films. I don't know if Bernadette yielded to her sister's wishes.

Last exhibit, before Bernadette starts to feel slighted:

This morning as I was getting some things done downstairs and the girls were off in their pretend worlds playing, I heard Naomi say (in her most dramatic voice):

"No! Please! Let mercy take the place of justice!"

I could not contain the volume of my laughter at this one, so she repeated it quite a few more times for her mother's enjoyment- she's a bit of a ham.

Friday, September 21, 2012

7 quick takes: confinement edition

Thank you, Jen, for providing me an opportunity to have my whiny voice heard, yet again, in link up fashion. I am very pregnant.
Here it goes:

1) I am of the opinion that all women in the late stages of pregnancy deserve to have a period of confinement. They used to do that back in the day right? I know they mention in Little Women (the Hollywood rendition, of course). But seriously, I have pretty much decided that I am going into confinement and am all but cutting myself off from society, for society's sake, until this baby makes an appearance. I went ahead and walked out on the porch yesterday and yelled as loudly as I could "I DECLARE CONFINEMENT!!" Our neighbors looked super confused, but also oddly peaceful, and they still waved and nodded, so I took that as all the validation I need. I am out.

2) You see, I am not one of those pregnant women whose "shirts still fit them when they still have 5 more weeks til their due date", or one who "doesn't sweat profusely when she walks up the lone step from the play room into the kitchen". Nor am I the type who can "hold her bladder stream when 5 pounds of baby and even more of uterus and placenta are weighing down on it and who won't just pee her pants right there in the store" or the type who "chooses to offer discomforts up instead of complain about them". Honestly you could insert most of what Chris Farley says in the below video into my scare quotes and they could apply to me. So it is for the good of everyone that I go away.

3) I have completed most of the tasks one is supposed to complete before a baby arrives, and now that the adorable bassinet is all assembled and mocking me night and day, I have nothing left to do but birth.

4) Therefore "Operation Get The Baby Out" has already commenced. All that it means currently is loading up on some good old fashion Evening Primrose oil, which is super gentle and probably doesn't do anything anyways, but it makes me feel good about myself and my cervix. But rest assured that the moment I am "full term" every natural induction method that is safe/not harsh/obviously non-invasive will be put into practice. It may be that none of them work, but no one, and I mean no one will be able to say I didn't give it my all.

5) I feel really good about it, because they baby has sent me lots of casual, even subliminal messages that she is good and ready to come out. That is, if by subliminal messages you mean kicking my side so hard that I had to check to make sure she hadn't escaped.

6) I will spare you one.

7) To end on a happy note, a special package came in the mail yesterday to cheer me from all my "I do not want to move from any of my various perches around the house but these children need someone to care for them but I don't want to plop them in front the TV for that many hours" blues:
An awesome complete collection of vintage Disney books on tape discovered on ebay for a serious steal of a deal.
 Happiness abounds and I can continue my confinement from the comfort of my couch.

Click for more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A very large woman rambles

I have entered the stage in pregnancy where I have become the really annoying television stereotype of all things third trimester. I do not recall ever being this annoying before, but I am sure I just blocked it out and had no method of cathartic e-venting to log the annoyance. I bet one day I will find a hidden pregnancy journal belonging to Mike where he writes things like "she cried again in the middle of the grocery store when Celine Dion's 'I'm your lady' came on the radio..." or "it's only 9 a.m. and she is already drinking a hard cider..." But seriously. I know that things won't get any easier when this baby comes, but if there is even a slight improvement on my personality or any improvement in my ability to MOVE, or if shirts would just start to cover my belly... where was I going with that? I just need to not be pregnant anymore.

I have decided to stop letting the girls watch movies unless they earn it with "good behavior stickers" which basically means they never watch movies. Which means I am going crazy and not doing the things that keep me sane anymore, like showering, blogging, not being climbed on, cooking without holding 30 pounds of clingy toddler, etc. but it is worth it since they are clearly becoming better, clearer brained, little people.

Wait that was a lie- in fact, I have never seen them be so ornery in my life as this morning while I was trying to do the huge clothing overhaul switching from spring and summer to fall and winter and shifting sizes and washing and folding and storing and stashing sickening amounts of clothing.

But at least I don't feel so guilty for plopping them in front of the TV, if only I could muster some guilt for being crazy. If only I could just realize that it would probably be preferable for the poor children to have a nice mother and watch some shows than to have to deal with the ogre of a mother I am becoming.

But for now I am sticking to my guns on the new rule.

**Mid-day update: I stuck to my guns until aprox. 2:45 p.m., what can I say? I'm a strong woman.

Friday, September 14, 2012

takes for sale

One) Naomi had her second "atrium" or Catechesis of the Good Shepherd "class" yesterday, which meant a one-and-a-half-hour chunk of quality time with my littler female. Although she begs to stay with Naomi at "atwium," I know she really loves the time with me.

Two) We ventured over to a local eye-wear store, which promises to be fast with your new specs. Last time I went there I know it took them at least a week to get me my new eyegear. They run this special where you get 2 pairs for $60 with the exam, yadayada.... I went in at 9:30 with Bernadette and had my new glasses on by noon. And, as opposed to the last time I went there, I actually really like my glasses this time.
Those are not the glasses I purchased. I liked them, but they fit better on Bernadette's head than mine.

Three) Now I can go ahead and have this baby any time, since I have cute glasses to wear in all my hospital room pictures. #Notvainatall.

Four) Speaking of having this baby, while at dinner with some friends last night, I got to talking to the wife/mom about when she went into labor with her second baby, and the heavens opened with shining new hope for me as we talked: She had him at 35 weeks, everything was fine, he was totally healthy, and so was she. That would mean I could be DONE being pregnant by next week. And a tear of joy slowly rolls down my cheek. Just the fact that this is a possibility fills my heart with laughter and joy of the merriest kind.
**Also, said friends fed us delicious pizza and brownies-- neither of which I had to make myself-- new favorite friends.

Five) So I am 34 weeks along and managed to snap a spectacularly blurry picture with photobooth since my camera is currently dead- you get the idea:

with new glasses and my shiny new jorts

Six) Today is the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Naturally, this has left me toying with the idea of a trip to our favorite grocery store/cafe for the special coffee and donuts. Because this is most certainly what Christ wants us to take from the cross- coffee and donuts. Nothing like, you know, going to Mass or going to pray. Just celebrating with donuts.

"Glazed be with you." "And with your spirit!"
Hmm, sacrilegious? or sacrilicious?

Seven) Now I am off to clean the most disgusting toilet in the Midwest. Probably more fitting for commemorating the passion than indulging myself with deep fried dough doused in glaze.

Go see GRACE-- this Friday's special quick takes hostess-- for some more!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hump day

We made it out of our Monday Funk (I know you were all sick with worry, you can put your barf buckets away now). I felt like a veritable tool yesterday after reading this article, in light of my cry-baby post on Monday and realized I should probably shape the heck up before this new babe comes. No matter how hard things seem right now, I am rather doubtful that they will miraculously be easier after adding another baby. Anywho, it probably won't mean less complaining, but I will try...

Either way, we are now happy to be half way done with this week and moving toward the weekend which holds the treasure of a visit from the IN-LAWS aka mucho distraction for the youngins. It also holds a day-long retreat for this mother who is pretty much perpetually in need of a break.
We ventured out to Notre Dame's newest hotspot for anyone who cares for children...
Even though we're pretty sure they just built this park for the tailgaters, it has been a sweet find for us.
 Completely fenced in and shaded.
 Lots of climbing apparatuses.
Makes for a non/minimally-sweaty, happy mother who can sit and watch her children run and climb to their hearts' content.

When Notre Dame does something, they do it right. I am just glad we made out in this case.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The worst

Another dynamite Monday over here, and against all my better instincts, I have decided to spillllll my complaint juices all over your clean, white-carpeted Monday happiness.

My mental consensus is that if your morning starts at 4:55 a.m., complaining is fair game.

Also, what else do you sign up for here? Yup, so on with complaining.

To Naomi's credit, her wide eyed awakening before the 5 a.m. hour was because she NEEDED to tell me about her dream where she was "holding a little boy" (whatever the H that means). I went ahead and placed her back into her bed, and as always, she came back out a solid 3 more times mingled with her waking her very angry sister at least once before the 7 a.m. hour.

So my eyes have been open since 4:40, which is when I woke up to visit el banyo because the in-utero babe will tolerate no more than 3 drops of liquid in the bladder at any given time since it is "crowding her space." Her words, not mine.

Unfortunately, and stupidly, my new punishment for Naomi for getting out of bed and waking me up that early is "no movies"-- or the incentive to stay in bed is a "special movie watch," look at it how you will. The movie watch has always been my one go-to sanity trick when she does get up that early, so it is really just a punishment for me. Again, stupid.

Bernadette graced us with her screamy, fevery (surprise!) presence at her normal-human hour of 7 and of course needed to be held held held due to the said surprise 102 fever she awoke with.

So then we kept the greatness going with a nearly all-family trip-- all family would have meant Mike's help, which would not have jibed with the anti-awesomeness that has been this day--to my 10 minute check-the-heartbeat-see-you-in-2-weeks prenatal visit. We had gotten the fever down by this point and therefore I decided- naturally- to nurse my Monday wounds with the balm of a trip to Target, a pumpkin spice latte (don't tell Mike), and a new super-duper-clearanced pair of maternity jean shorts-- because one can never own too many pairs of maternity jorts.

On the way home from Target my standard Sunday migraine decided to make a return guest appearance, because this Monday is just that special.

Aaaaaand my bread machine decided to break mid-dough making for our pizza dinner. This was the hour when I finally gave in on the "no movie" rule because at least at this point I could say it was "just for Bernadette because she is sick" (LIAR) and let Beezie pick out her own favorite movie, which just so happens to be Naomi's favorite too.

Although it stopped mid-cycle, the bread machine had apparently kneaded the dough enough so that it could rise just fine and not leave us all a bunch of starving, feverish, headachey messes, just feverish and headachey

And now I am off to top off the day with some extra-strength tylenol and straight nutella eating since the vino I long to be drinking would certainly exacerbate the throbbing.

Good night.

Friday, September 7, 2012

7 quickitty quicks

I) Naomi had her first day of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd yesterday. The day began oh so gloriously at 5:30 on the nose, since she just could not contain her excitement about going to "class." Since Mike and I don't plan on sending her anywhere ever except maybe an all-girls boarding school and then the convent, it was pretty monumental for us as well. And what do overly sentimental parents do when they are feeling overly sentimental? They take pictures.

II) She was so excited to leave (can you tell?), and it certainly did not seem like she had the same overly sentimental reaction as her very pregnant, emotional basket-case of a mother. I asked her later that day if she thought about me while she was there and she said:
"No, I just sat and thought about Bernadette. I didn't think about you at all" 
-single tear-
That's what I get for giving her a sibling.
III) One of my best friends from college days (and beyond) has started up her blog again, leaving me more than a little excited. She posted this fabulous idea the other day and, though I must say I am going to have to dig really deep to find the spot inside of me that enjoys arts and crafts (I don't think there is such a spot), I really want to make it, especially with Naomi starting catechesis this year. Also, if you have girls, you need to read her hilarious post about her little girl's first days at school- it's classic.

IV) Mike has been adhering to some pretty strict dieting/exercising lately and has been graciously updating me nightly of his poundage lost that *day* (why the heck to guys lose weight so fast?!?!). The timing is simply impeccable, as I have been gaining pounds on the daily. When I pointed this fact out the other night before bed, all he had to say was:
"She must increase, and I must decrease." 
I said nothing. Ok fine, I laughed. A lot. 

V) Speaking of weight loss and fitness, I was utterly impressed with Bridget's latest post about accomplishing her goal. I think she just gave birth like a couple of months ago, simply ridiculously awesome. I am hoping she will do some sort of online training for me after this babe comes.

VI) Did you see that Paige had her baby?? If you didn't, now you did. I was so thrilled to hear the gender and weight of her new baby, since I was kind of blog-stalking her everyday waiting to find out-- in the non-creepiest way, of course.

VII) We went to the zoo after Naomi's class yesterday and got really up-close and personal with some wild life:
Yes, that is a chimp staring the children down while he stuffs his face with salad. And that is Bernadette running to me out of fear for her life. I could take that chimp, for sure.

And for good measure, here is Naomi getting all up in an otter's face:
Yeah, that's right. Swim away, Otter. Swim away.

For more, click over to Jen.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Retraction

I would like to formally retract my previous praise of the Pinterest Banana Ice Cream craze about which I recently posted.

Here's the deal: I was hasty in my post. I hadn't yet tried out other ways of making the stuff and I was just so darn impressed that it had an initial consistency of soft serve ice cream (which it only retains for the first 30 seconds of being blended). I think you could have told me that dog feces could be ice cream if you froze it and blended it and I would have been sold based on the excitement that something low-calorie could pass as that frozen goodness (is dog poo low calorie? I know not).

"Did you want that with or without sprinkles?" (photo credit)

So in the end I have made it several more times using different add-ons to try to get it to taste like anything but straight blended bananas, and guess what it only ever tastes like? Straight blended bananas. Even with 2 heaping tablespoons of Nutella this evening, all you could taste was banana. And too much banana. I am no longer a fan. If you have to add hundreds of calories to get it to resemble anything close to ice cream, than I say, why not just eat ice cream? Or, if you want to eat something that tastes like bananas, than why not just eat a banana?

So I am sorry for my hasty high praises, and hopefully you didn't waste too much time, energy or bananas based on that post. Ana, over and out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another birth story

As I approach the second birthday of my second-born, as well as the impending birth of our third baby, I have been thinking a ton about birthing. Plus, my fellow pregnant (not anymore) sister-in-law gave birth two days ago, and everyone in the world seems to be having babies, so it is all I think about. I've now had two very different experiences and am all too interested to see how this one turns out.

I thought maaaybe I would spare you a long, rambling pregnancy- and birth-related novela. But then I decided not to.

Therefore this will double as Bernadette's early birthday birth story, since I did the same for her sister, and I wouldn't want to induce undo jealousy (I just know they are logging the number of blog posts I do about each). And it'll also be a reflection on having a c-section versus having a completely natural birth.

YAY for birth stories!
Wee baby B during the first day of her life; and the only picture I have with me in it the days leading up to and following her birth. That is my arm that is holding her.


Everything was looking good regarding Benadette's arrival during my pregnancy with her, other than my crushing fears of doing another natural, epidural-free birth-- I was a bit traumatized from the pain of Naomi's birth, although I loved loved loved the recovery time of 5 minutes. I had taken a Bradley class when I was expecting Naomi and after learning all about the evils of epidurals, c-sections, and over-medicalized births, I was pretty stuck as to whether I should go all natural in a tub again and feel every single ounce of pain, or give myself a little break with some epidural action. Little did I know that in the end I would have no choice (cue overly-dramatic background music).

Around 34-ish weeks, I found out that Bernadette was breech. No biggy, right? Plenty of time to flip her, right? Sure, for lots of other women, but I have never seen a more stubborn still-gestating baby. We tried the external cephalic version at 35 weeks-- you know, where they basically attack your stomach with sheer arm force and smash and push on the baby until her heart rate starts to plummet and then they take a little break until it goes back up and then they smash and push some more. First one doctor tried, and then he had to call another doctor in to pull on one side of stomach while he pushed on the other side. Did I mention they gave me nothing for that pain? Well, they didn't, and it pretty much felt like they were going to rip my already stretched abdominal muscles in half during the procedure.

And then it didn't even work. One of the doctors, the less sensitive one, said something like "Well, sorry it didn't work. We need to schedule your c-section now." Then I started to weep, and she quickly realized that this was my one of my greatest fears when it comes to child birth, second only to dying of course. I am sure it was so routine to her that she had no idea why the thought of this would bring me to tears. The other doctor was much more sensitive and supportive of us "all-natural" types, so we decided not to schedule the c-section just yet, so I could try to flip the baby on my own using more natural, gentler methods.

Long story short (not really), none of those methods worked: frozen peas on the top of my belly while hanging upside down off the couch, standing on my head in the pool, chiropractor visits, pushing pressure points, swimming, laying on a blanket and having Mike lift the blanket at my waist and shake the heck out of it to "loosen the pelvic bones" or something. So ridiculous. That is how I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Bernadette- all to no avail since she would. not. turn.

I talked to the more sensitive doctor about the option of trying to deliver her breech since he had been in practice for like 60 years and delivered breech babies successfully. Although it was definitely not allowed, he slyly told me that if I labored until I was 9 cm at home and came in ready to push, he would just go ahead and try to pull her out.  Something about this option sounded a little shaky to me, so I decided not to go that route. Then that doctor left the country anyways for a little Roman holiday, so I had to be with the other, less-than-sensitive-but-still-very-competent doctor.

So we scheduled a day for the doom that was the c-section and I cannot tell you how scared I was. I cried soooooo much. I called my good friend who had had one to see if she could put me at ease a bit, and that is just what she did. It was amazing. She said things like, "It's not that bad," "It's no big deal," and "You still have your baby in the end." And how right she was.

I was 39 weeks when we went to the hospital to have Bernadette, and it was a Sunday-- I guess they don't usually do c-sections, unless they are emergencies, on Sundays. However, the doctor who was previously insensitive happened to also be awesome and she moved her entire schedule around and called in a bunch of nurses just for me so that I could have Bernadette while my parents were both in town to take care of Naomi.

When I got to the hospital, all of the labor and delivery staff was waiting for me-- they were so sweet and continued to put me at ease about the surgery. They put in my IV, which I had previously been super scared of, with no glitches, and then Mike and I watched football on TV while we waited for the appointed hour. The anesthesiologist came in and was cracking jokes with me, and he was wearing a shnazzy doo rag, which was the very thing to calm me down. Then the doctor came and did one final ultrasound to make sure Bernadette hadn't flipped. I had grown very used to her head pressing on my ribs and her foot jabbing at my cervix, so I knew she hadn't, but they checked anyways. No change. In we went to get her out.

So, in addition to my fear of c-sections, I was also super scared of getting the spinal tap, but hey, there was nothing to it. It took all of 5 minutes, and then I could feel nothing at all from my neck down. And while it was weird that I was laying naked in a bright room filled with people listening to their favorite radio station and talking like I wasn't there, it was also comforting. They did this all the time: they saw naked ladies get cut open to get their babies out all the time. This was not out of the ordinary for them, and they were so good at it that they could do it while listening to music and talking. I liked that.

Once the doctor came in, Bernadette was out within 20 minutes, and I got to hold her immediately on my chest. Then they did their cleaning and weighing while they put me back together and moved me into recovery. I had Bernadette right away in recovery and the nurses were all super encouraging in terms of nursing. It was a little hard to do due to the drug-induced haze that I was in, but I still gave it a go, and in the end she was an even better nurser than Naomi.

The next few days were not easy-- I would say the first week out was the hardest-- but as long as I kept up with my pain meds, I was ok. And I had my baby.

As I get closer to birthing this new baby, I've gone back and forth between being really scared of having another c-section (since I'm totally convinced that this baby, too, is breech and probably won't turn just like her sister), and then not caring, since, at this point, I know I can get through either method of birthing.

I love sitting in on conversations where mothers are discussing ideal birthing situations: totally natural with focused breathing, offering up the pain, immediate nursing and skin-to-skin contact, the baby sleeping in the room with you the whole time you're in the hospital and how all these things contribute to bonding well with your baby-- and they really do, I agree. But I know that a mother who gives birth in a totally opposite, completely medicated way is no less a mother and has sacrificed no less than the natural-birthing mother to get that baby into the world healthily.

I'd say that now the most ideal situation for a birth is a healthy baby and a healthy mother. The end.

Gratuitous epilogue: In case you were wondering, after Bernadette came out the doctor immediately looked at her legs and told us that there was no way she could have flipped, much less come out naturally. One of her legs was completely wedged in my pelvis and had a little bruise on it for at least a week to prove it. I would have been jeopardizing her life little life if I had stuck to my Bradley-principled guns and tried for the natural birth. After that I was more grateful than ever for the option of a c-section.

Of course, I am still hoping to avoid a c-section this time around, since it is a major abdominal surgery and makes the recovery time 10 thousand times longer. But if I have a c-section, I'm sure the world will still be spinning, and spinning one newborn baby richer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check it

When Mike returned, very sweaty, from an hour or so of playing racquetball by himself the other day, I asked him how it was. He said: "It was good. But they didn't have any racquetballs, so I just had to pretend." They did have racquetball balls.

I asked Mike if he could switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer before he went to bed on Friday night. He said: "Sorry, I'm Shomer Shabbos" (language warning: nsfw, or littles).

After watching me carry over the same gigantic basket of laundry the next day, Mike said, while sitting on the couch watching college football: "Oh sweetie, don't worry about folding that.... I'll have the girls do it" (he did end up folding it later that night).
Quipped Mike in response to my picture-taking on our date: "We were having a moment. Now you've ruined it."

While out to dinner the other evening, I asked the waitress what the "legendary margarita" was, before she could answer Mike said: "They're the ones you heard about in stories when you were a little girl." No laugh from the waitress. Loser.

After a listening to a long stint of me complaining about how uncomfortable I am and how I don't want to go anywhere during the day, let alone move at all, and how I am so sick of being pregnant and huge, Mike said: "You better be careful or you're going to end up like the mom from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", only angry." (He was kidding. I think.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bananas+Freezer=Ice Cream

I realize that this recipe will probably not be surprising for anyone, since everyone and their mother (literally, even really old people) is on Pinterest, and this recipe is apparently all over the place there. But I have recently vacated the Pinterest scene, which of course has left me void of all creativity/home making skills and our house now resembles a luxury cardboard box-- that's just the price you pay. Also, we've just been eating vittles.

Then this week my sister, who moved a little while ago to a town a couple hours from me, called me up offering to come visit and help me the heck out. Seriously, there has been a glut of toddler watching, dish cleaning, house cleaning, talking and hanging out with her otherwise non-social SAHM sister. It has been glorious.

However, even though she has helped in every way, I think that the most important contribution she's made so far is introducing me to Banana Ice Cream. This crazy new thing where you freeze bananas and then put them in your food processor and they turn into ICE CREAM. What the H? How is this just now getting around to me?? I don't know, but I thought that on the off chance that anyone and I mean anyone who reads this blog has also not been enlightened, they should be asap.
"Ana, when did you get an in-kitchen soft serve machine?" Just bananas.

A friend was recently telling me about the Yonanas Ice Cream treat maker, which also operates on the concept of putting frozen bananas in something and magically turning them into ice cream. But you don't even need this contraption! All I have is a fairly crappy mini food processor and it worked like a charm.

Without further ado, I give you banana ice cream:

3 bananas, cut into pieces and frozen for at least 2 hours, until not soft and frozen through
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
Vanilla extract

Place in food processor or blender and blend away until smooth and creamy, just like ice cream!

**We tried this one with the cocoa powder which gave it a dark chocolate flavor, but you can do ANYTHING. I used honey yesterday and it was delish. I really want to try Nutella (that won't negate the health factor at all) Chrissy put some peanut butter on hers in the above picture.

"Say, brainless, don't you know where coconuts come from?"

And Mike threw some strawberries onto his chocolate "ice cream"

And that's that.
This may end up making it so that I don't gain an extra 12 pounds in the last-mester since all I have been wanting is ice cream, or any cold/frozen treat packed with sugar. But first I have to finish the 2 bags of frozen Reese's cups in my freezer. Maybe I will add them to my Banana Cream.