Friday, November 30, 2012

7 quick takes, again

It just wouldn't be Friday without joining Jen for some quick takes, so here I go again: 

1) Can I just say that I la la la love blogging?? I can, will and just did. I love it and have the best, sweetest reader friends ever. Seriously, thank you all for your wonderfully sweet and encouraging comments after my whine fest this morning.

2) I have to say still that this has been/is a much easier transition (so far) than the transition to 2 kids. The shock of having multiple children was real hard and you should thank your lucky stars I didn't blog my way through that. Well I kind of did, but luckily it has been errased, thank you Blogger.

3) Speaking of blogging, I totally missed my 1 year blogaversary earlier this month (you can still send belated cards and gifts, money is preferable). I have blogged through some mediocre sewing, done quite a bit of venting and even blogged through some genuinely tough times, and it has all been wonderful. The E-friendships I have made have been the next best thing to actually getting together with you wonderful ladies (and some gents), having a drink and talking face to face. It has even led to developing some great face to face friendships, so thank you all!

4) We had ourselves a little cookie baking fest this week resulting in mass amounts of sugar cookies being inhaled, mostly by me. Not really in keeping with my plan, but then again, neither are the kit kats I am currently eating...
I was thoroughly impressed with her cookie dough rolling/cutting skills.

And just as impressed with Bernadette's cookie dough eating skills, she is her mother's daughter.

5) This speaks for itself:
 Yes, that is a sugar cookie creche: equal parts holy and tasty.

6) I feel like I should post something funny for you to watch. I think this is positively hilarious, but you only will if you watch enough football (college or pro, really). Sorry if you hate it (mmm wait, no I'm not).

7) And on that note: go ND!!!!!!!!!!


I woke up the this morning the same way I have almost every morning since Lucy's birth: yesterday's mascara smeared under my eyes because, once again, I did not wash my face before bed the night before.

Sick, I know.

Why would you not even take a few minutes to do such an easy, hygienic, thing Ana? The answer is that I have put Lucy to sleep in the moby wrap nearly every night since her birth and in order to get her to stay asleep I need to gingerly take her out of it and then lay right next to her and go to sleep myself. Pathetic? Yes. Very. But this is a phase and I know it will pass.
A typical Ana sighting these days

I am not a huge baby-wearing advocate, but I am a huge not-hearing-baby-cry-any-more-than-I-need-to advocate, and it's too early to have her cry it out. Hence the baby-wearing.

I am also not a huge co-sleeping advocate (not even close). But I am a huge get-as-much-sleep-as-I-possibly-can-even-if-that-means-sleeping-right-next-to-baby-for-months advocate. Hence the co-sleeping.

And another thing. By the time I get a basket of laundry folded and put away there are always 4 more waiting to be done. I have cleaned ONE, count em, ONE toilet ONE time since Lucy's birth and only because the stank was that bad. Resembling something close to one of those out door gas station bathrooms that the owners have clearly forgotten all about. There are still bags of baby crap from the hospital lying around. I've lost my temper approximately 1324 times since coming home from the hospital at my toddlers. Yes, lost my temper at my toddlers. A lot. I have cried probably the same amount.

Why the H am I telling you all this?

I've gotten a lot of sweet comments from lovely readers, some even indicating that I have it all together and I love the sweet comments- in fact, keep them coming, between those and the wine, I should be able to get through the next few months. But please know that I have taken nary a full length picture without wearing my trusty spanx. And the only reason I make it out of the house with all 3 girls to the store or where ever is because I rely heavily on social interaction to not really go crazy and if I stay in the house for too long I start to get anxious and weepy- a lovely result of the ever-fluctuating hormones.
Rapidly inhaling the second half of the creamer bottle

I realize I have basically been doing outfit posts or quick takes almost exclusively since the third babe came, and this is because of a few things a) I pretty much never am not holding a baby b) I don't want to just complain about how hard things are with 3 kids and c) my brain is on its lowest level of functioning, which inevitably results in the dumbest ideas ever for blog posts. I've bounced a couple off of Mike and gotten many a blank stare or just "no, that's not funny, don't do that".

I am giving myself a solid year to get things together, then I will be pounding out the old original, awesome funny material you're used to. I don't know whose blog I am talking about, I clearly don't read my own enough.

Alright, that's enough reality for today.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

One hand posting this before 11 a.m. since someone in our home uses  my computer all day for football watching (ahem Lucy).

So here is what I wore today. I decided to put %100 trust in my lycra and go for the sweater dress.
The dress is great because the floppy sweater neck hides the scandalously low neckline, which is fab for nursing!

It's becoming pretty obvious that these are the only boots I own.
The small ones have been up since well before 6, please pray for this Mass experience...
Hit up Fine Linen and Purple for more!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Takes

Joining Jen and the Takegivers for some post Thanksgiving quick takes.

1) I am currently polishing off the very last sips of wine that exist in our house, which is a serious problem. A new realization: I heavily rely on wine to get me through the first few months postpartum. That may be why I feel like things are going so well...

2) Also, I am dipping pieces of turkey into gravy and eating it like it is chips and dip.

3) We spent Thanksgiving over at my sister's boyfriend's sister's employer's house. Oh, did you not follow that? Sorry. Read it a few more times and you'll catch up.
The sister + an awkward hand quickly taking off glasses
Wiith the BF whose sister works in South Bend. Trying to help you put the pieces together. Because you care.

So, my sister's boyfriend's sister is a nanny for a local family who is maybe a little bit more well off than us and since they were out of town for T-giving, they let us celebrate at their home which meant...

4) A TV the size of our nursery wall:
Mike said: "I would hug it if I could actually get my arms around it"
 5) And toys that the girls will be dreaming about for many T-givings to come:
Bernadette feeds Superman at the posh kitchen set that is nicer than my real kitchen.
6) And this is how we spent the better part of our afternoon:
7) Go ahead and judge all you like. Even after majoring in catachetics  at FRANCISCAN University of Steubenville I did not change my decorating-for-Christmas early ways and I probably never will.

Happy Holidays party people.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Which has not happened yet. The meal, that is.

Linking up with Grace to show all you fine fellow turkey eaters what I will wear to dinner and what I wore to the park on Thanksgiving morning.

And then tons of pictures. What the heck did I do before I knew how to make a photo collage on Picasa? I don't want to know.

Mike graciously let me open one of my self-purchased Christmas presents early- the grey sweater. And, thinking ahead, I paired it with the very flowy, but not actually maternity white button down. Also--thinking ahead to the soon-to-be-eaten massive meal-- the pants do not button, they are elastic strapped (per Grace's recommendation) but also not actually maternity.

So I will be showing up at this Thanksgiving dinner in all NON MATERNITY clothing, a major feat for me.

The scarf is a DIY from way back when my sewing machine broke and I just finished sewing it today. So extra points for creating one of my outfit pieces on Thanksgiving morning. All I am making is ham and potatoes, so sewing fit in just fine.

Here's the getup sans scarf:
Sweater & Jeans: Target
Shirt: garage sale
Black flats: Target (I think) thrifted
Not pictured ear rings: Target

Too much Target? Is that possible?

Naomi and Bernadette's outfits were not noteworthy since they live in hand-me-down or thrifted jean or khaki jumpers, but Lucy was sporting her jeans again and this time with shoes. Is there anything more pointless and at the same time cuter than baby shoes? No, the answer is no.
She hated that hat.

And now for some Thanksgiving park pictures:

Naomi kept calling to Mike asking "What leaven does your God have?" and since Mike was thoroughly confused about what the heck that question meant he didn't answer. Naomi finally answered for him: "Journey and truth, that is what". She clearly has a theologian dad and a mother who lets her watch too much Alice in Wonderland, the result is just complete nonsense. 
Form the top: 1)River gazing; 2)on the seesaw; 3)with Mike bouncing them too high; 4) and what I really wore to Thanksgiving dinner.

So good times have been had by all today and there are more to come.
 Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One month for Lucy

I put Lucy's 1-month picture up on the FB yesterday and upon checking it out Mike said:

"I like it. She looks like Cardinal Timothy Dolan"
I had no idea how right he was. Until I looked up some pictures.

Happy first month of ex-utero life little Lu.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Other wise known as "What I WEAR EVERY Sunday" or "Bringing Denim Back, Justin Timberlake style" or "Homeschooling Never Looked so Good"- your pick.

Seriously, I started to worry this morning that folks at the old parish are going to start to notice that all I have worn since Lucy's birth is this denim skirt. I even had a cute new sweater dress all ready to wear this morning but reverted back to the denim. I would rather people notice my constant wearing of the skirt than have one of my rolls come lose from my trusty spanx, inadvertently hitting anyone sitting too close to the end of their pew while in the communion line- that would surely be more distracting that the repeated denim wearing. I trust the denim to hold things in if my spanx fail, a sweater dress will do no such thing.

Regardless, I am joining all the lovely ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for a Sunday link up.
At the very least it might make you feel better about what you wore today.
the vignette to hide our mess of a house
Sweater & Skirt: Old Navy (sweater is maternity)
Shoes: Macy's
Tights: who keeps track of that?

And a close up of my faithful brownies:
They are super duper comfy and I will love them always until they die. And I'm letting you get up close and personal with the denim, because you deserve it.

Peace out party people.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 quick takes... Saturday?

After all the emails that have been coming in from readers (as if) wondering where I was yesterday for quick takes, I figured that I should post some Saturday quick takes-- for the fans. So here you go:

1) I didn't post yesterday because Mike's been getting up with the girls in the a.m. It just so happens that, while Lucy has a super sweet disposition, she is an absolutely horrendous sleeper. Not because she is awake at night. No, she does sleep: but ONLY on the condition that I sleep right next to her and listen to her grunt all. night. long.

2) What do you mean by "grunt", you asked? You didn't? Well I will tell you. She will fall asleep, sleep for 10-30 minutes peacefully and then make the loudest, most animal-like sounds I have ever heard until she passes some gas then she will sleep for another 30ish minute stint. You never knew it was possible for a child to make such noises in her sleep and stay asleep, but really she only stays asleep if I am right there. So.... I will stop.

3) So why did Mike getting up with the girls mean I didn't post my quick takes? Well, this morning I let him sleep and it is now 7:53 a.m. and I am already on #3. Also, I woke up late yesterday and got a message from a friend that she and others were meeting in 1 hour for a museum play date and I was not about it miss that. So I got all 4 of us ready and out the door in under an hour (no medals have been awarded. yet.) 

At the museum canoeing
 4) Then after another stellar nap time, we loaded up to head to the park because it was so nice out and I was not going to miss that either. 
on her second outing of the day.
5) How is this only 5?

6) Every time I try to lose weight, something stands in my way. After I had Bernadette it was the fact that I coped with post-pregnancy hormones and being stuck in the house all day with baking copious amounts of pumpkin rolls, cookies and pumpkin muffins. Then I ate them all. Now it is this stuff:

 Yes, it says what you think it says.
Every time I open it I have to resist the urge to spoon in right out of the container and eat it all. It takes a lot to spread on the not-nearly-as-awesome english muffin.

7) Bernadette has been spending more and more time having long conversations with Lucy, reading her book after book, and gifting her with every toy she can find. It's really sweet, except when she almost crushes her with all her body weight during a overly affectionate hug.

Here she is showing Lucy her newly painted toe nails:

Have you ever seen such an enthralled baby?

I hope you are all satisfied, I know I am.

I'm sure you've already been over to Jen's to see the others. Go again. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The thrifting challenge

Posting twice in one day?

Yes, in order to meet the challenge that was set before me by the lovely Mary, here is my all-thrifted outfit of the week:
Industrial rain boots; 4 weeks post partum bump; I cannot look at the camera when photographing myself

I ventured out to our local favorite thrift store and snagged this lovely Faded Glory top, then went ahead and paired it with these previously altered maternity jeans, from this past pregnancy. Even the white under-tank is thrifted.

I will rate this outfit about a 4, which is being generous, but what else can you expect from the post partum wardrobe? Not much.

Here a few other all (or mostly) thrifted (and altered) outfits from the past.
#1 (mostly thrifted)
#2 (all thrifted)
#4 (both all thrifted)
#3 (both bottom outfits are completely thrifted) 

Loved this challenge, Mary! I hope you do it again in a few moths when I can wear normal pants :)

"Revenge is mine" sayeth Naomi

Yesterday I had to retire a pair of Naomi's favorite black pants with a little diamond heart decal. If it were up to here she would have worn the things every single day and it was rather heartbreaking for her when I took them and hid them. They are way too small and once I saw her tugging them up to cover her bottom and then noted how many inches they were from her feet when she stood, I made the decision and put them away. Why did I just tell you that? You'll see.

naomi dressed in her other favorite clothing item: psychotic monkey shirt

Next story.

Today's nap time was a bust. I thought it would go super smoothly since Naomi was awake, literally AWAKE, from 3 a.m. until 6 a.m. last night wreaking havoc on our home and on Mike's sanity (I was nestled snugly downstairs dealing with the all night nurser/grunter/pooper. What martyrs we are). During that 3 hour stint Mike had to get up many many many multiple times to stop Naomi from dumping soap all over the bathroom or giving our toothbrushes a bath in the toilet. Yes, she went back to sleep for a brief stint around 6, but I still thought surely this girl would be ready for a little nap come 1 p.m.

I feel like there is an audience of people sitting in front of me right now laughing at me.

At some point it became clear that she was not actually sleeping in her room despite all her attempts at total stealth while doing naughty things. I was a mere 30 seconds from getting Lucy to sleep when I heard her. I walked out to find her hands covered in some substance that smelled like mouth wash. I looked in the bathroom and the mouth wash was in its spot and untouched. I took Naomi's hand and led her down to Mike's study to be properly disciplined for whatever she was doing, the main offense that I knew of so far was that she was not sleeping and getting into bathroom things. It was bit worse though, it always is.

I went downstairs to fetch Naomi to lead her back into her room to try the nap thing again. I had not yet looked into her room. We walked in to find a lotion explosion. I could not locate the bottle of lotion-- this was where the minty mouth wash smell was coming from. I assumed that she found the bottle in our linen closet in from the store of extra mini lotion bottles, however I was confused about why I didn't hear her ever come out of her room and get into the linen closet. I was in my room with Lucy the whole time with my door wide open, super close to her room and the linen closet.

Still, I could not ask these questions while there was so much lotion to clean up from the posts of her bed, the carpet, each and every post of the crib, the rocking chair. Everywhere.

Mike heard the commotion of my exasperated cleaning and walked in wondering what had happened and asking the questions that I couldn't even get out like "what lotion is that?" or "where did she get it?". Naomi is many things, but dishonest is not one of them. She always tells you the exact answer to your question, even if it incriminates her.

So she led us to the empty bottle, hidden in her closet inside of a dumped out trashcan (this explained the pile of dirty pull-ups stashed in the corner). Inside the trash can was a tin, which previously been filled with a pedicure set that my mom had given me as a post partum gift. This tin had been on my dresser in my room. How the heck did she obtain it during nap time when I was in there the whole time? This was the only question I did ask, it was too obvious and confusing. Once I left the room Mike asked her and she answered:

"Last night while everyone was sleeping I went into your room and took it and kept it until naps" was her answer.

Mike proceeded to ask why. WHY the heck did you do this? And, again, he got a very clear answer.

"Well, you and mommy take things from me. Yesterday mommy took my favorite pants away from me so I decided that since she took something away from me, I would take something away from her".

UM, WHAT?!?!

Yes. That was her answer.

My reaction to the answer is shear terror at the prospect of Naomi as a teenager. I think that is appropriate, right? Thought so.

Showerless, exerciseless, napless mess of an Ana signing off.
Have a good one.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a decent substitute

It's that time of year again.

I am not talking about the holidays, pumpkins, trees, turkeys, all around seasonal goodness.

No, I am talking about it being November, the "holiday season" and I am attempting to shed some poundage. Again. I need to pick a different time of year to be trying to lose baby weight, for real.

One of my favorite things now-a-days is pumpkin spice creamer. I may have mentioned it once or twice here before. And as I am wont to do, I have decided to try a lower calorie, almost equally as tasty substitute to my daily morning indulgence.

I have been using up way too much of my daily point allowance on my coffee every day and need to cut back but I am entirely unwilling to just drink black coffee, or really to not drink heavily sweetened, heavily creamed coffee.

I got this idea from a super sweet, super fit friend and decided that I could probably learn a thing or two from her since she looked as good the week after she gave birth as she ever did pre-baby. If I could link to her I would, but alas, some are still blogless-- a tragedy of the greatest kind.

Without further ado, my decent sustitute to pumpkin spice creamer.

You're excited, aren't you? You shouldn't be, I have built this up way too much.
Here you go.

First brew yourself some coffee. That's always a good start.

Then, from the top: put some sweetener in your cup if you like that sort of thing-- if you're ok with unsweetened coffee then don't.

After that, throw in a good bit of pumpkin pie spice, found in the baking isle of your local grocer.

If you're into your coffee being on the milky/creamy side, go ahead and throw some cream or milk in (half and half is about half the calories of the flavored creamer).

Last, pour your coffee over it and enjoy.

Wow, I bet you never thought you would ever need so much coaching on how to fix your coffee.
You didn't, I apologize for that.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Today was a day of firsts over here.
How many can we count? Let us see:
  1. First grocery trip with ALL THREE girls and it was NOT a disaster!! That might have had something to do with movie in the car, cookie immediately upon entering, plethora of blankies, water bottles, and pacifiers, trips to see the lobsters and the fish in the tanks and rides on the penny horse-- but still, not a disaster. No pictures were taken.
  2. First pair of leggings purchased by yours truly. Ever. We will see if they work as a remedy to my current situation. I will surely update you, I always do.
  3. First time little Lucy has worn jeans. I'd say she is working them. 
Pay no attention to the purple finger nail behind the baby head. 
Go Steelers!!

Right. And the most important first of the day was the first time I successfully captured a smile from tiny 4-week-old and photographer of the year over here...
Nailed it.
Seriously, how the heck can someone who so frequently photographs her progeny fail so miserably at it so often? A question better left unanswered. But you get the idea, she is smiling and I was dying.

All three girls have smiled by 4 weeks, but she is way more of a performer than her sisters, who still looked stoned in their 1 month pictures (and she's not even a full month yet).

Naomi, Bernadette and Lucy: the first 2 at 1 month, the third at 4 weeks exactly: even with the half-smirk, Lucy still wins.
 And here are the others, because I (and you if you are really honest with yourself) can't get enough.
Sneaky pirate baby says "Have a splendid Monday"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick takes for your Friday

 Here are some things you don't need to know. Happy Friday.

1) I wake up every morning to 2 never-changing things:
  1. Bernadette screaming: "The cow wakes up! The cow wakes up!" (We have this clock that tells the girls when they can get up and come get us, sometimes it actually works! Ours is a cow though, not a bunny)
  2. Both girls being at least partially, if not entirely, disrobed. 
One has climbed to the top bunk, the other is yelling about a cow and I am half dead.

2) Should I be worried about Naomi's newest 3-year-old crush? Meaning: she screams excitedly every time she sees him, then begs him to play prince & princess or bride & groom and the kid clearly  has NO idea that she cares in least, which I am very thankful for. Yesterday she informed me that she WAS DEFINITELY going to marry him when she grows up, then I saw her kiss him on the cheek when we were leaving a play date. (Sorry Sarah, James did not notice at all) This seems a bit early for this stuff and every time I've said that to Mike he reminds me that she is my daughter.

3) I have hit the point post partum when my body is done dropping weight on its own and I have to (the dreaded word) DIET. This is thoroughly depressing for me. Today is day one, always the very worst day of the diet. If you need me you will find me balled up in a corner of the house weeping over my baby carrots.

4) I have always done well with the weight watchers program, so I am going to stick with that. Just typing about it makes me hungry.

5) I've had more food craving/aversions while nursing this time around than ever before. I have actually gagged on certain things trying to make myself eat them- this is going to make dieting difficult since the only things that do sound good are tortilla chips, beer and reese's cups.

6) Middle child Bernadette is sick with a little cold, which means I will basically do anything she asks me to do (except giver her the recently weaned from bottle back, I have won that battle for now). I am kind of enslaved to worry over whether she is going to have middle child issues from feeling over-looked, and combined with her stuffed-up-cute-little-cold-voice: I am done for.
Looking how she feels? Or is this how she smiles any time you ask her to? More likely the ladder.
7) Baby crying, all done.

Go to Jen for some that won't bore you to tears.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reporting from my housepants

A post on housepants, from my housepants. (That's the subtitle)

I feel sure that "housepants" is not a word, but I also feel like it should be.
Maybe I will hyphenate it: house-pants? That's better.

I have been stuck in house-pants for a solid 3 months now and I am really feeling ready for it to be over. I know that it is socialy acceptable, or at least acceptable in my mom circles, and to Mike and the 2 and 3 year olds who live with me, for me to wear my maternity and post partum yoga style pants all day/every day. But I hates it.

I wear these pants every 3rd day- alternating between them and 2 other favs. It's a great little schedule.

Nothing makes me feel less like my day is started than residing in the same kind of pants that I sleep in, heck some days they are the very same pants. The problem is that I can't seem to find a good alternative right now. My lone good maternity jeans only stay up over my bottom half for 2.3 seconds anymore after I put them on and all other jeans I own refuse to stay up on their own and leave me looking like the neighborhood plumber every time I bend down.

What are my options here? Am I doomed to be wearing pajama jeans until I rid myself of the muffin top? Or must I give in to the skin-tight jegging trend because at least they will stay up, even if they do look painted on?
I tried out a pair of these and pretty much ended up like Kramer here.

Or should I simply adjust my expectations for what these post-pregnancy days hold clothing-wise? Are these questions rhetorical? It's all so puzzling.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Tally

Some numbers from our morning:

number of times I packed everyone up to go to the grocery store: 1
number of times I felt like I was going to cry as I tried to get us in the van: at least 7
number of times we went to the grocery store: 0
number on the clock when I was first awoken for the day by Naomi: 5 (with 2 zeros after it)
number of times I had to put her back in bed before all of us waking at 7: 5
number of sleep deprived meltdowns from said early rising toddler: no less than 8
number of babies Naomi just told me I should have, total: 60
number of cups of coffee had by me: 4 (before 11)
number of times mother has been totaly defeated by toddlers: 36
number of times I have stared at Lucy to make myself feel better: 36 (And counting)

Transition Shmansition
Have a less chaotic Monday than us!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

always a fan of the "intentionally not looking" picture

I think the only way I am going to blog anymore is if I am linking up with someone. It just gives me the direction that I need right now since I am way too sleep deprived to think through an original post of my own right now.

Also, I have already looked through what everybody wore this Sunday and figured it's only fair to let people glance at what I threw together.
And here's my scarf, again.

Outfit Deats:
  • Sweater: Target
  • Jeans: Old Navy (still maternity)
  • Boots: Macys
  • Scarf: Target
  • Necklace: Forever 21
  • Hot hair do: I work for free from home
*forgot to insert this confession in initial post: this is my post-Mass outfit since it turns out that Mass with 3 kids IS actually more chaotic than with just 2 and trying to take a picture of what I was wearing was not working. HOWEVER, the only difference is that I put on denim pants in place of a denim jean skirt, which was also from Old Navy. Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Be sure to head over to Fine Linen and Purple to see the others!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick life update

Joining Jen and the rest for some quick takes, because it is Friday and that is what I do.

1) My mom and dad came to stay for the week last Friday. They made a little appearance in Lucy's baptism post, but I did not give them enough blogtention (that's blog-attention, just a little word I made up).

I have been milking the help like a rabid, hungry nursing baby-- kind of gross, I know. Sorry. I might die when they leave tomorrow, if you don't hear from me in a few days, you might want to call the authorities.

2) They have been tag teaming entertaining the girls and letting me have more baby Lucy time like it is their job. Also the girls might die when they leave too. You'll find us lying somewhere in a heaping pile of sleep deprivation and under-stimulation.

3) I feel like this would only happen in my family: On Wednesday-- with only 2 full days left with us-- my dad decides to offer to tear up our old floor in our bathroom, put in a new floor, and install the new sink we had purchased a while ago. We've been wanting to finish this bathroom for a while, but were putting it off until next year. It took my dad 24 hours (and only a little bit of swearing) to do what would have taken Mike much longer and MUCH more swearing. But then, my dad is a professional contractor for a living.
Before and after: yes that is ceramic tile in place of the old n-n-nasty linoleum-- he is amazing
We still have to tear down layer upon layer of old wall paper in order to paint and then add some cuteness, but thanks to my dad, we have put a pretty good dent in this project. #bestpostpartumparentvisitever

4) My mom is the bomb too and made us this amazing goodness for dinner tonight. She's also been keeping pans of freshly baked brownies around, keeping this always starving nursing mother very full and happy. Brownie for dessert? And breakfast, lunch and snackies? Don't mind if I do! Until tomorrow. Oh gosh I am nauseous.

5) The election is fast approaching. I have decided this year to vote hedgehog. What will you do? Watch the video and let your conscience guide you.

6) It is becoming painfully obvious that I just use Jen's quick takes as a not very quick way to make up for my lack of blogging. Too many life details in one post? Never, just 7 quick takes.

7) Now for a baby picture:
Almost 3 weeks ancient. Thank you, Grace for making my baby stylish.