Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Time for some early morning quick takes with Jen and the rest.

1) First off, thanks to everyone for all the bang-love, such nice people you all are. I must admit, they are growing on me. Nope, they're not actually, I just wanted to use that pun. I will just note here and now so that it is forever permanently document over the world wide interwebs that I will never again cut my bangs into real bangs. Never.

2) Another thing that must be documented here so that I can come back and read that it actually happened is that my first born, the queen of insanely early rising and super-duper short naps has been sleeping in until... not 6... not 6:30... not 7.... but almost until 7:30!!!!! And napping for at least and hour and a half daily (and the clouds part and the angels sing and a single tear rolls down my still sleep deprived face.) This way when it ends next week and I forget that it ever happened and start using my blog as a forum for complaining you can all put the link to these quick takes in my com box and ask me politely to shut the heck up.

3) Here are a few things that my google search bar has seen in the past few days:

reflux symptoms in babies
late onset of reflux in babies
natural remedies for infant reflux
reupholstering dining chairs
cinnamon chip scones

4) We had a really nice run of an always sweet, never angry at all baby who never spits up for about 3 months. Now for the past 2 weeks she is an always sweet, never really angry until SHE IS ANGRY AND THEN SHE IS SCREAMING AND SPITTING EVERY SINGLE THING SHE ATE UP AND then she is super sweet and happy again baby. Luckily my 3rd google search has proved very helpful so far and she already seems to be doing a little bit better. Also, it's just not that bad, I will shut up now.
being held upright at a 45 degree angle for 30 minutes after eating

5) I made the last item from my google searches and even though Mike's response after trying one was "they are good.... I just feel like cinnamon chips cheapen food" and then I slapped him across the face. Kidding. but seriously I love cinnamon chips like they are my child, or at least the pet that I am overly devoted to.
I made these while holding Lucy upright for 30 minutes after she ate.
They are amazing.
Here is the recipe, go and make.

6) Does anybody ever play with the effects on their photobooth anymore? I forgot all about them until the other day while I was just spending some quality time with Bernadette and my computer and realized that the effects are way funnier when you involve your children:
I could not stop laughing
7) I have now forfeited my morning shower-before-the-girls-wake.

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  1. It looks like Bernadette could use some bangs in those bottom pics :)

    Those scones do look amazing!

  2. Those scones look so yummy ~ almost as yummy as the no longer angry baby!!

  3. Okay, how did I not know that cinnamon chips even existed before today?? I saw the term and thought it'd be something like "a cinnamon-flavored scone with chocolate chips." This is so many times better. And I feel like I say this every time I comment, but your girls really are adorable, Ana =)

  4. Hope the happy sleeping continues!

  5. Oh Lucy!

    And, I'm pretty sure that photobooth is a special tool that Apple designed for moms with small children.

  6. HOW is it possible that I did not know cinnamon chips existed??! It's like a baking revelation.

  7. Haha, I love the photobooth pictures!!! My kids and I do that all the time and I just laugh hysterically. It's nice for when you need something to entertain for a bit. Plus it's just fun to laugh with your kids.

    And I have to concur with the bang loving. So cute!

  8. You are hysterical. I can't even remember the first take since they were all so funny...and I'm drinking boxed wine. But seriously entertaining. Especially the pictures of you and Bernadette :)

  9. #7 is the best. You are hilarious.