Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Whiny What I Wore Sunday (or TWWIWS)

Even though I hate the outfit I wore today as well as the pictures I took, I am still going to link up for the sake of feeling like I'm, talking to someone -anyone- over the age of 3 and for just a touch of e-complaining, for good measure.

Mike has been suffering from the bug that keeps on giving since yesterday morn and I would say that I am taking a minute for myself for some Sunday blogging, but in reality I am hiding from the toddlers that I have been with with barely a break for well over on 24 hours. Yes, they did sleep a little, but there were mid-night visits and many a nursing sesh in between.

I would say that I now know what it feels like to be the wife of a medical professional but that would be a big fat lie and the truth is that I am just a big fat baby who would never ever survive all those hours sans husband.

A bright spot in the dark nauseous abyss is that Lucy and I went on a lengthy Mass date just the two of us thanks to some babysitting from Pinocchio (or Geppetto, though we all know he was not great at keeping tabs on his kid. Yeah, I went there).

I was certainly not complaining about the fact that the bishop said the Mass and there were 2 baptisms, and the choir sang the longest Gloria in the whole world. I soaked up the extra minutes like a sponge. Before Mass I toyed with the idea of taking several pit stops on the way home to reeeeeally streeeeeetch out time out of the house, but it turns out I did not need to.

Now I will get to it. Finally:

To answer your internal questions:
  • What the heck is wrong with this picture? I don't know. I took like 17, but could not get an even half-way descent one, so I gave up and then did something crazy on the photo editor and ended up with this, so this is what we get.
  • Why did you hate your outfit? I do not like wearing dress-pants, but these had an elastic waist band so...
  • Why are you still wearing pants with elastic waist bands? Well, you see, my mom brought me a bunch of old maternity clothes that she found in her attic marked with my name and even though I am not pregnant anymore, the band is just so comfortable. 
  • That was not a good answer, but moving on...
  • Why the senior picture head-tilt? I'll answer your question with another question: why not?
  • Christmas is over, why is your tree still up? As long as the trees are still up in church, my tree will remain. I think that means today was my very......
Does that about cover it? Good.

I know you're dying to know:
Cardi: Target
Shirt: thrifted
Pants: Motherhood (hangs head in shame)
Boots: Macys
Earrings: Target

Lucy was great at Mass, it was pretty much her dream come true getting to be held the entire time by only me without being poked in the face or manhandled by "other mommies" (that means her sisters, stay with me, I'm almost done).

Now I am off to do some stress eating in the form of large spoonfuls of cookie dough.
Happy Sunday!!!!!
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  1. Don't be too hard on Gepetto; it can't be easy being a single dad. And you look good ;)

  2. I think you look good too! Just make sure your photo isn't back-lit next time and you won't have to fight w/ it so much. That's my lazy girl tip of the day ;-)

  3. I love elastapants. Seriously, not ashamed.

    You look great!

  4. I meant to tell you before that I love your mom gone crazy bangs. Love them .

    And I'm a big fan of the head tilt. I do it for all of my Facebook selfies.

  5. Sorry Mike is sick - hope he recovers soon!!

  6. we have had the same generous bug through our house - no fun. But I think you look great and actually love your glasses!

  7. Oh no! That's a senior picture head-tilt? Well then color me 18 because I don't know any other way to do it.

    I wear elastapants until they literally won't stay on. Which

  8. I love the bangs. You have a bang face. Which sounds sort of gross.

  9. Look how cute you girls are! Congrats on the church date.
    And now I need cookie dough...

  10. You look sassy and cute. I love it!

  11. You totally rock maternity pants!!! I would have never guessed.
    Your glasses are so fun!
    Glad you got some quiet at mass. :)

  12. Um I keep maternity shirts in rotation all season long. Seasons being pregnant and not pregnant, of course. They stretch. And they are comfy.

  13. Just checking in to let you know that I still love your bangs :)

  14. I second Colleen's comment and I need to add that your glasses are perfect.

  15. You poor thing I was there a few weeks ago and it is miserable you are not a baby at all, hang in there! Enjoy your cookie dough!

  16. I love your glasses!

    I've been talking weekly bump pictures and I've noticed that I do a head tilt too. Not sure why though . . . .