Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too much talking, volume 2

Too bad people aren't voting for a Loser of the Year award, or else I would win- no contest- for accidentally hitting the "publish" button instead of "save" on this post earlier. I was just adding adding another funny thing that one of the girls said. What? You don't keep a draft going at all times in blogger of things your kids say? You should.

In any case, so as to not look like a total idiot and to prove to the world that I do in fact know how to spell and use capital letters in their correct place, I give you the finished product.

While I was nursing Lucy, Bernadette walked in looking something like the above picture and said:

"Hello Mrs Phiffelfaff! Are you a very sensible mother?"
To which I laughed
Then Naomi chuckled and added: "She's quite the character!"
And Bernadette put an end it to it with: "I'm not quite the character!"

As I was snuggling with Naomi the other day (a rare occurrence anymore) she looked at me and said:

"Sometimes I think you're pregnant. And then you're not."

She always knows the right thing to say

While cooking dinner, Naomi and I had the following conversation:
Noami: Mama...
Me: What?
Naomi: Do you know what's climbing up your stomach in snublets?
Me: What?
Naomi: Come on out and I will show you....
I walked into the other room with her...
There was nothing. How I wish there would have been something.

This morning while trying to get out the door Bernadette looked at Lucy sitting quietly in her car seat and said sternly: "Be sensible, Lucy!"
What is with the word sensible?

As I was laying on the floor with Lucy, Naomi walked over and said:
"Oh hi! I see you have a little cutie pie there!"
You know, like an 80 year old man say when they see you with your baby.

And because I am sure I am leaving you pining for more pictures of my offspring, here is a picture of Bernadette's new pose that she begs me to photograph her in every time the camera is out:
the new planking


  1. HAHA! These are hilarious! I think the second one is my favorite though!

  2. I'm telling you, it's all of those Saint movies!

  3. I am astounded everyday at what comes out of the toddler's mouths. Every day. It's fascinating, really.

  4. What, praytell, is a snublet?!?! (I had to say praytell since your daughters are british...obviously.) That pose is hysterical :)

  5. so funny! B looks like she's auditioning for ANTM!

  6. Love! I think reading what other people's kids say is my favorite... even more so than birth stories (and that's saying a lot) :)

  7. I cannot tell you how hard I am laughing at "the new planking". Oh my. Love.

  8. You know what's worse than hitting publish instead of save? Going back & putting any previously published awkward/uncomfortable posts in draft form, then realizing you're just being silly & that no one would ever read that far back in your blog, so you hit publish again. Do you know what that does?!?! It re-sends all those awkward posts to all your subscribers in one bulk e-mail. So embarassing.

    Number two was my fave! And as a former English teacher, I am so excited about your daughters' vocabulary. Just think of their future SAT scores!!!! :-)

  9. They are hilarious!! They ARE quite the characters :)

  10. They are so lucky to have sisters to play with. Your girls are so creative and funny!

  11. Oh my goodness I just KNOW this is going to happen to me someday...I am constantly saving stuff in draft...

    I am so glad you keep track of these in draft though, they are HILARIOUS :)

  12. Hilarious! You just made my morning :)

  13. oh. my. this is TOO funny. you need to do some mothering posts on how to raise such interesting people. (not joking.)