Monday, February 25, 2013

pure excitement

Like Grace, I have been feeling extremely iffy about the bloggy these days. Almost every time I post anything anymore, I think "well, that's pretty much the dumbest/worst thing anyone has ever blogged in the history of people blogging" and then I continue with a string of other self-deprecating thoughts about how I should really stick to reading and not writing and the world would probably be better off if Time Flies accidentally got deleted and not archived.

I blame the hormones and also the weather, but no one needs to worry (I can hear you all gasping for air) I am not going anywhere. I took a whole 1.75 days off of blogging, per Kelly's recommendation in Grace's com box (because I read comments like a creep) and I think it might help to get back to the bare bones of what this blog is about anyways: sharing way too many minute, mundane life details with all of the world via the interwebs through an odd mix of bragging and complaining for my own sanity and my mother's enjoyment.

Right, so this morning found us out of milk, all things rice (cakes, chex... ok just those 2, but I eat an alarming amount of both these days) and cork boards to round out the girls' new room decorations. So off to the store we headed, all 4 of us, like always. I could feel the migraine setting in as I pulled into the parking space, but that has never stopped me before and on we pressed.

The trip went as it always does, with all the predictable coping mechanisms in place along the way:

first- free cookie for the girls from the bakery
get some groceries
second-stop at the lobsters and stare and then bid them farewell (always a morbid stop)
get some more groceries
third- see the fish tanks in the pet section and the Finding Nemo fish tank decor
get the last of the groceries
lastly- get in line and use the promise of riding the penny horse at the end to get us all the way through the check out line

It all went great, if by great you mean I only had to use one additional bribe of a Ring Pop per girl to actually get us to the horse.
the promised (positively geriatric) penny horse

I was thrilled that the girls didn't say anything incriminating or rude to the nice/overly concerned old lady behind us while she chatted up a storm with them. They filled her ears with stories of their "little sister Lucy who is asleep in the carrier" and all about "their Aunt Hannah who is about to give birth to Leo" and the fact that Naomi "doesn't go to school but goes to Atrium and does 'works'" which I know confused the old Lady way more than she could even handle so I had to clarify that one and a bunch of other stuff that she was barely hearing through her thick winter hat and the fact that she was at least 80 years old.

The girls do not discriminate who they spill their little lives to-- wonder who they got that from?

Then came one of the most awkward/hilarious moments at the grocery store I have experienced yet. Bernadette was taking her turn on the horse as the old lady was passing us with her purchased items and Naomi said goodbye in a normal, sweet way like a normal, sweet little girl. Then it was time for Bernadette's farewell, once the lady was was about 20 feet away, Bernadette yells out at the TIP TOP of her very capable lungs:


Meijer is the name of the grocery store. 
My hope is that the lady's hat was pulled far enough over her ears and she was a semi-safe enough distance away to have not heard her. But I feel confident that the rest of the front half of the store heard her since most of them were staring at us once the declaration was made. 

I think embarrassed is probably the proper reaction to the circumstance, but I felt a strange sense of pride

I do not know where all the personality comes from, but I like it.


  1. As someone who has spent the last two years going through Meijer withdrawals (nearest Meijer is prob around 4 hours away), I have to say...I love it! They totally need to hire Bernadette as their new spokesperson. Can you imagine the commercials with their new catch phrase, "You just can't come to Meijer because you don't understand!" It would add a whole new elitism to Meijer, I think. Haha. Made my day :-)

    1. An ad campaign! Yes! Make a youtube video, Ana. It'll be a hitty McHitterson.

  2. "second-stop at the lobsters and stare and then bid them farewell (always a morbid stop)" - hysterical!

    Glad you are not going to stop blogging! I definitely would NOT approve of that decision :o)

  3. If you and Grace quit, I quit. You're not leaving me out here all by myself!! I think we are all in winter doldrums. There is much more blogging material when it is nice and everyone actually "does stuff". Also, all of us have three small children and I can't believe you guys are still blogging. It makes me force myself to write a blog every now and then. But I feel like quitting daily as well. I don't understand how the Cari's, Colleen's and Dwija's of the blogosphere do it all????

    For now, I will just demand that you continue. I read them all, but am swimming in such a sea of chaos, I barely have time to process them all and comment on each one.

  4. Props to anyone who blogs with kids around. I love your blog, it's real, it's funny, please don't stop!!!

  5. Good on you for venturing out and deciding to not leave us loyal readers without your witticisms and pictures of your beautiful girls.

  6. I love your blog. I just discovered it yesterday and by the time I'd scrolled to the bottom of the page it was one of my favorites.

    As you described your trip to the store I thought "going to the fish tank, that sounds like us!"

    And then I saw Sandy the Meijer's horse today and now I like it even more, since my four year old thinks Sandy is pretty much the greatest thing on earth. And since these days Meijer is pretty much my favorite place since with the snow and our three little ones I haven't been leaving the house except to go to Meijer so I look forward to it way, way more than it's normal to look forward to grocery shopping.

    Anyways, I'm so glad to have discovered your blog! Hi!

  7. hahaha! I love it! And I am totally with you on the bribery. :)

  8. Ok, you and Grace are totally bumming me out. As I posted on her comments, I enjoy reading both of your blogs because you're both in the post-partum with two other little kids around boat. I have a rough day and I come here or there and find out that you did too and I can commiserate, or maybe you didn't and then I have hope for tomorrow. Keep the posts coming - we other moms like 'em even if they are boring to you!

  9. You and Grace need to stop with the quitting talk. Seriously. And congrats on your new nephew! Just saw your FIL's post on FB. Happy Day!

  10. I love reading your posts! Don't stop writing them!

    One of my cousins is 19 years old, but our family still tells the story of when, as a young'n and inspired by The Lion King, he yelled "And if you ever come back, we'll kill ya!" to an old couple. So maybe things could've been worse for you?!

  11. I'm so impressed you went to the store with all your girls! I've given up going with mine, and I only have two. And I'm really glad I'm not alone in using bribes. Ring pops for the win! :-)

  12. Hahahahaha! Thanks for the giggle. :)

  13. You must keep writing, i just started following your blog a few months ago and it is so so nice to know there are other moms at home loving on/being driven crazy by their 3 little kids! Seriously, my kids are almost exactly the same ages as yours, my youngest being a 13 week old girl and I get many a laugh from the descriptions of your days with your kids. It's often nearly identical to mine :)

    And yeah I gave up on going to the grocery store with all 3 of mine after one attempt, so you are braver than I!

  14. I hope this comment comes across as the compliment it's meant to be....I'm sure it could easily be taken as an insult. But I really love your blog. I stalked it forever before getting up the courage to comment (so not like me) because-I mean-you're Scott Hahn's daughter-in-law! I was star-struck! Ha! Scott and Kimberly have played such a huge role in my faith formation. Meeting them felt like meeting celebrities. And reading your blog and seeing that you struggle with the same things I do, that you're not a perfectly put-together Catholic who never messes up, that you let your girls watch TV-well I guess it gave me hope that I can live an authentic Catholic life too without being perfect. Does that make sense? Like I said, not an insult. Even if it seemed like one.