Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I did this weekend (with WIWS)

We'll start with what I wore today so as to not keep you in the crazy suspense I know you'd be in waiting to see what I put on to wrangle kids throughout Mass (notnotnot). Then I'll end with a mash up of Naomi's birthday fun, for the moms (mine and Mike's, that is).

As much as I love Palm Sunday and Mass, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel exactly like the kid who went running out of Mass after me yelling "WOOOHOOO!!" this morning.

The readings were beautiful, the songs were actually good, the Mass was perfect.
But the children... I will not go any further, I am sure it was not a walk in the park for any of you with little ones sitting through the passion narrative either (if it was I am really happy for you, but please don't tell me about it).

So now I'll join the other FLAPers for the more materialistic part of the post where I'm back in the skirt from college that I was thrilled still fit after a birthday weekend with cake, donuts and Red Robin:

Also. it is official: it is going to be cold FOREVER.
And because you need another...

Skirt & tights: Gabes
Shoes: Goodwill (Style & Co?)
Ruffly, mustard number: Target
Cardi: Gap
Glasses: Firmoo
Necklace: Target

Click over for more!
On to the birthday fun.
First there were donuts and gifts:
I will never admit to the fact that I instiuted birthday morning donuts for our family because I love love love donuts so much. Never.

2 most favorite presents from Grammy and Nana (never from the uncool parents, whatev.)
Then later in the morning we went bowling, and it was awesome.
I forgot my camera so we had to settle for grainy phone pictures, but I had to capture the magic of bowling with a 4-year-old. I would definitely recommend it as a birthday activity, it was a little pricey, but justifiable for the special occasion.

Pictures in order:
1- she's been asking to go to the building with the enormous ball on it for at least a year; 
2-that was right after she exclaimed "This is the BEST day of my life!!" (really? all four years of it?); 3- that ball slide was fantastic; 
4- really glad I brought bananas for Bernadette to eat while watching the game and even gladder that no one called CPS for the placement of the bumbo on the bowling alley table.

I think I have given adequate attention to the 4th birthday and you will never hear of it again.
Unless I think of something else to say.


  1. Cute, cute, cute outfit! I am loving yellow more and more...

  2. Great outfit, love the pop of color!
    Soloing with all 3, long mass ~ went directly to quiet room and just tried to keep them in the pew; mostly succeeded.

  3. Mass was so terrible for in the church (mine definitely included) that the priest commented on it during announcements. It was bad. Very bad.

    You, however, look adorable.

  4. Skirt from college? Go you!

    You look beautiful, as usual. And the yellow is all sunshiny, even if you are still braving the same arctic weather we are.

  5. I love that nice pop of yellow! It feels like it has been/will be cold forever here too! Bring on the warm weather!

  6. Wow! How adorable you look today! Outfit is so cute, and you're going to have to either lose some wave or do a post on how to get your hair that awesome!

    AND I know you didn't want to hear about it, but thanks to A LOT of stickers and a VERY interactive mother, my whole one child did quite wonderfully during the passion narrative this morning - that was the reading right?

  7. Happy birthday, Naomi!!! And Ana...just a wee bit jealous that you look so fabulous in your skirt FROM COLLEGE??? Seriously? After having three babies?? You look great!

  8. You look great - LOVE the ruffley mustard shirt! Mass was Tough today. Yes, that's a capital t on purpose!

  9. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  10. Longest. Mass. EVER.

    (you are hotty mchotness!)

  11. I'm with everyone else...I love the yellow! So fun! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE donuts. I should also implement that as a birthday tradition...

  12. 1. Your hair looks awesome!
    2. So does your face! (But seriously, look at you smiling!)
    3. You totally rock the mustard (in my head I call that color goldenrod because I think mustard is gross and goldenrod sounds prettier)
    4. How are you so skinny with doughnuts for breakfast? If only that could be an every day tradition!

  13. Love the yellow. And our girls must be about the same ages. Go, us!

  14. At first I thought the palm leaves would be a good distraction to get the kids through mass....until they almost took out the left eye of gentleman behind us. 17 times.

    skirt from college?? You're my hero.

    donuts for birthday breakfast? You're my hero forever.

  15. First, I love your term "FLAPers"! It made me laugh :) Second, Love the yellow, even with it being SO cold in your neck of the woods it looks happy and warm!

  16. you are beautiful! loved your outfit and now I want to go bowling! Happy birthday to Naomi! And I believe someone else has a birthday coming up... ;)


  17. Aww, Happy Birthday Naomi!!
    Ya, we have donuts for breakfast on any major holiday... birthdays... pms days... etc etc. Best tradition. Ever.
    And you look super cute! But please say it won't really be cold forever because I am OVER it!!!

  18. 1. Love your outfit.
    2. Adorable birthday cuteness! (We were celebrating birthdays over the weekend - so much fun!)
    3. I am on your blog roll?? Really?? Thank you, what an honor!!
    Have a blessed Holy Week and a very joyful Easter!!

  19. Fitting into a skirt from college deserves a donut to reward yourself! :)

  20. Birthday donuts! What a great tradition!!! The girls look pleased about it as well.