Sunday, April 21, 2013

what the ladies wore

So many things could have been done differently this morning to make Mass go more smoothly. For starters:
- we could have not brought any children at all,
- we could have decided against siting in the 2nd row of a totally packed church for a full length Mass,
- right in front of a family with 7 perfectly behaved children,
- who were singing all the words to all the hymns,
- and participating like normal human beings,
- we could have left the kids at home.

I don't usually do the grading system for the minions, but this morning warrants it at the very least for documentation, that way if Naomi ever tries to claim that she was actually well behaved at that one Mass in late April in 2013 I can direct her here:
Naomi: F
Bernadette: F
Lucy: A+++++++ 

Defiance was at an all-time high mingled with demands for anyone 30 or more pounds to be held by ONLY MOMMY and the loudest talking in the middle of the quietest parts of the Mass with a side of tantrums.

I've been fighting rewarding myself with a post-Mass drink so that I might be sober enough to go for a nap-time run to help take care of the new and improved junk food pooch that was acquired during the family visit this weekend.

With all that said, here's what I wore:

Lest you be fooled: it was actually freezing and I am sucking it in.

Skirt and Cardi: Target
Shoes: Thifted
Shirt: J Crew from The Bay

And here is a WIWS picture of Bernadette taking a WIWS picture of Naomi and Lucy.
In case anyone was doubtful that I am screwing them up, doubt not. And Bernadette did not wear those boots.

The End.

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  1. prettiest mom in all of the hemispheres. all of them.

    let's just cage the kids and put them somewhere sound proof.

  2. I love that shirt..and cardi.

  3. Sympathy for the rough Mass experience.
    Beautiful outfit! Love the gray/pink combo!

  4. Lovely ensemble, Ana! The pink, grey, and black look great together. Sorry about the rough Mass; it reminds me that going to Mass alone as a single girl is something I should appreciate. For now, at least ; )

    xo, M

  5. You and Grace should swap kids for Mass (if you were closer). Your kids are ALWAYS better behaved for other people. Always.

  6. So beautiful! And we split masses today so I would not resort to the bottle. I'm not sure it worked, though I haven't taken a sip yet :) I absolutely love the detail on the shirt and the pink makes it so feminine without being uber saccharine. Really love the outfit this week, and your reflections make me laugh and feel like I'm not alone. Thank you. :)

  7. That picture of the girls - too funny! Damien and Hanna came to me yesterday (after playing quietly, always dangerous...), Hanna with underwear on her head, Damien with some small girl tights on his, and asked for my camera (phone). "Mom, we need to do fashion."

  8. Beautiful! You are not a wimp like jacket was not coming off.