Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Favorites, Camp Patton Style

Joining Grace for some favorites today while Hallie enjoys her time with family.

You don't say, Ana! Seriously, I know. I am sure the reason that every lady doesn't have "chocolate" in her 5 favorites weekly is because it is a given, but there are a few chocolate things bringing me extra joy lately, and I am kind of cheating by including all three, sorry, Hallie (or Grace, or both). First: peanut butter no-bakes plus 1/2 cup of cocoa powder- A-mazing. Second: chocolate cheerios, or any generic variation. Mike and I polished off a box in a day earlier this week and never looked back. And third: THESE Nutella cookies. Make them. Make them NOW! 4 ingredients, the primary one being Nutella. Need I say more?!?! Just make them and eat them all.
There is very little that I hate more than being overly hot. I know that they say that modest is hottest, but they have not seen Ana in weather warmer than 70 degrees. I love warm weather, I just hate sweating. Also we don't have AC. SO my coping mechanism is shorts, and not Bermuda length shorts- that is too much leg coverage for me. The lower right hand picture is the longest length I can handle and I found some super airy brightly colored linen numbers at Old Navy the other day and scooped them up for less than $5 a piece. And now my legs can breath!!! 


Due to Lucy's ever-growing and ever-unruly locks (see above striped shirt picture), which have seriously exceeded all my baby hair expectations-- the expectation being that it would all fall out and take forever to grow back-- I have had to start tying it up in one of these top knot numbers. I was totally unable to get her to smile for a picture this morning, which brings me to my next one...
Nothing says "classy" like blogging about your baby's bowl habits. I'll keep it quick. Earlier in the week I was resorting to unfortunate means to produce some results for poor little stopped-up Lucy, and since going forward things have not remained regular for her I was really hoping to find an alternative measure to take to help her out. Enter prune concentrate. I was skeptical upon giving it to her in a bottle with a little juice (don't stone me!) but I got her to drink it all, laid her down for a nap, and immediately upon waking she had some sweet, sweet relief. I am sold.

The jury is still out on this particular color, but even though I might not love it, I love that it is bright. I have looked at my nails several times today and been all too pleased with how fun and bright they are. They just scream summer at me. And then I tell them to shut up because enough people are screaming at me during the day. And then Mike starts to worry about how much I am talking to my nails. Alright enough.

Head over to Grace's for more wonderful things!


  1. Oh my gosh, yes, I am so into the bright nail colors this season!

    You look adorable in your shorts, btw, but I can't be certain it's the outfit or the cute baby accessory!

    Christie @ Everything to Someone

  2. Thanks for the tip about the shorts- anything that won't hug my thunder thighs is good.

    Speaking of thunder thighs, I'm adding those cookies to my "to-bake" list now!

  3. I love those shorts! I agree, weather over 80's means shorts are A-OK. And love the mom-baby matchy matchy stripes. :)

  4. Totally filing away that prune juice concentrate idea for little girl #2...if she ends being as prone to back up as her sister was!!!

    And seriously, do you look that good in shorts after having three kids?!

  5. Totally agree. On all 5. And I live in Phoenix so I hardly even bother buying pants anymore. Shorts, please!
    As for your nails...super cute! Sometimes nothing will perk me up quite as fast as looking down at nicely manicured's the little things that make getting through some days possible, am i right?!

  6. Our girls are prune juicers too. I got the Sunsweet kind and mixed and with at least half water. Sometimes my 3 yr old begs for prune juice now! Though a teacher at her preschool told me that prune juice (not concentrate) is not the best tasting stuff in the world and also recommended the Sunsweet plum juice because its taste and texture is a step up from the prune juice. We've tried both and both are asked for - by at least the talking girl -and work (maybe not as fast as your stuff though : )

  7. Great list, have come to the same conclusion about colorful nails.
    Glad you found something to help a poor baby out.
    Love Nutella, have never tried the cereal.

  8. Nutella cookies might be the end of me. I love Nutella waay too much. Also agree that being too hot is the worst. Your shorts are adorable, I'll have to check out Old Navy.

  9. yes to the shorts! I've done several years with bermudas and skirts but I'm done! Give me the shorts!

    And the pic of you and Lucy matching is precious.

  10. Ana - nutella and cookies and the like...are you trying to kill me? Just went on WW this week so I have to be good. Are you still counting points, and please share some yummy low point recipes with me. i'm starrrrving!

  11. Hmmm....that prune stuff. Mads has issues too..on the regular. Cheers. ps. those shorts! steal.

  12. The Nutella cookies will make some people in my house insanely happy.

  13. If I could pull off shorts the way you do I'd hop into a pair right now!