Wednesday, May 15, 2013

five good things

Joining Hallie who helps me hop out of my usual glass-half-empty mind set and think of things that make me smile a tiny bit. 


Because some days you just need a flippin nanny. Mike just recently seriously injured his back, and even though he keeps trying to help me, the fact that he can not turn his head to look at me and is constantly walking looking a little like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame (fitting, isn't it?), tells me he's pretty much out of commission for the time being. So after a night of at least 5 wakings from the 3 girls combined, plus an extra early wake time thanks to a nice, loud thunder storm, I just gave in and let the practically perfect day-care provider take over. Over two and a half hours of movie run time for me to: 1) sleep more 2) drink coffee 3) do a 15 minute workout 4) shower 5) not look like I just rolled out of bed after a night of barely any sleep and 6) get dinner in the crock pot. If you can stomach the movie, it is sooooo worth it. If you're wondering whether you've read a post in the past on this very same subject, indeed you have.


I don't know if it was inspiration from Grace or being told to "bring it" 30 too many times, but I have broken up with Miss Michaels for the time being and am loving it. My great friend Sarah told me about this "tabata" timing workout and sent the link to check it out and while I initially avoided it due to lack of motivation, I have given in and decided to go for a different 30 day plan. It is really short and kind of pathetic how hard it actually is for me, but it's also been good for me to admit to myself that I am just not in the shape I was before I got pregnant with Lucy (thanks to Jillian who got me into that shape) and that's ok. I'll surely not neglect to let you all know how it is going.


One of my real life and blog friends, Alexandra, made some for us a while ago and it lasted forever and smells terrific. Then Heather the sweetest sent us some with the snowman that I won and we are still playing with it. Above are some "skulls" that Naomi made yesterday, because my kids are not weird or borderline scary at all. Learn how to make it HERE.


I just really like them and buy them too much. I can't stop.

Stop. Just stop. You need to stop growing right now, Lucy. 
I cannot believe it was 7 whole months ago that I first held her as a sweet little newborn and while I still look at her like she is one, she is certainly not so much anymore. *Single tear*. She's the sweetest little thing and just hit the best stage: sitting up by herself but no movement at all. Love her.


  1. Seriously, all that hair!!! We can barely even classify the fuzz on the girls' heads as hair and Lucy's practically ready for french braids and sock buns!

  2. A million dittos to #1!! Except our babysitter of choice is The Muppet Movie ;-)

  3. Although Mary P got me in trouble baby sitting one time. The kids begged to watch it, and I said they could stay up until it was done. Little did I know it was two hours long... at their bedtime about 45 minutes before it was over I had some sad kids on my hands. lol :)

  4. Whatever about Mary Poppins (and I *love* that movie!). We went through 2+ weeks of the flu in the house a few weeks ago. When that was coupled with my already being super tired all the time due to pregnancy we actually maxed out our internet plan because of Netflix's Watch Instantly. Barney, Dora, Dragon Tales, My Little Ponies, Bob the Builder. Episode after episode. See! There's always someone who's doing worse than you are. Glad I could boost your self esteem.

  5. Just for exercise variety, Jenny Uebbing posted about this blog for crossfit - it's really great and I like it becuase it's different every day.

  6. Oh, Bonnie and Ana, I am the queen of the screen time nanny. We recently got rid of cable, so it is PBS kids and Veggie Tales on repeat. I haven't tried full length movies yet...there is a novel concept! And oh, how short but sweet that time of sitting up but not moving is. We are all about movement here at 10 mos and 2 1/2. All.the.time.moving! I should be sleeping. :)

  7. We are in that stage too and everyone keeps telling me it's the best stage ever. I really need to start appreciating it as much as I can. Is it bad to try and prevent her from crawling??

  8. Lucy is so so cute with that pigtail! Xander has the same music toy as her, I think it's a sign. Why am I always pimping my kids out?

  9. So cute! I remember that age (although it is somewhat blurry....)

    New reader here, will be back to read more. :)


  10. Super stoked about the exercise routine. It's on my to done list!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. i have a ridiculous amount of jello here and that recipe will be the perfect excuse to use some of it. awesome. thanks!

    ps I have a stripe addiciton, too, but it's on hiatus while I'm preggers. only one striped shirt for the time being.

  12. What a cutie baby. And love the jello playdough idea!

  13. I love when they can sit but not crawl! Best.