Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mike Check

Upon coming out of the girls room after they had gotten up for at least the 10th time after laying them down for bed, Mike said:
"Sometimes you've just gotta spank them. Why?... Why not?"
"The spanking one makes me sound a bit mean, no?"

 Talking to me about the dead transplanted bush in the back yard, Mike said:
"Its a disgrace to bushes everywhere, we call it 'George W'"

Getting ready to head home from dinner at a friend's house, Mike looked at a wobbly Lucy, who I was holding, and said:
"We should probably wait to go home until she's sobered up"

During a conversation about North Korea's constant empty threats, Mike said sarcasticaly- in the voice of North Korea:
"No really, we're really seriously going to bomb you this time, like for reals, we're going to nuke you... Gangham Style."

Ana: "What are you going to do for me for mother's day?"
Mike, dismissively: "I didn't realize I had been birthed by you."

Mike, confused as to my uncharacteristically cheery disposition, asked me: "Are you drunk?"
Ana: "No, I'm just in a good mood."
Mike: "So this is what that looks like!"


  1. HAHAHA. okay those last two -- Simon twin. Esp the last one. Simon NEVER trusts a good mood. EVER.

  2. Yeah, my husband always thinks something's wrong if I'm smiling when he gets home. Which reminds me that I've GOT to go to the liquor store when he walk in the door.

  3. Like the sober her up comment!

    Just tell him, he is to provide the transportation and resources to execute Bernadette and Naomi's gift plans.

  4. Haha, birthed by you. Snort. You should just ask him if he would like to birth the next child. I bet you'll get Mother's Day flowers real quick.

  5. Love these! Similar to the good mood - I was wearing a dress yesterday when Will got home. The first words out of his mouth when he walks in the door "Where are you going?" I guess I need to wear real clothes more often or something.

  6. He's too smart with the comebacks. That little stinker. :)

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  8. Those last two were the best--quite funny!

  9. I agree - the last two were hilarious! My husband says the same thing about Mother's Day - but he does always "assist" our boys in planning something nice!