Friday, May 3, 2013

Seven for the Man

Today I am giving 7 quick takes to the man of this house and my much better half. Why? Because sometimes you just have to give credit to the person who keeps you happy (even when you're damn near impossible to please), helps you not lose your mind and keeps your home from falling apart.

1: Lately I've been a little  *volatile*. I saw a picture in my APOTD of an eruption on the Sun, which I think most aptly portrays me right now:

you don't know when the explosion will happen, but it will burn your face off when it does.
Who knows why? There's no point in trying to figure it out, but Mike has been a real champ at staying patient with me even when I bite his head off for any of the following:
  • looking at me
  • not looking at me
  • telling me my hair looks good
  • not telling me my hair looks good
  • coming up to help me with the girls
  • not coming up to help me with the girls
  • saying something encouraging
  • not saying something encouraging
  • him being alive

2: Instead of getting irritated with me, or at least instead of expression any irritation, he went ahead and stayed up until 2 a.m. last night folding all of the laundry to "give me a more encouraging start to my morning". I have married a gem.

3: And he is going to cater to his ultra-paranoid wife who does not want to be left at home alone for any length of over-night time and is taking us with him to Kalamazoo for a conference coming up soon. This means he will be spending most of his spare time hanging out with me and helping me with the girls instead of listening to talks on stuff he loves, having alone time, praying, sleeping, etc... I hope he has already thought all of this through...

(This also means with will get to crash Dwija's pad for an afternoon while he gives his talk, which I hope she does not regret for the rest of her life.)

4: THEN at the end of the month, he is letting me jaunt off to Steubenville for an entire weekend with one- only ONE!!-child so that me and Lucy can be at my little sister's bridal shower. He will be staying at home with the toddler tyrants.

5: He recently blew me out of the water by finishing his dissertation proposal several months early-- it's not due until August. If it were me I would have started working on it some time in mid-July, but then I'm a real go-getter.

6: He worked his behind off to get the above proposal done so that he could apply for more funding for the summer to feed his family because we're a hungry bunch.

7: He's a stand-up guy and an all around gentleman. Also, he's a hottie.

 Head over to Jen's for less nauseatingly sappy takes now!

*this post has not been approved my Mike and does not necessarily reflect any of his ideas or opinions.


  1. The laundry Take is the best! My husband always knows.. if I am cranky, he should probably just clean something... anything... and I will cheer up!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if my husband regrets marrying me. Oh well... no backsies. :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon, but in the meantime glad you are being well cared for.
    Congrats to him on getting his proposal submitted!!

  4. Congratulations to your husband on his proposal! I will also be at that conference at Kalamazoo (or, at least, how many big conferences could there be in Kalamazoo in mid-May that draw graduate students?).

    If I run into a Mike who looks like your husband I'll tell him I read his wife's blog, that wouldn't be awkward in any way.

  5. 1. There must be something in the air. Except you can add crying at no particular reason or because you burnt the cheese on the pizza to my list. I was also chalking it up at being 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

  6. How cool to have chance to hang out with Dwija! Prayers for your family that the trip will turn out to be a blessing for all.

  7. Keep my sister far, far away from your blog! She's 19 and in a melodramatic "OH! All the gorgeous, devout Catholic boys are priests or taken!" phase.

  8. Jealous that you get to be with Dwija. And I have to remark that upon looking at the photos of Mike with the girls, and all their happiness, I have a sneaking suspicion that no one in the toddler tyrant department will mind spending the weekend alone with Daddy...!