Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Favorites

Joining Hallie and so many other lovely ladies for some very good things because it's my favorite thing to do on Wednesday.

This dress-to-shirt alteration

I found the awkward length dress at a garage sale during my parent's weekend visit for $1, and while I did kind of want a denim dress, I wanted a short sleeved denim shirt more. I love love love my old navy denim number, but it is just getting too hot out for the button down long sleeve look. So I took off some length, hemmed it right up, then took down the sleeves from their weird rolled and buttoned up look. I am wearing it right now while the girls play in my next favorite thing...

Don't worry, there is less than an inch of dirty swamp water in there. And what are they doing? Playing bed time, of course. What else are you supposed to do in a baby pool? Seriously, this thing has kept them occupied with non-destructive play for over 2 full hours in the last two days. It is incredible.

While I am not a huge fan of wrangling all three girls and the energy that it takes, I do so love the South Bend zoo. There is a great assortment of animals in a really small area so you can get super close to them. 90% depressing, 10% fun, but still fun. Yesterday we were feeding some rather sizable fish in one of the zoo ponds and some sort of crane bird with an enormous beak swooped down and devoured one of the fish right in front of us, like we were watching the discovery channel. 90% disturbing, 10% awesome, but still awesome.

I will not say much, except that my dishes are finally clean, without me scrubbing them down before loading them in the dishwasher. I feel like a queen. It is amazing.

Both this writing desk and my new dishwasher were given to us by my parents this past weekend they are both favorites. This belonged to my mother's late parents and they had it specially hand made by their favorite wood-worker. The top part folds down to cover all my junk and there are lots of fun compartments to put even more of my junk in. The prettiest junk holder I have ever seen. Yes, that is a cocktail sitting on top.


  1. Great job with the alteration! It's very cute. :) I didn't realize you were in South Bend. We spent the first two years of our married life there and had our first child at St. Joseph's hospital. Hubby was pursuing his PhD at ND and taught at St. Joseph's high school. Crazy, beautiful, challenging times! Love the desk and the dishwasher. You've been very blessed this week. :)

  2. Excellent job on the alteration!
    Love our baby pool, and dishwasher too! Beautiful desk!

  3. I love the alteration..super cool!

  4. Baby pools rock! Or, if you are cheap like me, you let your kids just dig a hole in the (rented) backyard. And fill with water. And play Hippos in Africa or whatever it is they are doing out there....

  5. The alteration is adorable! I love longer shirts, b/c I can wear them with form fitting skinny jeans or tights and not feel like I'm scandalizing anyone! I CAN SOOOO RELATE TO THE DISHWASHER LOVE!! Last winter my husband bought me a new one - let's just say there were tears before the purchase and tears after - I was a royal mess. But, having clean dishes is such a joy!

  6. Can you move to Phoenix and open a wardrobe transformation shop? I need someone like you in my life. I'll provide the cocktails!

  7. Oh wow, that shirt is pretty dang cute. And dishwashers, yes, awesome.

  8. That shirt is adorable! I'm so impressed by your alteration talent.

  9. Loovvreee the desk- and the cocktail of course!

  10. That shirt is so great, and I love the desk! Baby pools def. seem like THE best kiddo entertainment in the summer.

  11. Our neighbor let her daughter spend some allowance money on a plastic pool last year. It has been the favorite of my kids and all the rest of the neighborhood every since. We put it on the driveway and fill it with hose water. It entertains them all for ours. We call it The Redneck Country Club!