Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Happenings

In case you are perusing the interwebs for random, mind numbing information that you didn't know you didn't want to know... 

I tried to set the coffee timer at night to go off the next morning and accidentally brewed a whole pot at 11 p.m.

I bought a bathing suit and didn't feel totally horrible about myself even though I am definitely not back to pre-Lucy weight. It's nice to know that at almost 30 I'm finally making some progress in the self-image department.

I was at Target yesterday and the lady in front of me was buying something like 11 bottles of wine and turned to me to explain that she was not a drunk but rather was just stocking up on her favorite wine. She went on about how good the wine is and I said I was tempted to go buy a bottle but she let me know she had gotten the last of them. She happened to be parked next to me in the lot and as I was loading up she sweetly handed me a bottle of the wine and would not let me give it back or pay her. It made my life.

The bottle of wine is now gone.

Prior to the fortuitous Target wine donation I was at the Goodwill scoring tons of junk and a sweet little lady walked up to me and handed me a $5 off coupon, just to be nice. When did people become so good?

Lucy went ahead and started crawling for realz.

She also eats normal people food now.

The soul sucking potty training endeavor did suck our souls from us but did not actually work. It was an epic fail complete with vomit, tons and tons of tantrums topped with meltdowns and in the end we gave up for a while. That is what I get for not listening to my mother's best advice ever: "THE LONGER YOU WAIT THE EASIER IT IS" Got it.

I wore a dress to Mass, tried to photograph it and failed at that too. But I'll link up anyways.

I tried a sock bun for the first time. I liked to think of it as  "the sock bun that could".

The girls were so terrible at Mass that we all just sat in the narthex the whole time. We were sitting close to the front (huge mistake) and at one point Naomi was in the aisle threatening to run to the back unless I took her to the bathroom even though she had just gone 2 minutes before. Not to mention the fact that she was yelling louder than the priest in the middle of the homily necessitating the exodus out of the church proper to stay. Oh wait, I just mentioned it.

I made this blueberry lemon pizza and eat at least 1/3 of it myself.

I am sure I could go on but life is hard enough, so I will stop. Have a great Sunday evening! Hit up the FLAP ladies for more outfit action! 


  1. That dress is amazing! And my floor is covered in pee too.

  2. Yay for the generosity of strangers, boo for tough Mass behavior.
    Cute dress!

  3. "The sock bun that could"; I love it! And that is a cute dress.

  4. Haha! Good stuff. Liked this post a lot.

  5. Ah! Lucy crawling and eating real food! What a few weeks can do :)

  6. Awww, free wine? Gotta love the Midwest.

    I am never potty training my kids on purpose again. They can go ahead and beg for it when they're ready. Joey was 100% trained before we got on that 10 hour flight last month, and now...

  7. Love the dress. Sorry about the potty training. I guess that blows the myth that girls are SO easy to potty train.....!!

  8. Just in the interest of letting comparison be the CAUSE of joy...I gave up COMPLETELY on potty training my kids. And they potty trained THEMSELVES completely (well, not, ya know, continuing to keep the bar low for mothers everywhere) just prior to their 4th birthdays. FOUR YEARS OLD. ok? And no one has needed therapy yet. And if anyone wants to shame me, I'm immune. :) And I just love lovely strangers; hooray for your bottle of wine!

  9. You look fantastic, Ana! I just love your blog. Keep up the good work. :) -Diana Anderson