Tuesday, November 19, 2013

copy cat confessions

I always love when Grace does these posts. Always, always, always. I have oft wished that she would go ahead and make it into a weekly (or bi- or tri-weekly, whatever) link-up to give me a greater chance to be unoriginal in a less shameful way.

Anywho, this post has not been approved by Grace but I am going to just go ahead and copy cat the day away, even the format of the post, everything. Let's just hope it's not copy written because you know that Grace and how she's always suing people. Kidding. I think.

Confessions for the week and go:

Mean Mom. It is a fact that Bernadette is my ultra sensitive child. It is also a fact that, often without thinking at all about it, my normal talking voice to the girls is more of a gruff bark than the gentle tender voice you would think a mother of three dainty little girls should have. It has come to the surface way more recently because whenever I do succeed at thinking about the way I am speaking and do so in a gentler way to the girls, a rarity indeed, Bernadette will exclaim in her most excited voice "mommy! are you going to be nice to us now!?" Um, yes, I am. I am also going to go jump off a bridge. It basically makes me feel like a psycho, but I guess its a good reminder that I have loads to work on, because I had no idea.

Coffee problem. I would say it is caffeine in general, but it's not. Only coffee will do. All the time. And I have had some issues as of late with not being able to restrain myself when in the general vicinity of a Starbucks i.e. within 10 miles. I have been giving in way to often to get one of those incredibly festive and delightful red cups filled with the strongest brew I can get and a little white mocha pumped into it. It is the most spirit lifting substance I have ever encountered but I really need to get a grip and get off it because I am pretty sure my heart rate triples with the first sip. But oh how I love it.

Working out (OR NOT) and eating healthy (OR NOT). It is pretty bad. I have all but stopped any physical activity other than my jaunts out to the trash to throw away toxic diapers and I would say I am making up for it with ultra healthy eating, but I have 2 words for you: bacon dates. For the last few weeks I decided to couple my totally sedentary physical state with at least one night per week in which Mike and I have a date night where we make a package of bacon and eat it all by ourselves. It is the most gloriously wonderful thing ever, but it has had to stop. So this week we're done, yesterday was day one and so far we've steered clear of any bacon. No more bacon dates or Amish sugar cookies (which really were amazing, Kelly!) and making more attempts to be healthy or at least healthy's 2nd cousin. Yesterday I tried doing this crossfit circuit I found on Pinterest:

And the ONLY reason I made it through 3 times is because I don't know what a "calf raise" or a "Russian twist" is (don't tell me!! please don't! I don't want to know!) and so I just skipped them both and substituted them with resting, and yes I did think about googling what they were- thought about it. So.... I am basically Jillian's clone.

Obsessed with thredUP. I have had to pry myself away from the site because it sucks me in and keeps me there for much, much too long. I received my first polka dot box today and it pretty much made my afternoon. My favorite thing is the H&M "warm jacket" which I desperately needed to replace my old Walmart sweatshirt jacket hailing from our first year of marriage. It's time to grow up.

They have a great deal right now where you get free shipping for the rest of the year and you should totes check it out if you are in the market for getting sucked into online shopping, which I always am.

Potty training failure. I know I bragged a while ago about how wonderful potty training went, and granted that was our second attempt to train the Bernadette beast, but I should have known not to count my chicks because Down the hill we have slid and fear we will be here for some time. And it is bad. Like accidents every 2 hours bad. My gag-to-vom reflex is never stronger and in full force than when #2 makes is appearance outside the confines of a diaper or in the toilet where it belongs and there has been so much more waste clean up than I would every wish on my worst enemy. Soooo, I think I failed somewhere, or at least I failed at waiting ot say how well things were going because I have potty trained before I know should know better. They always regress, they just do (and if yours don't just don't say anything ever. To anyone.) The end.
Alright, now it's time for everyone to run to Grace and beg her to make it a link-up because it just feels good to get it off your E-chest, which sounds so creepy. 


  1. Oh, the coffee - I totally relate. Also a Starbucks addict down here. And I laughed SO loud at the "mean mommy/nice mommy" voice. And my only thought was "aaaaaand this is why God saw fit to give me boys". Lots and lots of boys!

  2. Ana! WE ALL NEED TO GO TO CONFESSION! LETS DO A LINK UP! i don't know how to and 3 people read my blog, sometimes 4, so we need a host. and great work on the CrossFit workout! I won't tell you what those other things are, you don't want to know :) there are so many great 10 minute or less work outs like that and kids can totally join in on the fun (misery).

  3. The mean mom confession has me rolling! So funny.

  4. I think YOU should host the link-up Ana! Confession is good for the soul and all...and well I'm a mean mom too. I can relate to so much of what you write.

  5. I kind of love this. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a harsh tone of voice. And potty training regression. I don't remember my first two doing that but #3 is terrible! She keeps peeing her pants in the worst spots. Please pee your pants on the wood floors not the carpet! And pretend you are doing the paleo diet with the bacon. ;)

  6. My three year old does great going to the potty with number 1 when at home, but the second we get in the car, it's like potty training went out the window...and as for number 2, I know too well what you're talking about!

    When you mentioned the other day how you don't clean too often and your kids seemed surprised, it made me think about the last time I've mopped the floor and I couldn't remember, so I mopped one room and the kids were asking all kinds of questions...like "what are you doing??"

  7. Ugh. I have so many things I could confess that relate to Mean Mom. Usually, I hear phrases like, "Are you mad for me?" (We don't have our prepositions down just yet.) or "Are you still mad for me?" or (said guardedly) "Are you happy, Mommy?" I keep telling him that I'm Nice Mommy for the first four times I tell/ask him something. Sigh...

  8. I have the same coffee problem! In fact I get really excited about staying up late-only so I have more time during the day to consume coffeee!

  9. 1) love those boots 2) poop in the panties is THE WORST! 3) that workout- get it mama! I fancy myself a worker-outer and have no intent to do that one. I'm impressed!

  10. I don't want to scare you...but my nearly FIVE year old was still having daily accidents (we started calling them bad choices after a while-because she KNEW she had to go & would actually TELL us that she knew after the fact, but decided to keep playing---WHAT!!>#$%#@$****!>!O)(!>???). But she is FINALLY doing better. She still wears a pull-up at night, and can for the rest of her life if she wants, but the potty-ing in the pants has mostly stopped. Praise God, alleluia!

  11. Ugh, we should get Bernadette and my 3 year old Peter betrothed. Then someday we can laugh heartily while they attempt to potty train their awful, pants-pooping offspring ;) So yeah....you're not alone, I'm on Potty Training Attempt #2 and it's not going as well as I'd like either. Daily accidents...lots of poop accidents....lots of "are you mad again mommy?" in a sweetly cheerful voice as I angrily wipe up toddler poop off my floor.

  12. Bacon date, you say? I had to laugh at this because I went to the store today to buy 2 packs of bacon just for the ish of it. I think I need a bacon date.

    Update: I told Mike about this and he thinks it is awesome. And he is wondering if we should do it RIGHT NOW.

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