Monday, November 25, 2013

So this is winter

Don't worry, this is not an entire post of nonstop complaining about staying in doors and cabin fever with small children; that will come in due time, my friends, and it will never stop. This is the lone period of time when all things winter have the tiniest bit of charm and make me 15% happy instead of 100% angry, mostly because the children are mesmerized, but I also like the first snow, I'm not going to lie.

However, this post has nothing to do with winter other than that picture, but rather concerns your favorite thing to talk about in the world: MY BLOG! (commence incessant eye rolling from each and every reader. I know, I'm sorry)

The onset of crazy cold, snow, and constantly being indoors should cause me to take a look at my house and work on some cleaning and organizing, but we know how I feel about that, and that sort of thing is not nearly as much fun as working on my web world of narcissism, so that's what I've been doing.

It turns out that Mike is apparently a computer genius. I knew he was smart and could figure out how to do almost anything. I also knew that when he was in high school he worked for some computer company doing techy web design things, but he was in high school, and it was THE 90S. Which of course necessitates a photo collage of Mike from his 90s high school days:

These photos were added without Mike's approval. Thank you, Hannah, for that fabulous facebook album!!

Anyways, how relevant and helpful could his dated knowledge be for me and my little bloggy? Well apparently very, because with only a little bit of effort and the use of his HTML code knowledge that apparently isn't yet obsolete, he fixed up those wonderful little social media buttons under my name and did a whole bunch of other little things to the look of the blog that I know no one else would notice but that I love love love, and he won an infinite amount of brownie points with his wifey and I will never get mad at him again. Ever. I thought I'd temper that paragraph long sentence with a one worder, I'm the best at writing.

He used this website's tutorial, which was incredibly helpful with the social media buttons, and this one for the re-sized Google Friend Connect gadget, and I spent hours (it would have been minutes if Mike was doing it) working on getting my new fancy shmancy "Sponsors" page up and running- thank you, Passion Fruit! Sooooo I am now accepting advertising, and if you're interested, hit it up!

And now I will be working tirelessly on a separate blogroll page which will be much more handy than the endless list down at the bottom of the page. My life is hard, pity me. I will certainly let you know when it is up because I always let you know about everything.


  1. Thought of you and Katrina on Saturday when we were watching the snow fly during the ND/BYU game! It's not a whole lot warmer down here in Atlanta, if it's any consolation. Mine sure would love some of that snow!

  2. yay! Don't you love it when you finally figure those things out :-) One of these days, I'll buy an ad space...

  3. It looks fabulous! Yay Mike and winter. I love it!

  4. The new look is fantastic! After having spend inordinate amounts of time on trying to figure out html for an old blog, I have found myself refusing to do ANY. THING. on the new blog. So all kinds of "WOW!" coming from this corner of blog-land!

  5. Maybe it's the aged photos and lighting, but doesn't Kimberly appear to be embracing a large cardboard cut-out of Mike? Adorable pics, Ana.

  6. It all looks great! And the first snow is always exciting. :)

  7. I'm impressed with Mike's work! Maybe I should ask Stephen to help me with the things that I want to change on my blog haha, he doesn't have any website experience but he is much more 'tech-y' than me. I think I'll send him that link ;)

  8. Oh winter in South Bend... I do not miss it! Snow before Christmas = happy. Snow after Christmas = rage. Mother nature needs to catch on.