Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes, all by myself... mostly

It's Friday, which means (long.... drawn out... over dramatic.... drum roll...) BABYSITTER DAY!!
Naturally I am at Panera blogging and linking up with Super Star Jen, but I have already done the week's grocery shopping, made a trip to Target and am going to attempt to squeeze a post office trip in before noon*. We'll see how this goes:

1) Here is the view from my lonely Panera perch:

I use "lonely" in the happiest and most liberated way.

2) I will do whatever it takes to have a little bit of solo coffee + computer time during this 3 hours, even attacking the Clothing Switch Over of 2014, combined with compiling and organizing gifted little boy clothes. It was a B of a job, but I did it early in the week so as to not have to devote any of this precious time to such a task.

3) I just finally got around to pre-ordering my copy of Something Other Than God, (by Jen Fulwiler)

because this week is Internet Money Spending Week for me (sorry Mike). I am really excited about both of Jen's books for a few reasons 1) Jen is most definitely one of my favorite bloggers ever and 2) she is  fabulous 3) I am really excited to read through her whole story and probably cry because she has a gift for making me cry (the good kind of crying). I will surely update the masses on how it goes and how much I cry.

4) What's that you said? You're dying to hear about my other internet purchases this week?
Anything for you.
As a result of the super sweet, helpful and caring readers of this blog, I got around to ordering some blood builder in an attempt to curb the preggy fatigue a little. I have magnesium oil in my Amazon cart but I am going to try this little tip from Lisa for the insomnia first since it may end up being more economical. Seriously, thank you so much for every email and comment, I am taking every tip and filing it away for this pregnancy and any others, it was so helpful and encouraging.
                         ^completely unrelated flower picture, because I like it.

5) I have made huge strides in overcoming my ebay addiction of ye old days, but this week found me obsessively watching bids on Pottery Barn baby boy crib bedding, because I am sucker for a good bid and for unnecessary baby items. Unfortunately my ebay problem may be resurfacing because I WON a fabulous bid on an entire, almost new, super cute set of bedding and the thrill of winning an awesome bid was everything I remember it being. I am refraining from getting back on the website until the remnants of the excitement wear off a little.

6) Lucy has turned into a new little person this week and is now using.. wait for it... WORDS to communicate instead of whiny finger points in the general vicinity of the thing that she wants coupled with violent head nods of affirmation or disapproval. She's not quite ready for Too Much Talking yet, but she'll get there.

Some of her newest verbal gems include:

+ BUK -- book
+ budder --  peanut butter (she loves her some PB)
+ beebee -- baby
+ teese -- cheese (cheese and peanut butter, always)
+ oooos-eye --  outside (all she ever wants)
+ sears -- up or down stairs
+ cup -- cup
+ fwaits -- strawberries (I didn't say the words always sound like words, but this is always consistent and always referring to strawberries)
+ mama -- mama (FINALLY, usually standing outside the bathroom door)
+ muk -- milk
+ zues -- juice
+ neena -- banana
- to name a few... you're welcome.

Obviously it takes a mother's ears to know what the heck she is saying and the babysitter is probably really confused right now, but I will take it.

7)  Thanks to Grace's linkage, I am among the many who have discovered Blythe's fabulous blog this week and I am loving it. I've had to pry myself away from the computer on many occasions because human beings were in need of me for survival and happiness, but I always go back. It is so good.

*Full disclosure: I am posting these during nap time and NOT babysitter time. AND thanks to being totally unprepared with the multiple packages I had to send, another post office trip is slated for this afternoon with all 3 girls, because when it comes to shooting myself in the foot, I have really great aim. 


  1. #6 had me laughing, I just had a conversation with my mom about being able to understand the kids. No it doesn't always sound like what they mean but I know that he is asking for melon when he says "wee-onzz". Lucy is adorable!

  2. Glad you are enjoying your babysitter time and using it wisely!!!

  3. The Post Office is 100% awful to begin with. I cannot imagine going in with 3 girls. Hopefully the line won't be out the door!

  4. We have those flowers at the house we are renting, and they are now some of my favorites. So sweet smelling, and one of the earliest signs of spring! Yes!

    The sad news is that the time for my flowers like that has past. But now we're onto tulips and daisies, and next up-- lilacs and columbine! :)

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who waited until the very..last..second to preorder Jen's book. Procrastination for the win!

  6. Aw thank you Ana! So happy you founda me.

  7. Well, I just found you through Grace's "better blogs" link, so not only Blythe is benefiting from the links! Love your honesty and perspective!

  8. I want to come out to panera with you! Such luxury!

  9. Ok, I just need a tutorial on how to cruise Ebay. I feel like I am always finding all the shady listings for cheap clothing from Korea.