Monday, April 14, 2014

bleeding gums and baby bumps

Greetings from the land of teething babies, volatile albeit hilarious toddlers and preschoolers and women getting more pregnant by the day. Or just one woman.

I started writing multiple posts last week, each of which I stared at at about half way through, knew that there was no way on God's good earth I would ever subject the public to the likes of whatever nonsense I was typing, and still continued to type. The pregnancy brain only functions on the lowest of levels. One of the posts was written on the bathroom floor during one of the worst days of teething I have ever experienced.

I feel like the biggest baby-mother out there complaining about teething while being on kid #4, because it seems like such a first-time mom thing to complain about, but really, it is the worst. The day I penned one of the never actually posted posts was the day I walked into Lucy's room after a nap, from which she awoke like an angry, ravenous, caged and starved Lion to see her face covered in blood. Ok maybe it wasn't covered, but there was a substantial amount of blood. I soon realized the blood originated from the top gums where she was desperately trying to cut her upper canines with her bottom teeth. It was like an episode of CSI, toddler style.

She was soon placated with one of these bad boys, which I will always love.

But the teething has actually gotten a little better, inexplicably so, and we've relished in the many days of sunshine...

 that preceded today's snowy, sweater weather:
                               ^^22 weeks going on 32

Thank you Katrina for letting me borrow this maternity sweater, which I was sure I would not need, because I am naive and hopeful. The girls announced to me shortly after snapping the above picture they they have "tiny wombs" and I have a "VERY BIG womb". They have never been more right.

In other news, "project detachment" is going really well with Lucy, despite her teething woes. She has grown more accustomed to not being held by me allllllll day and... she is still alive!!! While I don't necessarily prefer the amount of crying at my feet while wiping her snot all over my knees because I am cooking dinner and NOT going to pick her up, I really do prefer cooking dinner with both hands. I also pulled another run-out-of-the-house-while-she-is-screaming-bloody-murder-about-being-left-with-the-babysitter and left her with my sweet babysitter for another 3 hours of total kidless bliss and came back to a totally happy baby. Again. That was only the second time it worked to leave her with the sitter, and I will never have it another way again.

Now I will actually hit the "publish" button and then go attempt to make and eat everything I see on Pinterest. Particularly these, because I am really good at Holy Week.


  1. I have never dealt with bleeding gums from teething! no fun! :( Glad its getting better, as well as the detachment issues. Joshua is finally getting better too. We had a babysitter saturday night and for the first time ever he didn't cry or scream or throw a tantrum when we left! it was awesome. And those brownies look incredible. Thank you for the temptation and chocolate craving!

  2. I'm really happy to know that I am not the only mom whose pant knees are always covered in snot. Sam snots my knees Ellen never did this. But with Sam? Crusty knees forever.

  3. You is the mostest adorbs pregnant lady ever and...oh my gosh I still have your pants!!!! I mean, not those pants. You're wearing those ones. But the other ones. The ones that I have definitely grown out of many moons ago. Worst. Friend. Ever. Email me, stat.

  4. Thanks for the link love on my Nutella Blondies Ana! I can't BELIEVE your baby actually had blood from teething. Yeah, baby csi, I'll say. I'm a mom too, with 2 little ones, and I can definitely relate to the snot on my knees at dinner time :) haha. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Hate when the weather goes from warm..cold..warm, went grocery shopping yesterday and had to pull out the winter coats! Uhgg. Dinner is the hardest meal to make, it's like an Olympic event with a toddler hanging on your leg. You could try to let them "help" but I usually have no patience left by that part of the day. Plus dinner prep would have to start at 3:00 for that to work out. I sometimes wore my babies in a back carrier, which was exhausting but at least left me with two hands (and legs) free to cook. Now I have older kids who can entertain the young ones, so that will help you out in a few years. Sorry, not being very helpful, but I feel your frustration, solidarity forever.

  6. Ah, the plague of teething episode! It can be really nerve-wracking, especially when your kids feel uncomfortable and feel irritable at all times. Anyway, it looks like kid #4’s experience is a bit different. Although it happens, bleeding gums don’t usually take place when they're teething. So it might be best to consult with your dentist if it happens again. Take care!

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry