Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Vacation

Linking this up late with Blythe's One Hot Mess because: self-propelling amusement park rides, peeing on hotel room floors and the like. 

Ready for a long, boring post updating you on our 2-day vacation? Good, here I go.

One week ago, Mike and I loaded up the kids and set out for what was built up in the girls' minds as a seriously epic 2 day, 1 night adventure. Even though it would last less than 48 full hours, Hahn Family vacation 2014 was going to be off the hook. In case you missed it, my girls have a love affair with hotels and could go pretty much anywhere as long as you give them a cheap hotel with an overly-chlorinated inn door pool for them to not actually swim in and they will love you forever. The thing they talked the most about leading up to this little vacation was the "colorful cheerios" at the hotel's continental breakfast (fruit loops), which they would never forget about from their last hotel stay. They are highly deprived little children.

Hahn Family Day-cation, 2014

Location: Holland, MI.
Total drive time: less than 2 hours.
Anticipated activities: nothing but awesomeness.

Get ready for a veritable deluge of photo collages.

The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm, but as we set off Thursday morning, mother nature showed us, in true honey badger fashion, that she just don't care. What was supposed to be sunny and 70s was just a lot of cold air, rain and fog. It was looking rather bleak. We arrived to a park where I had planned a picnic lunch and play time for the girls, and we tried to make the most of the intermittent complaints that the girls were cold, but were secretly talking under our breath about canceling our hotel room and trying the whole trip again next month.

This tiny trip had been so built up in the girls' minds, and since we pretty much don't do anything else fun or adventurous with them, the thought of not following through was a little too demoralizing for me to handle.

Luckily, after some lattes and candy in downtown Holland, we walked out to find the sky completely cleared and the sun warming everything up just enough to follow through with the excitement. Our first stop was the hotel for apple juice happy hour before the main event of the day:

The main event of the trip was the smallest, lamest amusement park ever in the history of amusement parks, but which currently holds the #1 most exciting place spot in the mind of Bernadette and Naomi and will until we take them to an actual amusement park. So maybe never.

There were cars that you literally had to pump yourself for them to move. Bernadette gave up within 3 minutes, but Naomi pushed through to the end. And a rubber ducky racing contraption, which we went back to TWICE.

The oldest carousel and ferris wheel in the world and a giant wooden shoe house with a slide (every body's favorite).

^ I win for worst carousel-ride photographer in the land. Sorry, Mike.

Then Lucy found some coveted miniature chairs and lounged while the older girls and Mike attempted to walk a very stubborn goat around the premises. Lastly the girls sat enraptured while some employees did a really interesting wooden clog dance. I'm telling you, this place was unique.

There was a very little bit of beach time that evening which I had intended to take up a whole lot more time but the weather just did not comply. So instead we hit it up Thursday evening for about 30 minutes after a high class meal at Wendy's.

Friday was supposed to be a morning spent on the beach but it felt like the beginning of fall and Bernadette was up in the middle of the night relieving herself all over the hotel room floor (so sorry to the staff of the Country Inn!) and I had a wretched sleep hangover so we cut the whole thing short and went home in time for lunch and naps for all. So wait, you cut your 2 day vacation short? Yes, and it was a little sad especially for the overly hormonal and extremely sleep deprived pregnant woman.


Mike saved the day in the end with the great idea to end our vacation with a little in-town finale including the zoo, the park, the best pizza place in the world, and a trip to the Chocolate Cafe for candy and then some Bugs Bunny viewing before bed.

I would say the 48 hour interval was a real hit and luckily the girls' sense of time is skewed enough that it felt a lot longer than just 2 days for them. They could not stop talking about with their little friends in the days following and I am pretty sure it will remain their favorite 2 days until next year's two day vaca. Who knows, maybe we'll even spring for a third day!

I told you, way too many collages.


  1. I've got to hand it to you, girl, taking three kids on any length of a vacation while you are pregnant makes you a super mom in my opinion! We took a trip with our three kiddies this year, and let me tell you they were so excited about staying overnight somewhere that it really didn't matter where we actually went!

  2. You made me laugh. I feel like we used to have days like that when our kids were little. That amusement park is the perfect size for your kids. We live 20 min. from Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom and we still haven't taken our kids there. Big amusement parks scare me for so many reasons.
    Looks like your kids had fun, so it's a success, right?

  3. This cracked me up. The clog dance, walking a goat, and apple juice happy hour. :)

  4. This cracked me up. The clog dance, walking a goat, and apple juice happy hour. :)

  5. You are SO FUNNY!! Loved this!! You look great too!

  6. 'We go big, then go home'. Loved your FB entry. I recall when a very frustrated younger Ana once proclaimed, 'What's wrong with this family? It's always go big or go home!' Can't imagine why you would have thought that, as we biked in almost 100 degree weather from DC to Mt. Vernon on some very deficient bikes. Seriously though, in the girls' minds, this was the pinnacle of vacation time. Just continue to keep their expectations low for as long as you can.

  7. I really enjoyed seeing your little trip. It is great to enjoy the small things, especially while they are little. When they grow older, they will want more things, but they will still appreciate the simple least that is how it has worked in our house. Compared to others their age, my older kids wants and needs are so much more simple.

  8. That's the nice thing about little kids - they don't know any better! Now just make sure to keep them away from kids that go away for a whole week!! :)

  9. I was dying reading this! Love all the pics of the girls and it seems like they loved it!