Wednesday, July 9, 2014

34 weeks

Linking up over here since I decided to venture outside of my typically worn maternity shorts + tee shirt uniform.

I found this little Old Navy skirt yesterday for ten bones and figured it might just help me make it to the end of this pregnancy without purchasing another pair of shorts. I found this rather awkward pink maternity shirt with quite the tail, which really makes me look like a large circus tent when I where it. I discovered today that if I belt it, it is much more wearable, so belt it I did.

Do you really need another pregnancy picture of me? No, no you do not. And I am pretty sure I promised no more full body shots for the rest of pregnancy. I guess I lied. I am sorry. I actually really love looking back at the awkward, overly informative pregnancy posts from Lucy's birth and I would never want to deprive Joseph of his blog-due when he's grown and just sitting and wishing he knew how I felt at 34 weeks gestation with him, so I will not deprive him. Or you.

I'm feeling just fine.

Ok, actually sometimes I feel really horrible and I may or may not have had a total sob fest on Mike's shoulder the other night about how there is absolutely NO WAY I am making it to the end of this pregnancy and how pregnancy is even worse than the stories I am reading in my World War II book all about POWs in the Pacific Theater. Yes, I went there, but I didn't mean it, it was the hormones talking as always. I talked to my little sister today who is due any day now and felt so much for her in her late late days of pregnancy and wishing for labor that I have decided to try to stop complaining for another few weeks to store it all up for her. We'll see if that resolution takes.

I am mostly not ready for this boy to come and the house is certainly not ready at all. I am just waiting to feel the same motivation I felt with the other pregnancies, particularly the last one, to nest like I am in a zombie apocalypse. It will come, I hope.

Here are a few pregnancy related gems from the mouths of these little girls who have had more exposure to a crazy pregnant lady than they ever bargained for:

Bernadette: Mom, you're not just like the fat bunny in the book, because only your belly keeps getting fat!
Ana: Thanks, hunny.
Bernadette: Your legs aren't too fat...
Ana: Thank you.
Bernadette: And your arms are too fat...
Ana: Thanks, sweetie.
Bernadette: And you back isn't fat at all!

From one of the girls over me insisting that we keep the windows open for the breeze:
"Yeah, keep those windows open, because pregnant ladies get real hot."

Bernadette: Mom, are they going to cut your tummy open to get the baby out?
Ana: Hopefully not.
Bernadette: Then HOW will the baby get out?
Ana: He will just come out.
Bernadette: BUT HOOOOOW?!?
Ana: I'll tell you when you are older.

Ana: Really, Bernadette, you have to pee again?
Bernadette: Yep, I'm just like a pregnant lady!

Aaaand if you're interested or incredibly bored, here I am at 34 weeks pregnant with Lucy.


  1. sweet! congrats, and hope you aren't peeing as much as perhaps she is suggesting… :)
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  2. You look great! Don't worry about what your doctor says- you are bringing a little guy into the world and that is a huge gift for you, your family, his sisters, his grandparents, etc!!!!!