Monday, September 29, 2014

"F" is for Fall and Fun

got mums? // I have been living on a steady diet of these cookies, no regrets// summer's last tomatoes

The girls professed with strong conviction this afternoon that fall was the worst season of them all and when I asked why?

Stink bugs. I am raising them right.

However, while I share their hatred for the worst bugs in the world, I will not allow their ever growing presence to ruin my love for what I think is the most loveable season. Other than the stink bugs, I am all in this fall. We got to enjoy a lovely day with Mike's mom last week and hit up a local farm, which was having a "homeschool feild trip day" (I know, I am so legit now) with lots of fall festivities, pumpkin picking, hay rides and the like. I could not pick just 1 or 5 pictures, so heres a bunch:

And the cutest pumpkin of them all.
Can you say "stage mom"? Sorry, I had to. At least I didn't paint him.

Then we went ahead and painted the pumpkins, because, I don't know, fun?
While Joseph sun bathed in his baby pod. Thanks Grace for the onesie cuteness.
Then I made everyone eat chilli for dinner tonight even though it was 80 degrees out today, because it is FALL!!!

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the best season of them all!